Priority to Bay area?

Priority to Bay area?

I am mid 4,5** general production 85kw performance and was told yesterday that I am unable to change the color of my model s because it has already hit the factory, and that late December delivery is likely. I just can not imagine how this would be possible. The fact that I am fairly close to the factory was mentioned by my sales rep in the call. Are locals being given priority? Really, I am not trying to complain. Although I am regretting my initial choice of color and really wish it could be changed!

Has anyone else attempted to change specs of the vehicle at all?

EK | 29 novembre 2012

What color do you have, and what do you want to change to? (Just curius)

stevenmaifert | 29 novembre 2012

I'm P2860 and live in San Diego. Configured mid Aug. Attempted to make a change on Nov. 12. Here is the Nov. 13 response:

"Hi Steve,

I looked into the possibility of changing your Model S order and unfortunately your order is too far along to make any changes. It has already been submitted to the factory at this point. The good news is that the wait for your Model S is almost over! We will be reaching out to you within the next few weeks to take care of some pre-delivery things and give you your updated delivery window."

Still waiting for that "reach out". Until TM confirms they have reached 400 cars/wk production, I'm not holding my breath. But, the lesson here is that if you have already configured and are even thinking about making a change, decide now and check with TM. It may already be too late.

Brian H | 29 novembre 2012

Dropouts and smaller battery delays make it quite possible. The parts for your car, including paint, have already been "lined up" ready to feed the robots!

ronlitvak | 29 novembre 2012

I'm P2770 and I made an upgrade to my order. I first submitted the order in August and I was able to make a change on November 6. At that time, I was told I'd have to make the change immediately, because it was heading to the factory imminently. At the time, I thought that this was just Tesla's way of trying to keep their contracts from being in a state of flux, but I'm now realizing that this was likely true.

For those of us with 85Kw batteries and active air suspension configurations, the cars are clearly being pushed through right now. Tesla is trying to get as many of these out the door by December 31. This makes sense, since they don't have to pause to get the smaller batteries and base suspension online. And, of course, these cars produce more revenue per vehicle for Tesla. Of course, it makes my very happy, although, having waited for two years, I can empathize with those who continue to wait. And if, as rumor suggests, Tesla is now at 400/week of production, I would have to assume that, over the next three-four weeks, they'll go fairly deeply into the reservation list for P85/active airs.

The same logic would seem to hold for those who live near the factory: as December 31 approaches, if Tesla's trying to get more of the produced vehicles sold, people up and down the west coast are best positioned. Since I live in Denver, I'm probably not as high on the batching list as west-coasters. So, the official word from Tesla is that I'm a definite maybe for delivery in 2012.

Brian H | 29 novembre 2012

That's exactly what I think is going on.

brewdr | 29 novembre 2012

I reserved January of 2011. Configured end of August 2012. 10/30/12 I asked if I could change paint and wheel color. Tesla said it was possible, but just barely. Don't know if it's grey wheels or performance or grey interior that could be a potential delay, but I was told today no VIN yet. Hoping soon.