Tesla Santana Row - San Jose CA Sales Office

Tesla Santana Row - San Jose CA Sales Office

I was driving through Santana Row at 06:00 last week (To get my Peet's Coffee fix) and it was raining VERY hard. But an interesting find was that a very large moving van was parked on the street directly in front of the painted plywood cover (with pics of Roadsters and Model S's) of the soon to open storefront.

I looked as I drove by and saw the doors open and the guys were wheeling in lots of crates and moving carts. But no cars! Due to the rain I was hesitant to stop and snoop - but does anyone know the opening date of this store?

Still searching for a Model S somewhere in Northern California!


Tesla | 13 avril 2011

Tesla Santana Row opens to the public this weekend, April 16th & 17th.

More information can be found here:

For a preview of the experience check out the exclusive article from Fast Company.

t7n7 | 13 avril 2011

Wow. Tesla speaks!

It's nice to hear from Tesla from time to time.

Lucky me, the Toronto Tesla location is right across the street from work.

Timo | 13 avril 2011

Great to see someone from inside Tesla peeking in.

RobPaul | 13 avril 2011

Dear Tesla folks!

Sorry I had to miss the "Reservation Holders-only" preview tonight! Caught a terrible cold yesterday and figured the last thing anyone needed was to catch this malady.

I hope the event was well attended and that the Tesla folks accept my sincere apology for not being there. I was hopeful that some of the Tesla Execs would have been there to share stories of what is going on "behind the Fremont walls" as to progress.

Carry on everyone at Tesla - as $4.35 a gallon premium gasoline will make the reservation line longer and longer!