Signed Petition

Signed Petition

Hi everyone,

Big supporter of Tesla and I took the initiative to sign the petition regarding Tesla's direct sales to consumers.

I have a great feeling this company is the next Apple and if we all stick together and support the company it will have the strength of an army with all of us standing by it.

Petition Link

This is the best I can do Tesla, I can't afford a Model S nor can I buy many shares but I will help out in any way I can.

If you guys haven't done so please sign the petition and help Tesla they need us

- David Orozco

Teslation | 2 juillet 2013

How bout call your favorite radio station or talk show Dave ?

risingsun | 2 juillet 2013

Richard Branson is onboard. Can't absolutely wait for car dealers to get more competition. I will always love Tesla and Elon Musk for this.

Teslation | 2 juillet 2013

Popular radio show topics you can discuss & use to request people to sign the Tesla petition.,+wa&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF...

Weather link, 103 degrees today in Yakima, Washington state.

107 degrees in Boise, Id yesterday. Potatoes coming out of the ground at spud farms fully baked, just add butter ! (Not).

Do something about global warming now, sign Tesla petition.

GO_TESLA | 2 juillet 2013

I signed it this weekend. Direct sales are good for the consumer and electric is good for the world.

dvd7227 | 2 juillet 2013

Just clicked on the link I think we made it

MCGRATH | 2 juillet 2013

dvd7227: I've been using the thread "100,000 Signatures reached on White House Petition"..... under the "Tesla Model S" topic. That thread is the continuation of a 28 page thread called "Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all states-Tracking progress" which was started in June. Should we stick together on one thread?