Rim rash

Rim rash

Hi All,

I was just wondering what people are doing for minor rim rash (eeek). Any specific touch up paints that you all have used and like? Does Tesla sell an actual pain match for Grey 21's. Any specific match that you guys have used?

Thanks in advance for any input.

xradr | 31 mars 2013

Typo ... **paint**

NKYTA | 31 mars 2013

We had three scrapes on rims after the first month - this baby is WIDE. When we had it at Menlo for service (nothing major), I paid the $350 to have the three scrapes fixed on two rims. This was not a Tesla fix, but someone they outsource to locally. I got the impression it was $350 for non-major scrapes on all four rims.

Post-fix, I couldn't tell that they had been damaged; immaculate!
21" grey rims

xradr | 31 mars 2013


THANKS! Do you recall who you worked with to get it fixed? Any contact info or website?

Tâm | 31 mars 2013


I am not sure "pain" is misspelled, because "rash" makes me itching, "scrapes" cause me pain :)

GeekEV | 31 mars 2013
pencil2man | 1 avril 2013

these look very interesting. The only drawback I can tell from reading some reviews is the possibility they dislodge at speed and might cause some damage to car panels etc. Are the 19" tires considered very low profile (gators are harder to maintain a seat on low profiles)?

anyonehave expperience with these in the us... professional installers?? any MS owners try yet? the vider is quite convincing and I am very interested. Already have 1 rim with rash!

NKYTA | 1 avril 2013

@ xradr
Brian at Menlo Park mentioned the name of the guy that fixed the rims, but I've since forgotten, sorry.

@ Geek EV, @ pencil2man
I was seriously considering the alloygator product until I also read the review of them popping out at speed and damaging the car - I'm just being more careful during parking these days. Knock wood, no new rashes on the rims.

rroonnbb | 1 avril 2013

Also considering these. Yes, have seen a few reports of them popping out but feels like some of those were the older style of these? Thinking I'll take my chances and just make a note to take a look at them periodically to make sure they're not working themselves free.

FWIW, somewhere someone posted that if you order from Alloy Gator directly you can use Coupon Code TESLA10 for a 10% discount.

Anybody in SoCal had these installed? Where did you have them done?

GeekEV | 1 avril 2013

I've got them installed and have been keeping an eye on the fit. So far no significant change in fit. And I had them on during a few high speed runs as well. I'm not sure about older versions or perhaps they just weren't adequately installed. I had them professionally installed by a local tire shop. Just make sure they read the instructions VERY carefully and do it right. They missed a few clips the first time on mine because the instructions on where to clip where split across two steps. But they fixed it for me.

olanmills | 1 avril 2013

On my previous car, after four years of use, I had some scrapes, and I paid $700 to have all four wheels cosmetically repaired, painted, and clearcoated.

Basically, I would live with smaller nicks and scratches and get the wheels repainted after at least a few years if it starts to look too bad. I wouldn't go an get an immediate fix unless I went and got some major cosmetic damage, like deep curb rash.

calbeach95 | 2 avril 2013

When I ordered my P85 I really liked the style of the grey 21" wheels but wanted them in black. I figured I could change that after delivery. So within the first week of driving I pulled a bit tight to a curb to avoid a careless driver to my left...and road rash was the result. But it was remedied when I took the wheels in to get them powder coated satin black. The amazing "artist" sandblasted the wheels, removed the road rash and finished the wheels with a 20% satin black finish powdercoating - now my black Tesla looks the way I envisioned when I ordered it.

Not sure how to post photos, but you can see it here

Brian H | 2 avril 2013


Use this HTML <img src="photo web URL" width="500">

Vawlkus | 3 avril 2013

Now THAT is awesome. Gonna have to look around for that up here.

BYT | 3 avril 2013

WOW, the rims are stunning in black, where did you get her done?

tommy-tesla | 3 avril 2013

+1 That was the look I wanted too, but Tesla only offered grey. @calbeach95 if you can recommend the shop, care to share who they were?

