St Louis Auto Show 1/24/13 - 1/27/13

St Louis Auto Show 1/24/13 - 1/27/13

The St. Louis Auto Show will be Jan 24th to the 27th at the Edward Jones Dome.

Tesla is not going to be officially there.

But 2 Model S's will be on display in the Eco City thanks to members of the STL Tesla Enthusiasts Group and the Gateway EV club.

So, if you're in town feel free to stop by and take a look.

schoendp | 10 janvier 2013

Thanks for being there Liz! Those waiting for cars appreciate the chance to see them outside of Chicago. I'll be there.

mclary | 10 janvier 2013

Thanks for the support of the brand. Maybe Tesla can send you some of the Model S brochures to hand out? Call CS. It never hurts to ask.

Liz G | 10 janvier 2013

Tesla has already been kind enough to send me brochures to pass out.

And The organizers at the Auto show are very excited to have us there. They are setting us up really nice.

Sudre_ | 10 janvier 2013

Just don't get too upset when you get the MO red-neck attitude about your government paid for car.

Liz G | 10 janvier 2013

I plan on studying the thread on appropriate come backs before the show. :O) | 10 janvier 2013

Good job Liz.

Vawlkus | 11 janvier 2013

Pics and vids plz! This'd be awesome PR to throw on YouTube :)

Liz G | 24 janvier 2013

Here's my car getting put on a stage. Talk about a nail biting 5 minutes.

schoendp | 24 janvier 2013

Thanks for bringing your car to the show - see you Saturday

Velo1 | 24 janvier 2013

Wow! That was a nail-biting experience. I guess they'll need to remove the car in the same manner. Best wishes and enjoy the show.

Brian H | 24 janvier 2013

Ugh! Pls don't EVAH use RealPlayer here again. Damn near hung my system to watch 10 seconds of twitchy thumbnail size video. Truly ugh-ly!

L8MDL | 24 janvier 2013

BH - played fine on my Nexus 7! I wouldn't let those clowns touch my 87 Plymouth, much less a Tesla...

jbunn | 24 janvier 2013


DocDog | 24 janvier 2013

Really shows off the ol' Missouri ingenuity. . . "Let's see what would be the most difficult and risky way we could move this car to the platform? Hmmmmm. Anybody got a couple of greasy 2 x 8 boards that are too short? Yea!" Could this have been the same guy that was working the truck that shipped your car from the factory?

Thanks for displaying it, LizG. Look forward to hearing the responses that you get at the Show.

jat | 24 janvier 2013

OMG, I wouldn't have let them do it, especially not after they spun the wheels the first time and kicked a board out.

@BrianH - it isn't RealPlayer - just a link to the mobile version of YouTube which shows smaller videos. Just change the leading m. to www. and watch the normal-size video.

cprenzl | 24 janvier 2013
Brian H | 24 janvier 2013

That's better! Missed the "m." bit.

Liz G | 25 janvier 2013

That was actually my husband driving. There was no way I was going to trust my baby to some stranger. He was pretty nervous though about what they needed him to do. He's driven alot of vehicles off of trailers and had a lot of experience, he used to work on a racing crew, but he said he was shaking by the time he got finished getting Lithie on stage.

sandman | 25 janvier 2013

Lithie... funny nickname

Brian H | 25 janvier 2013, ya -- I get it! :)

Yes, that was a pretty kluge-y setup they had there!

Driving down the ramp to the floor, and then up another ramp onto the stand might have been safer/smarter/easier.

DouglasR | 25 janvier 2013

The question is: is it now off the platform and safely back home? How did that go?

FlasherZ | 27 janvier 2013

The show closed tonight at 5 pm and at least my car came off without a hitch. I had to leave before Liz got theirs, but they made it clear that given the rain outside they were not going to use wet sticks beneath the tires again. :)

negarholger | 27 janvier 2013

when you are safely home... any impressions of the reactions? Would love to see some videos. Thanks for promoting the cause. | 27 janvier 2013

Thanks for showing the flag at the St. Louis dealership dance!