Sig 0000001 uncloaking

Sig 0000001 uncloaking

A bunch of folks have asked who has the first Sig and when will it be delivered.... well, I'm the owner of Sig 00000001 and I got an email from my delivery specialist saying the week of August 18th.

For the record, August was when the contract said it would arrive, so I'm feeling really good about getting it in August (I'm a Roadster owner and that bad boy took a couple of extra days ;-).

Additionally, the Founder Series that delivered in late June is getting rave reviews. I talked to one of the Founders Series owners and he said it has blown his mind (he owns a roadster too... and was an early investor).

He said it's like 100x the car that the Roadster was.

I'm so excited!

best @jason < --- my twitter handle if you want to look for updates

Brian H | 5 août 2012

Very Sig-nificant! Thx for that. Any chance you could persuade said Founder to elaborate on the boards here, even anony-mousely?

Michael23 | 5 août 2012


walla2 | 5 août 2012

Thanks for the update. I am both jealous and congratulatory. Disspell some of the interior finish rumors/worries once you get it.

BYT | 5 août 2012

Congrats JasonC

SMOP | 5 août 2012

thanks for the update...

100x the car the roadster was seems like an overstatement ;)....

Brian H | 6 août 2012

Yep. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: people shouldn't exaggerate!

nickjhowe | 6 août 2012

Mr Calacanis! Thanks for uncloaking (decloaking?). Love what you are doing at Malaho and your LaunchTicker. Hopefully you'll find time to post some hands on info when you get the car.

STxTesla | 6 août 2012


If there was ever a new car to get excited over....the Model S has to be the one.
Can't wait to hear your comments....please give us updates as you drive it those
first few weeks.

JoeFee | 6 août 2012

How about some pics of the new arrival?

TikiMan | 6 août 2012


Being we have no one here on this board who can give us a objective openion yet, YOU will be the MOST popular person on this board! I can't wait to hear all your stories and openions!

Congrats! :-)

Ravindra_ModelS_P200 | 6 août 2012

Congratulations Jason, glad to hear that you Model S Signature is on its way :-))

Brian H | 6 août 2012

R&B, who took delivery a while ago, have posted their openion opinion(s). Whether you want to call that "objective" or not, it's owner-generated, not company sourced.

skkhow | 9 août 2012

delivery tomorrow

bill lee ‏@westcoastbill
NICE!!! “@Jason: BREAKING NEWS: My tesla Model S (serial #00000001) is being delivered tomorrow at 10am!!!! go

skkhow | 9 août 2012

ahead of schedule

Slindell | 9 août 2012

Are we assuming that Jason has SSL#1, or Sig#1?

brianman | 9 août 2012

SSL. From OP: "I'm a Roadster owner"

Brian H | 10 août 2012

Yep; exactly 1 week ahead of the latest promised date. I bet that's going to be a pattern! That's likely the "buffer" TM is allowing itself. "Under-promise, over-(early) deliver!"

SMOP | 10 août 2012

I think he has two SSL reservations #1 and #85 or something

space09 | 10 août 2012

@JasonC, what, no livestream? :-)

BYT | 10 août 2012

LOL@stephen.pace, I think he's not going to be reading any forums for a while so don't hold your breath for a live stream or a reply for that matter... :)

FlasherZ | 10 août 2012

Funny you ask, he tweeted today that he couldn't take delivery at 10 am today but rather 3 pm tomorrow and he will live stream it!

space09 | 10 août 2012

Yes, I just saw that--good news! Tesla drive event in Houston in the morning, live stream in the afternoon. Going to be a Tesla-full day!

Brian H | 11 août 2012

How do I pick up the live stream on my desktop? Is it do-able?

SMOP | 11 août 2012

apparently here:

but not live as yet disappointing :(

Timo | 11 août 2012

Please do not shorten the links. I won't be clicking any if I don't know where they lead.

Brian H | 11 août 2012

Here's a direct link to his 2 minute "receipt of vehicle" experience:

Much too busy burning kwh since then, I guess ...


brianman | 11 août 2012

At 1:22, there's clearly text in the T access on the driver's side behind the wheel.

Presumably it's "Founder's".

brianman | 11 août 2012

"Signature" rather

brianman | 12 août 2012