Tesla wants feedback on any poor (or great!) customer experiences

Tesla wants feedback on any poor (or great!) customer experiences

I was intrigued by this thread (sorry it's locked) where @Chris10 had an amazing customer experience, but @DavidG had a pretty poor one. Elon and George have set very high expectations for both vehicle quality and customer experience and clearly DavidG's experience was not what TM (or any of us) would like.

I'm pretty passionate about customer experience myself and knowing how difficult it is for any company to stay on top of every customer touch I thought I owed it to TM and all of us to make sure DavidG's story got to the right place.

I happen to know (be acquainted with) a senior customer experience guy at TM. I reached out to him an pointed out DavidG's story.

He called me today and thanked me for the feedback. He says his team is trying to stay on top of all the issues and everything that is going on in the forum, but there are always growing pains. He REALLY wants to know about ANY experience problems there are out there, and it wouldn't hurt to throw in some good experiences too. :-)

He says that will to straight to his team, and if you prefer you can get them on 877.778.3752 He promises that the phone should go straight through to the team and you shouldn't need to "press 1 for customer service"

I think we owe it to all current and future Model S (and follow on) owners to help TM stay on track and ensure the customer experience is the best in the industry. Please make sure the ownership team hears about any problems. Its they only way they'll be able to fix them.

The Froq | 7 novembre 2012

Nice thinking.

Tesla, why you need someone else to ask this simple questions? Most of us are big fans and are happy to help!

Brian10 | 7 novembre 2012

Just called for a status update. Call was answered on the first ring and I was able to get answers to my questions. Thank you for giving us the phone number, Nick.

Rod and Barbara | 14 novembre 2012

@ nickjhowe - I sent an email 6 days ago to asking for help on an issue in the Software Enhancements thread. I have yet to receive a response. I plan to send a follow-up email tomorrow. I wonder if it would do any good to include your contact as a Cc on my follow-up email. If you think yes, maybe you can send me his email address at Thanks, Rod.

peahl | 14 novembre 2012

I was test driving the Model S in San Diego and was satisfied in general but have 2 things that did not.
1. Even with the creep mode on the car rolls backward when releasing the brake when stopping on an uphill road. When standing in a line on a traffic light on an uphill road that makes we very uncomfortable to worry not to hit the car behind me. Your engineers should get a hand on a BMW ActiveE, when releasing the brake the car still stands still (braking) until you touch the accelleration paddle.
2. There needs to be a setting to more agressively use of the regenerative braking (right now there is low and standard), there should be a high setting also. Again in the BMW ActiveE I barely use the brake, all what I do is get off the accelleration and the regenerative braking stopps the car for me. Just at the end when the car stopps I put my foot on the brake.
I still are eager to get the Model S as soon as possible, great car.

Timo | 14 novembre 2012

@pahlemann, I think you are speaking about "hill assist". I think this is one of the things that are in their way into software, but just isn't quite here yet.

For parking I think it could be possible to make "parking mode" for a car where accelerator changes from torque to speed. Computer does the rest (low speed obviously). I mean no matter if you are going uphill, downhill, bumpy parking lot, slippery or whatever, when you press pedal this much car goes at this speed at the direction your gear selector points it.

One of the things that ICE cars could not do, but what should be rather trivial to do with BEV:s.

Brian H | 14 novembre 2012

Seems like the improved communications push may be suffering from sprinter burn-out! It can't be sustained without adequate staff and tight internal commlines.

Related, I've noticed a bit of a push from PayPal, banks, ISPs etc. lately to quickly follow up contacts with surveys and questionaires on the "experience". Getting irritating. As are the robot-like "Did I resolve all your problems?" closing questions! Got to think up some doozies for the next one who asks that ...

Rod and Barbara | 16 novembre 2012

I received an email response yesterday from the Tesla Ownership Team. The email noted that several customers emailed the team concerning my communications problem. Thanks for your help and support! FYI here is my post from the Software Enhancement thread concerning Tesla’s response:

“I recently exchanged emails with the Tesla Ownership Experience Team. I told them about our software enhancement list and asked if they would forward the information on to the Tesla team responsible for selecting and implementing software enhancements. The Ownership Team told me that they forwarded the information to the appropriate Engineering and User Interface teams. I’m sure there many issues Tesla has to consider when selecting software enhancements, but I hope that our inputs will be seen as a useful resource.

