Reno to Mt. Shasta supercharger

Reno to Mt. Shasta supercharger

Here's a nice, non-political question: has anyone ever driven the Reno to Mt. Shasta supercharger route? It would be 208 miles from my door to the supercharger; the elevation change trends downhill. Should be easily doable at a steady 65mph, I would guess...but has anyone actually done it?

David70 | 2 décembre 2013

I wouldn't bet on it this time of year. I traveled today from Cheney, WA to Ellenburg, WA mostly at 65 mph. Used 200 rated miles to travel 162 actual miles. The temperature range varied from about 30F to 39F, and it was windy. The net elevation change for Cheney to Ellensburg is roughly -900 ft. I don't the elevation of the Mount Shasta supercharger, but I doubt it's going to give you that much more.

Well, I see that Reno's temperature today is a fair bit higher than eastern Washington. When are you planning on traveling?

Remember, the regeneration is nowhere 100%.

David70 | 2 décembre 2013

don't the elevation -> don't know the elevation.

Dramsey | 2 décembre 2013

I'm not planning on making the trip (to Portland) until spring...cold weather would be too much of an impediment to make it to Mt. Shasta now.

Brian H | 2 décembre 2013

a little kb trick (for PCs): hold ALT, enter 24 - 27 on the number pad for arrows. ↑↓→←

☺ ← ALT+1

tndcosta | 6 janvier 2016

I am planning on making that trip in 3 weeks.
Has anyone else made the trip from Mount Shasta Supercharger to Reno Nevada?

Mike83 | 6 janvier 2016

Tesla has destination chargers along with SuperChargers on the car's navigation map or
Try this

you need to fill in your battery, wheel size, luggage, temp. etc.
It appears doable using about 238 rated miles.

Be careful of wildlife on 89. Deer and Bears cross the road.

Dramsey | 7 janvier 2016

Since I originally posted this, I've made the trip in both directions on a single charge, in relatively warm spring weather. There is an RV camp site with 50a outlets along the way, but when I stopped for a precautionary charge on the way back to Reno, the only person with the key to unlock the outlets was gone on a multi-hour shopping trip...

KL | 7 janvier 2016
vperl | 19 août 2016

Susanville, Ca 90 miles from Reno is a good place to use the newly installed HPWC 80 amp.

At the desk pop ten bucks down hour or so later your golden, to Mt. Shasta

venkataramayya | 12 avril 2019

Did anyone travel from Reno supercharger to Mt shasta supercharger recently? I am planning to drive there in a model X 100d. Total distance between point to point is 217 miles. I am wondering if there will be any charging issues.

rxlawdude | 12 avril 2019

What route?

Bighorn | 12 avril 2019

It's a rather desolate route at that mileage. I suspect you'd have slower speed limits which would help efficiency and wouldn't give you any trouble, especially given the 925 ft drop.

Per evtripplanner, average speed is 57 MPH using 64.2 kWh averaging 296 Wh/m or 193 rated miles. Had to use an X P90D to model, so a 100D should be pretty straight-forward. 3 hours and 50 minutes.

hammer @OR-US | 12 avril 2019

There are two 10kw Tesla destination chargers at the Red Lion in Susanville that are open to the public. If you feel your running short, a lunch stop there should take care of it.

venkataramayya | 19 avril 2019

Thank you all for your suggestions. I reached the destination with 62 miles of range still left. Initially I was worried and drove at 60 mph or under but later I drove at speed limits. Overall It was a smooth ride. Couple of things that worked in my favor, the weather was nice ( around 50 for most part) and road conditions were good.

Felt good overall with the trip. No range anxiety.

Bighorn | 19 avril 2019

Better to go slow at the beginning and speed up when you're quite confident than try to slow down to milk miles at the end.