I see much fuss over ow much storage there is in a Tesla between the trunk and the frunk, and compartments underneath the trunk floor, (where one normally finds a spare) So... what I wanna know is, where did they hide the spare tire?

muleferg | 9 décembre 2013

good ? Maybe like the Leaf. Spare not included.

ian | 9 décembre 2013

Like many new cars these days. No spare.

Timo | 9 décembre 2013

Tire repair kit. Not sure if that was option or basic equipment. You can buy it from Tesla store.

muleferg | 10 décembre 2013
The Leaf comes with the repair kit.

#6874 P Model X

Captain_Zap | 10 décembre 2013

In the US, some states that require a tire repair kit be included if there is no spare tire. The Model S is delivered with the kit included in those jurisdictions.

wynonnaoh | 10 décembre 2013

Ok, so here's the thing about the repair kit... If one has a flat at highway speeds, the tire often disintegrates. Or what if something happens to knock the bead off the rim,,, the kit is basically useless. Come on guys, at least give me a doughnut and scissor jack!
I guess around here the roads are pretty crappy, and things like this happen when one is unprepared.

Rocky_H | 10 décembre 2013

I really really hope they include a spare in the Model E. I understand annoying things like low profile tires that are noisy and wear out too fast and no spare tire to save weight in sports cars because they are willing to sacrifice practicality for performance, but with the Model E, that would be really frustrating.

Brian H | 10 décembre 2013

Expect to be frustrated.