@ DouglasR – The Tesla Ownership Experience Team verified that the Model S does not currently have the mechanical components necessary for power folding side mirrors. So, this feature cannot be implemented via software only and therefore cannot be added to our list.”

TikiMan | 16 novembre 2012


IMHO, unless you drive like a out of control maniac, I find that the normal regen mode is more than enough for everyday safe driving.

Brian H | 16 novembre 2012

In some places if you don't tailgate with the crowd, the traffic closes in on you and nips your heels (and elbows). And regen is only so-so for tailgating.

sergiyz | 17 novembre 2012

Speaking of hill hold or hill assist:
I've done a fair bit of driving in SF and on mountain roads in the last couple of weeks, and I don't miss hill hold much.
I thought I would, but it's not that bad with the creep mode on.
The only funny episode I had is when I rolled forward from my driveway (it's pretty steep), pushed the accelerator and to my complete surprise the car started backing up.
Then I realized that I was still in Reverse (!), but the car happily rolled forward like it was in N or D.
No harm done, was just me being a half-asleep dork, but something to keep in mind, check your gear ;)

jerry3 | 17 novembre 2012


The reverse beeping in the Prius has saved me a couple of times when I've flubbed a shift. This should be a configurable option.

nickjhowe | 28 janvier 2013

Update: I just got off the phone with my Tesla contact. I had expressed some frustration to him that despite NKincaid's postings on the Bulletin Board, TM seemed to be deathly silent on many questions: when is 3G pricing coming out? Will we get 4G? When will we be able to buy the service package/extended warranty? Where are there multiple point releases for the same software (e.g. 2 versions of 4.2)? When/where are the supercharges coming?

I suggested that a lot of people have a lot of questions that don't seem to be getting answered.

His response was in several parts:
There aren't that many questions/concerns being sent to, so maybe I'm overstating the issue
There's a lot they can't say because it has commercial or contractual impacts - e.g., they don't want to say too much about future supercharger locations because it might drive up the real estate cost
The gave dates in the past that they didn't meet and upset a lot of people; they don't want to do that again. They feel people will be more upset by them missing dates than by them not giving possibly incorrect dates
They really don't know the timing of a lot of things. When they know they'll tell us
They are going to try to put more effort into the bulletin board to get info out there
Posting a comment/question to the general TM forum is NOT the same as sending an email to Ownership.

So....if there's info you want to hear, or problems you are experiencing MAKE SURE YOU SEND AN EMAIL TO OWNERSHIP. They DO read the emails, and its the best way to influence their behaviour.


bblue8 | 24 septembre 2014

The electric heater could be supplemented with hot air vented to the cabin from the motors and/or batteries to reduce impact on the range of the MS during cold weather. It may be sufficient to use electric seats with the vented hot air only in moderately cold weather.

As A/C uses considerable power and reduces range, I suggest you consider the A/C system developed by Bill Lear (of LEAR JET fame), i.e., a simple air compressor with heat exchanger and compressed air container that can release the expanding COLD air into the cabin as desired to cool the cabin. It's comparably simple, uses no chemicals that can cause ozone problems, and would have less impact on the range.

Additional changes desired are DOOR POCKETS and POCKETS on the backs of the front seats. This essential storage space is found on many luxury cars and even on the Prius! PLEASE do this!!!

Also, please provide a console between the front seats to the dash for additional needed storage as standard equipment.

I'm hoping that you consider these suggested changes to further improve the car.

I'm expecting delivery of my MS near the end of the year, can hardly wait!

Brian H | 24 septembre 2014

This is not a corporate site. Address your appeals to, with notification here if you are recruiting support from 'Enthusiasts and owners'.

pixonti | 4 mars 2015

I tried the email address mentioned here (, and I recieved the following response:

You have reached an address that is no longer monitored.
If you have taken delivery of your vehicle, please email
If you have questions regarding your reservation or existing order, contact

I wish there was a customer feedback email, or form on their site. I'm getting very poor communication from the tesla representatives. I would think they would be more concerned about feedback from customers.

dborn | 4 mars 2015

Australia has servicehelpAU, based in Europe. I have to say they have been very responsive to my communications.

murphyS90D | 4 mars 2015

Click on Support at the top of the page.
Go to the bottom of the page and click on Contact.

Under Submit a Question or Comment click on the pull down under Topic.
Click on Model S Owner Feedback

Fill out the form.

