Tesla Motors stock - Brokerage Recommendations

Tesla Motors stock - Brokerage Recommendations

Hi All,

I'm interested in purchasing shares of Tesla Motors stock? I'm interested in hearing from others who recently purchased shares. In particular, I'm seeking recommendations on discount brokerage firms that offer low fees, online access, etc.

Hopefully, in the near future Tesla Motors will offer a direct stock purchase program.

Thanks for reading!


PatT | 19 novembre 2013

I use Schwab. They charge $8.95 to purchase up to 5000 shares -- basically an inconsequential fee for a $125 stock. Their on line system is simple and easy to set up. Once you set up an account you can buy and sell using your smart phone.

ron | 19 novembre 2013

I have Schwab and own TSLA stock. Great brokerage.

You are soooo lucky to buy Tesla at 125.

evanstumpges | 19 novembre 2013

I've used Tradeking for about 5 years now. Very cheap trades at just $4.95 each. I've been happy with them overall and they are hard to beat for a low cost online only broker.

bonaire | 20 novembre 2013

Fidelity is pretty good. $7.95 trades and options trading, their own funds, etc. Full service broker desk, etc.

David70 | 22 novembre 2013

Scottrade charges $7 per trade. So far, I've only made two transactions, when I bought TSLA in late March and early May.