Supercharging Progress

Supercharging Progress

Just wondering If anyone has caught a wiff of any new supercharging stations? (We knew about two of the east coast ones before they were announced)
with the need of 100 this year, thats one every 3.7 days! They need to get hopping!

kgmd | 21 janvier 2013

Milford,Ct on I-95 opened earlier this month.

Brian H | 21 janvier 2013

Yes, we want our 2 SC per week! Hup, hup! >:)

drp | 21 janvier 2013

Kalamazoo MI, exit 76....please put one there. Opens up a lot of Michigan from all arriving directions

Brian H | 21 janvier 2013

Suggest it to Ownership. They say they will pass any ideas and reasons on.

They won't announce anything much in advance, of course. If for no other reason than to avoid being flooded with Tesloon lookie-loos!

DhavalP | 21 janvier 2013

Having only heard about the 2 stations on the East Coast (CT and DE), I wonder exactly how many they were thinking of opening? Are those two REALLY supposed to service all of the NE? In theory this works, as it is 150 miles from Boston to Milford, CT, 200 miles from there to Newark DE, and then 100 to DC. I was however expecting something more robust

Once they get the Boston/D.C. corridor done, I hope they work on the Chicago/NY corridor. Probably need to get the rest of I-95 down to Florida as well.


jjaeger | 21 janvier 2013

Nope - NE is all done. Back to Calif now...

TheAustin | 21 janvier 2013

Nothing official, but I did a map overlay, and it definitely looks like there will one in the Albany, NY area, which makes sense...Here's hoping it's activated by this summer, or else it's going to be pretty challenging for me to get up to Lake George for vacation!

Brian H | 21 janvier 2013

The lotto is open, ladies and gentlebongs; bet on the next SC opening! Win a free charge-up.

drp | 21 janvier 2013

I guess 175 miles south of Atlanta and 175 miles east of Denver and Kalamazoo MI exit 76!!!!!

drp | 21 janvier 2013

Realistically, and in order to win the wager, I am betting that Los Angeles to New York City is the priority. The Kalamazoo exit 76 will never happen. It will be along the 80/90 Corredor just south of Michigan, which will still work as long as it is right by interstate 69.

DanD | 21 janvier 2013

Don't think a 60kWh could make it from Milford to Newark.

If you get stuck we're in Trenton and will have 50 amp connector in the garage. Plenty of restaurants nearby.

bradslee | 21 janvier 2013

Actually, while we the Tesla owners are waiting for Tesla to install more SuperChargers across the country, we can help among ourselves for Tesla drivers to take long trips. I suggest that Tesla considers to set up an official Web page in its Website for current Tesla owners voluntarily to sign up for the fellow Tesla drivers to share their HPWC (with location, contact info etc.) . I think that there are enough current Tesla owners who are willing and able to share their HPWC for fellow Tesla drivers in case that a Tesla driver really needs to recharge. This would definitely help our Tesla drivers to take long trips before Tesla installs enough SuperChargers across the land. This would also enable our Tesla drivers to form an unique and innovative Tesla community or network that truly helps each other and truly environment friendly and green.

jchangyy | 21 janvier 2013

I think the regional threads would be a good place to start. It should also be a private thread, so that only the reservation holders or owners have access to the information.

hbh24 | 21 janvier 2013

I too would like a Supercharger in the Albany, NY area. I have not ordered a HPWC but now I am thinking about it to aid fellow Tesla owners in obtaining a quick charge. I live outside of Syracuse, NY along the old East/West coast to coast highway, US Route 20.