I got a reply a few hours later when I used that form.

J.T. | 4 mars 2015

@pixonti I wish there was a customer feedback email, or form on their site.

Next time wish for something that doesn't already exist. You know, just in case.

TeoTeslaFan | 4 mars 2015

Like others have said:

1. On top menu click on "Support"
2. Scroll down to bottom right and click on "Contact"
3. In the contact form change topic to "Model S Owner Feedback" and write a message.

Recently Jerome Guillen said they are reading all messages they receive and a priority list of issues is created according to number of messages they receive on any topic. Therefore it seems like a good idea to send them a message instead just calling them.

Chunky Jr. | 4 mars 2015

I posted on a thread in this forum about a rattle I'm hearing in a door, and to my surprise I got an email from Tesla to set up an appt to have it looked at. In my case, it can wait a month or so until my second annual inspection, but it was impressive the way they followed up with me. Bravo!

tmaz | 4 mars 2015

I too posted about my windsheild washer not shooting any fluid when pressed and I got a call the next day asking if I can bring the car in for service or if they can come pick it up and drop me off a loaner. Come to find out @Phillygal told me to push the button in harder and sure enough out came the fluid so I was able to cancel the service call. I'll chalk that one up to newbie error; however, Tesla's responsiveness to a random post on a forum is pretty impressive.

Dwatson102 | 4 mars 2015

Here is mine. I decided to spring for paint armor on my 2014 Model S delivered in Sept. I based this decision on a diagram that showed the paint armor was extremely comprehensive. I don't remember if the diagram was on Tesla's website when I ordered in May or from the Tesla motors club.

Recently, when listing the car for sale (getting S85D) a prospectve buyer backed out due to small cinder scrapes in the clear coat on the lower rear door edges and the area between the lower rear door and the front of the rear wheel. This triangle area was supposed to be protected according to the diagram as were the door edges. Even my wife' Camry has door edge protection as standard equipment. The buyer then sent me a copy of that same diagram. It showed that the scratched area was supposed to be covered in paint armor.

After many discussions with Tesla ds and a very great service center guy they sent me an excel spreadsheet with a "new" diagram. It seems the one I used to make my purchase decision was from 2012 or so they said. That date info was nowhere on the "old" diagram. Nor could I find anywhere where that diagram was rescinded or supplanted with any new information. So it appears one of the many rolling changes Tesla made was to cut back significantly on paint armor coverage with no notification that I could find anywhere.

At this point Tesla has offered nothing but an explanation that I used an "old" diagram for my purchase decision. Though, to my knowledge, a "new" diagram was not made publicly a available. Leaves me feeling not good about this.

Taking an option from extra to standard adds value as with nav package etc.. Cutting back on something without making that known to your buyers is shoddy at best, deceptive at worst even if it is just part of "growing pains".

june_831 | 29 février 2016

We've been dumb-founded by the poor service provided by TM ever since we took our delivery on Dec 7, 2016.

First of all, we were sold on the promise that we can design our car online and get it exactly we ordered. Well, that was not the case. After the factory tour and all the ceremonial acts, we were told that there was a TINY mistake that the car came with a normal leather dash board instead of the Alcantara dash board that we ordered. We were told that Tesla will be happy replace it any time we bring the car back to the factory - sounds pretty easy, but the principles of customer service were already violated here. For a car that is over $80K and for a mistake on the manufacturer side, Tesla should know better not to inconvenience the customer to bring the car back to the factory and wait for who knows how long to get it fixed - anyone who lives in the Bay Area knows what a hassle it is. We contacted customer service multiple times trying to get it done at a nearby service center. After making an appointment and waiting for weeks, we brought the car in only to be told at the end of the next day that the part ordered was made for Europe and the correct part could not be located anywhere in the US - despite the fact that the service center was only 20 miles from the Fremont manufacturing facility. That was three weeks ago and we have not heard an update since.

Second, as we drive the car, the driver assistant program will work intermittently. At the service appointment, we brought up the issue and were told it was caused by camera defect which required camera calibration. After one and a half day calibrating, the issue persists.

Thirdly the car drives beautifully, but given the expense, the company should be ashamed of the quality of their customer service (I have to say that the customer service people we interacted were nice and friendly, but that is not all to customer service). All the other luxury car makers have regular survey of their customers not just on how well the car drives, but how comfortable and how driver-friendly their cars are designed. I wish Tesla had something like that to continue improve the design of the car and to evolve the brand rather than dissolve the brand into bankruptcy.

