Solar City Install

Solar City Install

The Solar City guys, Jose Echeverry, Pete Melewski (Phila Region) did a fantastic job. We have a fair number of people at the house to do work and they were among the most professional, and competent. As much as I like my regular electrician, I am very glad I had Solar City do the power station install.
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AreBeeAZ | 24 mars 2013

We had SolarCity and found the same. Also had solar panels installed by SolarCity, same professionalism and expertise.

I love sunny days!

Tesluthian | 24 mars 2013

Perhaps Solar City sales would benefit if some people posted there before and after electric bills, their yearly climate, out of pocket expenses, and describe the general process.

JPPTM | 24 mars 2013

I'll keep you all posted. I have SolarCity doing 2 NEMA 14-50 outlets (1 in each garage) for my (hopefully soon to build) multi-coat Red (and for a future Tesla for my wife), plus they are doing a 12kW solar system under the PPA plan (you buy cheaper power from them rather than PG&E). They totally get the Tesla Model S, and their solar configuration system can calculate power use/needs for your MS (you tell them the miles/day, they figure out the kW per day), then they scale the solar system to ensure enough kW to cover your home use and EV use (they try to target about 70% of your total electrical needs and about 90% of your electrical cost, to not overshoot and overbuild your system). Yes, they are busy, but really with the program. The electrician who came out last week to do the EV outlet survey knew his stuff. When I showed him where I wanted the 2nd outlet installed, he said that the Model S had the charge port on the other side, and would it be OK with me if I ran the UMC cord around the back of the car? Not sure your average/good electrician is as up to speed.

Opus | 24 mars 2013

We had SolarCity install a NEMA 14-50 outlet as a temporary measure until the HPWC (and the Model S!) show up. (The MS arrives at the end of this week!) They also put in a separate Time of Use meter, all of which qualifies for a rebate from the Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power. We were concerned that the HPWC didn't qualify, so our SolarCity person, Hollander, took it on himself to contact the DWP and get us an email confirming that the Tesla HPWC would be covered under the DWP rebate program.

Hollander was super nice, very professional and went above and beyond the call of duty. Knowing that the MS was due to arrive this week, he pushed to get the TOU Meter and the NEMA plug installed last week. He figured out which SolarCity offices we can charge at after we pick the car up in Fremont, and where we might charge it once we're back in Los Angeles.

The installation went smoothly, everything looks great and they cleaned up after themselves. We assume the installation of the HPWC will go the same way. We're big fans of SolarCity so far!

We've also signed up for a 12kW system that will give us full coverage for all of our electric needs, including the MS. We're waiting for the final design and permits to be pulled, but so far SolarCity has been up front about costs, comparisons and limitations.

bareyb | 30 septembre 2013

I'm not having much luck with them at ALL. I signed up 3 weeks ago when I confirmed my purchase and have not heard a single thing from anyone. I called last week and the guy on the phone (Jeff) said that my request never got the "right people". So I wait and wait and then today I call back and they take my information again.

They have no phone number I can call directly and no email either. All they can do is leave them a message for me... I'm feeling just a tad left out in the cold here. Should I try to find another electrician to do this? My car is probably going to be here in a couple of weeks now. Kind of bothers me that they can't even take the time to acknowledge my communication. A simple email would do... As it is I have no idea if they are going to call and I have no idea if they can get here before my car is ready...

Brian H | 30 septembre 2013

Tell them that your order is cancelled unless they give you a firm schedule by tomorrow.

PXChanel | 30 septembre 2013

I recommend Dustin Caddy at Solar City.

bareyb | 4 octobre 2013

I think at this point Tesla should just remove them from their website. Absolutely worthless. I've called the same guy three times now and he basically told me they'd "call me maybe". Screw it. I hired Voltz Electrical in Campbell, CA. They'll be here next week... I expect to hear from Solar City when pigs fly (or more likely three weeks after I get my car).

If you live in Silicon Valley save yourself the trouble. They'll never call you back and there is no way to contact them....

negarholger | 5 octobre 2013

@bareyb - same here in Feb/Mar. I think they just pretend and use the Tesla link only to find more solar customers.

Captain_Zap | 6 octobre 2013

Solar City bent over backwards to get us set up on time. Solar City isn't even set up to do solar house work in our area yet.

They were slow to get back to us in the beginning after we submitted our paperwork but I think that they were just evaluating our existing power situation, the planned location of the outlet and looking into permitting during that time.

When our HPWC didn't arrive in time they put in a temporary outlet for us at no extra charge and came back later to install the HPWC at no extra charge. The fact that they took care of permitting and its cost and made the process very easy.

They definitely earned their praise in our area. Just be sure to get a phone number and let them know that your delivery date is looming.

JPPTM | 6 octobre 2013

FWIW, Solar City (SF East Bay) did a great job on our 16kW 63 panel system (upsized form the original 12 kW noted above). Very consiencious, neat, safety conscious. System up an running--but still waiting for PG&E to get the rate plan changed. SC also gave us a discount on the 2 NEMA 14-50 installs. We're happy. YMMV.