Tesla Model S Service Contract: $600/Year, Or Warranty Voided

Tesla Model S Service Contract: $600/Year, Or Warranty Voided

have anybody else seen this article
I have to agree with this, may be the reason why I cancel my reservation

bnwdon | 9 octobre 2012

Any car I purchase I won't a worry free driving experience and $600 a year keeps me worry free. We all have our breaking point and maybe the $600 is yours. Keep in mind if you cancel you miss out on a great opportunity of driving the finest sedan ever built and being a first generation electric sedan owner. At worst you can sell it.
Keep the car, you will love it!

lightly | 9 octobre 2012

Yeah I am none too happy about it either.

Out the door goes the argument of lower cost of ownership due to less maintenance. But I guess when you buy a car at this price point, it something to be expected.

Sudre_ | 9 octobre 2012

It's actually $475. About the same cost my Saturn maintenance package was in 2000. That plan did not include wipers or brakes or anything like that.

Sure there should be less things to pay for in your mind but I/we do not know that so I don't mind paying for the package.

Sounds like you did the right thing Kal-el and canceled because the price sounded too high.

Would you like a link to the half dozen other threads on this?

mrspaghetti | 9 octobre 2012


What is/was your reservation number?

petero | 9 octobre 2012

Kal-el. I disagree with you if you consider the maintenance and repairs in the long run.

Most if not all luxury carmakers include in the price a 36/36 maintenance package. It is not free, it is factored in to the price of the car. Since there is no maintenance any charge for the first 3 years will seem exorbitant. However, five + years down the road the maintenance and repair charges will begin to mount.

For what it is worth, I use to work for a BMW dealership. The best part of the 36/36 at BMW is getting a free loan car. Why? They are always in the shop!

Lastly, being a new type of vehicle, you can't run over to Sears or Pep Boys... but a Ranger will come to you. What is approximately 3-4 hours of your time worth, plus the cost and time to drive to and from the dealership? Sorry to lose you but I hope you had low reservation #. The sooner I get mine the better.

Captain_Zap | 9 octobre 2012


I can vouch for that to the tune of a few grand a year.

Brian H | 9 octobre 2012

Yeah, people were sneering when GB said, "Everything but the tires."
Yeah, so what does that mean? Wiper blades?"

New product, unknown wear & glitch pattern, personal home/work service -- it's a bar-goon, IMO. TM is absorbing much of the "risk" of newness, which is a strong incentive to do preventative design, QC, and timely checkups.

sergiyz | 9 octobre 2012

and another thread here:

The sentiments and arguments are similar on all of them.
$475 pre-paid looks like a bargain at this point, if Tesla guys don't change their stance on this under pressure.

I think the complexity of the Model S is reduced comparing to ICE, not the other way around, but even the current pricing is still on par or cheaper than an ICE car *over four years*.
I think it should be cheaper, by a lot, but it's Tesla's decision in the end.

olanmills | 9 octobre 2012

I don't know about that. I did not spend $2400 on maintenance in the first years of own ing new ICE vehicles. You just need a few oil changes/filters, a couple tire rotations and maybe some brake work, not even close to $2400 or $1900 assuming nothing with your new car goes drastically wrong.

bb0tin | 10 octobre 2012

If you are expecting to keep the car for just a few years then maybe $600, or $475, per year seems expensive. How much depreciation do you expect there to be when you sell it in just a few years. I expect there to be a very large depreciation because of the reducing production cost of both the car itself and even more reduction in the cost of batteries. This is above the normal depreciation you expect on a car. The fuel saved is also going to be significant. I believe the cost of the warranty is minimal compared to these costs. If you keep the car for a longer time, for example 8 years, then $4000 for worry free motoring is a bargain in my eyes.

Volker.Berlin | 10 octobre 2012
Kal-el | 10 octobre 2012

p9,7** I have a long wait, I have not cancel, I love the car and everything about it (except for the cost of service, the interior design needs work but I can live with it)

I'm getting the 50k car and paying the 100k car maintenance and can't event use the supercharger.

I'm planning to keep it until it rust ;)

still expensive, "...Mercedes dealer quotes $220 for the 10,000-mile service on an S Class full-size luxury sedan"

I agree with the 60% of users in the pool the price is too high
"...12 percent agreed that Tesla had “screwed the pooch” and said they would cancel their orders. Another 48 percent thought the price was too high..."

I want to support Tesla and get Model S but I may have to wait for the TM 3rd gen or BMW i

murraypetera | 10 octobre 2012

How about 10 years for $2500

This seems more reasonable. First 4 years 50k miles are the easy times/miles for a car. It is after this that you will typically start to have issues in an ICE car.

David M. | 10 octobre 2012

Right now, nobody other than Tesla Service Centers have trained technicians and the proper diagnostic equipment to work on the car.
I guess some folks assumed that all maintenance other than tires and brakes were included in the warranty.

I've made that assumption in the past. Yet, having owned Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, etc. I have always had to pay for something during the warranty period, which (supposedly) was not a warranty item. My average maintenance cost per year during the warranty period has been about $500.

I get the impression that Tesla is being a little more upfront (candid) with their customers, by setting a fixed cost per year. This is unusual and perhaps odd, but welcome. Thus far, Tesla has earned my trust. I'm going along for the ride. Though, each customer has to form their own opinions.

petero | 10 octobre 2012

David M. Do you usually lease or buy your cars. If you buy, what is the average, annual maintenance and repair costs in 4-8th year?

David M. | 10 octobre 2012

petero - I have never leased a car. On average, I keep cars about 6 or 7 years. Annual maintenance after the 4th year varies greatly by make of car. Lexus better, Toyota average, Volvo & Jeep expensive. Did not own BMW or Mercedes beyond 4 years.
Maintenance Yr 5 - 7 (estimated) excluding tires.
Lexus - $750/yr
Toyota - $1,000/yr
Volvo & Jeep - $1,500/yr

petero | 10 octobre 2012

David M. Thank you.