On the last note, I did call the number listed at the beginning of this thread and instead of going directly to "the senior customer experience guy's team", it went DIRECTLY to the roadside assistance switch board which required further selection.

cecilycassum | 13 décembre 2016

When are Model X owners going to get documentation allowing us to buy the extended service warrantees?

carlk | 13 décembre 2016

Don't know the answer and don't know why this it the thread you would use to post the question. It's not even on X forum.

Rocky_H | 13 décembre 2016

@carlk, Quote: "Don't know the answer and don't know why this it the thread you would use to post the question. It's not even on X forum."

Really? Coming from you? I'll have an irony sandwich with extra schadenfreude sauce. I've reminded you specifically a couple of times not to dump every single thing into the Model S section of the forum. Maybe you have finally seen the light and realize how annoying that is.

lnshirk | 2 février 2017

I would like to see 2 changes in the navigation program.
1. Allow the setting of way points on an existing route.
2. When suggesting how long to charge at the last Supercharger on the trip, consider the distance from the destination to the next closest Supercharger. If I only charge for the suggested time at the last Supercharger, I am left with 10% at my destination. The destination was a hotel without a charger. If I need to leave the next day for another trip, there is not enough energy left to arrive at the next Supercharger. Hence, the last charge time should be enough to reach the destination plus enough to reach another Supercharger.

lnshirk | 2 février 2017

I live in Medford, OR. This is about half way between the Tigard, OR (266 miles) and Sacramento, CA (300 miles) service centers. It would be convenient to have a service center centrally located in Medford. It is now an overnight trip to obtain any service, large or small.

UnshodBob | 2 février 2017

@Inshirk - to address your #2 item, I set up an imaginary destination at the next supercharger after my actual destination or I pick a place that is about double the distance away from the current supercharger to my actual destination to account for the round trip.

When visiting my niece in central California, where I'm unable to charge my car, I just put in Manteca CA supercharger as my next destination while charging at Fresno, so I can get to Ceres CA and then to Manteca.

Sometimes I just mentally double the required percent to my destination and supercharge to that new minimum state of charge. So, if I'm in Buckeye and going to see my aunt in Phoenix, I know it takes 10% to get there, so I need 20% for the round trip and a 20% or greater buffer for local travel plus 10% buffer for unknowns, so I charge to 50% at least. The nav would be happy with me arriving at 10%.

Haggy | 2 février 2017

I agree and think it would be good to have the trip planner add superchargers as it does now, but also allow users to add or delete any chargers from the route. It would be even better if I could specify the charge level I'd like to see when charging is done, or specify the time. Those two would be linked anyway so if it said I needed to charge for 20 minutes and showed an estimated charge at the end of that, letting me slide it up would vary both the time and capacity as I did it. That way if I know I'm going to be at a restaurant at the first stop, I might slide it up to 46 minutes and it might show less time at the second one. Or if my final stop will need to account for the round trip and I need to be at 50% at my destination, I should be able to plan for that too.

Essentially if I can't tell it what chargers to select or how long I have to be there, then I will end up setting specific chargers as my destination and not be able to track the progress of my overall trip. | 2 février 2017

I had send inquire as owner feedback, to technical and sale usually only 50% of the email get a response. If you ask anything beyond the basic you do not get a reply.

steven | 3 février 2017

I once got a call back from the Paris office (while I live in Belgium) to ask me about my problem with Autopilot. It would have been a very good experience to get that personal service if they hadn't called 3 months after I logged the problem and intermediate updates had already fixed it. :-(

Suziemumme | 3 février 2017

10 months into owning a model S ...Reverse camera gets dirty very quickly, safety belt is not very comfortable for shorter people, coffee holders don't move so if you are female and not tall and need the seat forward, it is difficult to reach a coffee with your left hand! Feedback ( horrible buzzing) in sound system ( ? When 2 mobiles in car?)
Love it though!

