Tesla Buy Back MS before receiving Sig X

Tesla Buy Back MS before receiving Sig X

I usually just trade in my old car for a new one knowing I am not getting top dollar, but have sold privately too over my many years.

Tesla made me an offer today for my 2013 MS85 with 26000 miles (loaded, white). I would like to sell it before my Sig X arrives. The price they offered was far below what they are for sale for on sites like, and yes I realize that 'for sale' prices are different than SOLD prices.

I assume different parts of the country may command different prices, but what should my car be expected to fetch? Is selling privately the best way to go? Where can I see SOLD prices if there is such a place?

I tell my kids things are only worth what you can get for them, but here I am kind of flummoxed. Thanks

eric.zucker | 6 octobre 2015

I would consider the Tesla offer as my floor price - anything over that is gravy. Try to sell privately, if you succeed great. If not Tesla gets the car off your hands, and you get some of your money back.

Consider their point of view - they will service, clean, and offer the car for sale. Probably have it on inventory for some time during which it would also depreciate further. Tesla would very likely be much happier selling a new car than a second hand one, so their focus is certainly more on new cars.

It's normal they get return for their work, time and capital outlay. I would not do otherwise.

Blueshift | 6 octobre 2015

This resource may be helpful:

NumberOne | 6 octobre 2015

You might want to try selling it on eBay. Tesla would want to make a profit on anything they sell, and the Margin on a CPO Model S would only be good enough for them if they offer you less than what they can sell it for.

My plan is to sell my current vehicle on eBay and put in a reserve price that is slightly higher than the trade in value. That way I am pretty much guaranteed to sell it. Hopefully bidders will increase the price all by themselves. I know of others that successfully sold their Model S this way including one in my area. Auto sales are local. Of course eBay gets a cut, but I think it is worth it. lists prices by locality, so you could get a good idea of how reasonable Tesla's offer is and whether it is worth trying to sell it yourself. The depreciation rate on most cars are highest the first two years.

Claudedohrn | 6 octobre 2015

I don't know whether this applies to you, but in some states you pay sales tax only on the net cost of the new car (i.e., subtracting the trade in). A private sale does not provide this benefit.

Pungoteague_Dave | 6 octobre 2015

I sold my white, loaded '13 S85 to a private party just after the P85D announcement a year ago, for $63k cash. It had 31k miles at the time. It also has prepaid service, extended warranty and paint protection. I would estimate about $55k for your car now, given higher current inventory, new feature announcements since then.

BumblebeEV | 6 octobre 2015

I'll give you $55k for it if you have the 2 rearfacing seats option for my 3 kids. My wife is 1 year off for the latest baby, she's available anytime to come and sign the papers.

Text me 438-800-5462

Pbfoot | 6 octobre 2015

Seeing the above, am feeling good about having sold my 2012 P85 w 30K miles for $70k right after P85D was announced. CarMax had offered me $65k at the time.

NumberOne | 6 octobre 2015

The difference is of course that it was a 'P', otherwise you would not have gotten that price.

NumberOne | 6 octobre 2015

Also remember that you got the $7.5k tax credit and the next person will not get it, while you will get it again with the Model X too.

Ross1 | 7 octobre 2015

2 EVolution: What sort of baby has a gestation of over a year?
You married to an elephant? Or a Model X?

Red Sage ca us | 7 octobre 2015

You could ask how much your local Buick dealer would give you as a trade-in for an Enclave, instead...

johnse | 8 octobre 2015

You might want to ask the Tesla owners in your area (the regional forums here might be a good place to start).

I know that on the Tesla email list at work (large tech company, Seattle area) they have discussed local high-end used car dealers who are reputable and give good pricing and/or will do consignment sales.