Rev 4.2 Downloaded Early Sunday

Rev 4.2 Downloaded Early Sunday

Well, we now are running rev 4.2
So far the changes have not been obvious in driving. Will update as we discover interesting differences from 4.0. Love to hear from those that see or know what we might be looking for in the latest update. It does feel really cool that all this happens while I and the car are " sleeping". VIN 2859, 85std with most options

mike_f | 21 janvier 2013

I believe one fix is the "glitch" with the 12v battery indication that it requires service.

sergiyz | 21 janvier 2013

Click on tesla logo on the main screen and follow the link to release notes.
I'm on 4.1, wondering what they've fixed in 4.2...

Brian H | 21 janvier 2013

The pano roof, fake errors, and removed the "sleep" function which was causing problems. A few other fixes.