sun visors

sun visors

Just curious, with the windshield that goes way back, are there visors?

jordanrichard | 1 octobre 2015

Yes, they are stowed against the windshield pillars. Then when needed, you swing them out and word has it that they magnetically "lock" into the rear view mirror base.

DTsea | 1 octobre 2015

Cool. Thanks... somebody asked me when i showed them picture of the windshield.

Tâm | 1 octobre 2015

From the website picture, you can see the sun visor folded on the right:

Tâm | 1 octobre 2015

Wait! Does that mean there is no powered light for the vanity mirror? | 1 octobre 2015

A vanity light not needed with the huge windshield - lots of light from outside now!

Tâm | 1 octobre 2015

Ah!!! The true meaning of solar light :)

Son of a Gunn | 1 octobre 2015

Model X vanity mirror with powered light -

Tâm | 1 octobre 2015

@Son of a Gunn

Whoa! That's too cool. Thanks for the reference video!!!!

Tâm | 1 octobre 2015

Here's the screen capture

vandacca | 2 octobre 2015

Yeah, sun visors was another area where Tesla was highly criticized when the Model-S was first released. They made sure they designed an impressive sun visor for the Model-X with mirror and powered lights.

Tesla also got highly criticized for the Model-S seats, and by the looks of it, they did design an incredibly comfortable set of seats in all rows of the Model-X. Unfortunately, they left out some utility in those seats, but I'm confident they'll eventually address that too.