Tesla insignia.

Tesla insignia.

So this probably isn't what this site is for but I could not find any help anywhere else. I am only 18 going through college so I can't really afford one right now but Tesla's are my favorite cars. I want to get the tesla letters or the emblem or something that I can put on my laptop. Any help will mean the world to me. Thanks in advance!

PBEndo | 30 août 2013

go here

pick an image
right-click. choose save as

Robert Hodgen | 30 août 2013
agrzesiak | 3 septembre 2013

I meant like a decal or something like that but I guess I can just make one out of a picture.

olanmills | 9 septembre 2013

Yeah, it would be cool if Tesla had some vendor that could make decals. The 'T E S L A' logo would look cool on a laptop.