tesla convertible

tesla convertible

I would really love if Tesla produces true automatic hard top or soft top convertible just as stylish as model S and fairly good performance. I think it will certainly appeal to certain market segment. In my case, I am planning to buy a ford mustang convertible as my next car but with 5.7L engine, I dont want another gass guzzler. I have looked up couple of other convertibles on the market and none of them really match my taste.
I wonder has anyone had a similar idea as mine.

Pometini | 20 août 2013

Yes I am waiting for that one.

filsmyth | 20 août 2013

The Gen2 platform (S and X) is rather lengthy for a convertible, or even a coupe. However I can see the Gen3 platform spawning both. For the coupe I'd like to see those fabulous falcon-wing doors, and perhaps something can be cooked up to keep the doors just as long for the convertible, perhaps a parallelogram arrangement...

EVMD | 30 août 2013

Oh yeah coupe and convertible with different nose

cloroxbb | 30 août 2013

If you just want a convertible, you could get a used Miata for the time being, just for fun...

Brian H | 30 août 2013

A "cabriolet" was among the MS variants TM suggested it would eventually release, back in 2010. The pace was to be about 1 new model/year. There's hope yet.

MrMango | 30 août 2013

I think Tesla would need to grow their production line and keep adding more superchargers before they can add more models on top of the Model S and X. I don't know how well the convertible market is doing for Tesla designers to come up with a convertible over a smaller sedan or something.

ArieK | 31 août 2013

It might be great competition for the BMW 6 series convertible which (I assume) is in a similar price range as a Model S.

TeslaWestCoast | 2 septembre 2013

I would be one of the first in line for a Gen III hardtop convertible if they plan to make one available.