MichaelN | 11 novembre 2013

Comment on the Alloygators - perhaps the incident of them coming off is because the were not properly seated - I just installed my set yesterday - I was told, deflate the tire, then install, then go around the tire again to seat more deeply, then inflate to 15 #'s and do it again (takes just a few seconds) then inflate to 38 #'s and do it again - from the looks of the system, when properly seated, seems unlikely they will come out, but I will report any mishaps -

NKYTA | 11 novembre 2013

When first looking at these, I found one reference to them coming off at high speed and damaging a (non MS) car. Unfortunately I can't find the link. My wife just had another scrape on the front right rim, so I may be re-considering these again...

jsoliz | 11 novembre 2013

I have a Model S with 21 inch wheels. After 4000 miles, I already need to replace 3 tires, and repair 3 rims. These tires absolutely suck and are not made to carry the weight of this vehicle. I have driven the same roads for 15 years now without a single issue until I got my Tesla. The tires will be an ongoing service problem for many. I wish I would have gotten the 19inch wheels. To change know will be over $5000.

2050project | 13 novembre 2013

Alloy Gators have gotten great reviews, there are also these rim blades that can help protect too:

xradr | 13 novembre 2013

@ 2050project,

Thanks for the link. I've got some minor scuffing to mine. I might have them repaired locally, then sell the 21's. I just got some 19 inch rials with the michelin super sports. Probably should try to get some alloy gators or these rim blades.

2050project | 13 novembre 2013

Those rim blades are back-ordered (probably pretty popular) and Alloy Gators are imported from the U.K.:

Some International Listings (a few in the U.S.):

... but I've heard some good things about these products from a number of Model S owners

TeslaLABlue | 13 novembre 2013

Use your auto tilt mirror function please?

I have had my model s w 21" wheels since February. Absolutely no problems with rims getting scratched....hmmmm.

I try to avoid street parking, mainly so folks don't scratch my bumpers when parking in back or front of me.

5500 miles very little tire ware and yes I do drive aggressive from time to time.

Just have to use the tilt mirror function. It showed you the curb when parking.

TeslaLABlue | 13 novembre 2013

1 more thing, I take my time when parking... The car is way too wide... My only complaint.

If you take your time and use mirrors to park you will never scratch the rims.

Otherwise I guess get the grandma wheel protectors.

rxwright | 29 juillet 2014

@ xradr

Take pictures of the rims and emailed or text them to Brian at Royal Rim Repair for a quote.

Check out his customer rating -- outstanding.

Below are before and after photos (2 rims).




rxwright | 29 juillet 2014

2nd AFTER photo:

2050project | 30 juillet 2014

Also, there is an option called "Wheel Bands" too:

P.Mac | 30 juillet 2014

Do the 19" wheels have the same problem?

renwo S alset | 30 juillet 2014

All wheels have the same problem. | 30 juillet 2014

The chance of 19" wheels getting rash is less than 21". 19" rims are futher away from the road due to taller sidewalls also rims are 8" wide so for a 245 tire more sidewall protect the rim. The 21" wheels are 8 1/2" wide with 245 tire but has lower sidewall.

renwo S alset | 30 juillet 2014

The wheel size is irrelevant unless you are running "baloon" tires that stick-out beyond the rim, in which case you will get "tire rash". | 30 juillet 2014

Due to rims being 8" wide on 19" wheels tires do stick out past the rim. On 21" rims tire is flush with rim edge due to the extra 1/2" ( 8 1/2" ) rims. 19" rims are 1" further from the road and any curb.

AndyO | 30 juillet 2014

Echoing @SpaceBiker... My inventory car came with 21" wheels and Conti P245/35R21 tires. I put a flat-edge across the wheels and tires. In some places the sidewall rubber stuck out by 1/16". In other places the wheel rim edge stuck out 1/16" further than the rubber. That's road rash waiting to happen.

I replaced them with Rial Lugano and 245/45R-19 Michelin Primacy MXM4. On this combination, the rim where it meets the tire is 1/4" recessed from the sidewall. The wheel several inches back from the rim does protrude more than the sidewall but that is too far away from a curb to be an issue.

MitchP85D | 30 juillet 2014

My wife blew out two tires and scraped up the two right rims pretty bad after running into a curb. The Houston Tesla Service Center had a wheel repair specialist repair the wheels. $150.00 each wheel. He did a great job! This was conveniently done when Tesla was doing some routine maintenance on my MS60. Ask your local Service Center. They have contacts with body and wheel work specialists.