System Language - and batteries

System Language - and batteries


It's possible to set another language for the system?
I live in Poland, and my family does not know English very well (my father only knows Polish and Russian, Mom only Polish...).

If it's possible to set Polish as a system language?

And it's possible to get in 2014 Model S Performance with a 100-120kWh battery? (And in Model X Perfomance, because if I buy Model S, when Model X arrive I want give Model S to my Parents)

In Poland we have 240V and roads out of the cities and national roads, are not very high quality (more like the surface of the Moon... Especially after the winter. )

Cheers :P

Jolinar | 20 janvier 2013

Yea, my family would appreciate Czech language too...

Sudre_ | 20 janvier 2013

This is a very good question for the Questions bulletin board. None of us will know for sure.

sadowski25 | 20 janvier 2013

I send this question to BB couple minutes ago.

I dreaming about 100-120kWh Battery for Model S and for Model X ;)

olanmills | 22 janvier 2013

I'm sure they're at least thinking about it, and I would be pretty surprised if they did not enable multiple languages for the UI in Europe. It's generally not a very difficult thing to do, though you do have to pay people to do the localization. Sometimes it can be expensive, but the Model S UI isn't really that complicated.

However, just because they have globalization for the car in some markets does not mean that they will have it enabled in all markets. It depends on what they would want to do.

jat | 22 janvier 2013

Translating the strings isn't hard -- even if they didn't design the software for localization (which would be very surprising to me), it isn't that hard to retrofit it and there a plenty of professional translation services that can do a good job. Given the cost of the car, the cost of translations will be negligible.

It takes more effort to localize the UI though -- frequently translated strings are longer (particularly in German), so you have to be more creative about fitting everything on the screen. Right-to-left languages (ie, Hebrew and Arabic) are more problematic, as if the toolkit they are using wasn't designed with them in mind it can be a lot of work to make it work properly.