muk | 24 avril 2017

Saturday, April 15, I was at Tesla Manhasset, to inquire about needing a new battery for the car fob. It was early and the place was quiet. I approached the two young men on the floor and asked about having the battery replaced. I explained that I had owned the car for less than a year and asked if this was something common. I was immediately told that I needed to go to Syosset Service because they could not help me there. I felt that they were dismissive to me, just shaking their heads no and sending me away. As I was leaving, Kait Gorecki, approached me, used my name, and asked if there was anything I needed. She had helped me at Manhasset previously. I was so happy not only to see her but that she remembered me. She said she would check if she could help and was able to replace the battery in the fob in about five minutes. Her can do attitude is a breath of fresh air with Tesla because I do love the car but customer service is still very important. The Tesla technology is superior and innovative but seeing Kait and knowing that she cared for me as a customer, is keeping me a believer.

barrykmd | 24 avril 2017

Is Manhasset a Tesla store, rather than service center? If so, why would you go there for service?
Where do you take your flashlights when they need new batteries?

Akita Bear | 3 mai 2017

The number is useless. It does not connect with any dedicated customer support line. You will be given several options to choose from and then sent to a local service center. As is usually the case with Tesla, phone calls and emails are a waste of time.

Next step is to hire an attorney.... | 3 mai 2017

This thread and related information from the OP is now 4.5 years old and was based for USA customers. I suspect the people cited may have moved on to other locations within Tesla or may have even left Tesla. I'd always use the Contact page for the latest phone numbers, and avoid ones in the posts.

@muk - Not sure why you would go to the sales center for service advice, although clearly the people there could have been more helpful. I suspect most competitive dealers sales staff would have reacted somewhat similar to Tesla - sort of "Why are you us asking this?" and likely have zero knowledge about service issues.

rxlawdude | 3 mai 2017

@Akita Bear, "Next step is to hire an attorney...."

For what, having your feelings hurt that you were not treated with kit gloves? I'm serious - what are you advocating people need an attorney for?

Akita Bear | 15 juin 2017


You're correct about the old thread. I didn't notice the date until now, thanks.


I consulted with an attorney and will be going forward with an auto fraud case. Since you don't know the details of my case, you should keep your comments to yourself!

Haggy | 17 juin 2017

"I consulted with an attorney and will be going forward with an auto fraud case. Since you don't know the details of my case, you should keep your comments to yourself!"

I don't know the details of your case either, but you said something about a number being useless since it doesn't connect with any dedicated customer support line. Then you said the next step is to hire an attorney. So it's legitimate to try to understand how to reconcile those. This thread starts with a number for customer service. It does get to a dedicated customer support line. I don't think the fact that menu options might have changed since 2012 is a reason to need a lawyer, so help me out here.

If you are talking about that phone number it will get you customer support and emergency road service. You will get a live person, and it will happen even faster if you pick the road service option.

If you don't pick that option right away, then you get a menu that includes a few choices including contacting the local service center.

This makes me wonder if you simply didn't press the button fast enough. Unfortunately, the way the system is set up, the timeout before it goes to the menu is very short. So if you are on a mobile phone, you have to take the time to look at the screen, then pull up a keypad, and press a button, you might get a menu like the one you described because it took too long, and you might have no way of knowing that.

If that isn't what happened, you need to explain yourself better because it's not clear at all why you need an attorney.

chris | 16 octobre 2017

Experienced some bugs lately. My trunk mysteriously opened on it's own. My wife luckily caught it before we went to bed. Not sure what happened but there is no way that I left it open it. Didn't touch the trunk today and the Valet mode was on this morning when I got in my car but I didn't enable it. Had the car for 2.5 years and haven't experienced anything like this before...

tes-s | 17 octobre 2017

@Akita Bear - has the case been filed? What jurisdiction? Would be interested in seeing the details now that it is public information.

Bonnalynb54 | 9 juillet 2018

I excitedly ordered my Model 3 WAY back in middle 2016 along with my good faith $1.000.00, knowing I was going to have to wait until "LATE" (as it stated on the website of 2017. I received NO information or apologies from TESLA stating it would take longer. No contact from this company at all. Finally, I went to the website and discovered it may not be delivered until MID 2018! On February 4, 2018, I cancelled my Model 3. I put in all the required information for the return of my money. It is now July 2018 and still no money has been deposited. I have tried to call but was put on hold. Right now I have been on hold for 38 minutes and counting. I have posted on the website to return my money. Still no response. It is sad that this multi million dollar company can not see fit to return another person's money. It may not seem like much to you but it is to me. Please return my hard earned cash.

Bonnalynb54 | 9 juillet 2018

Does TESLA even respond to this website?????? | 9 juillet 2018

@Bonnalyn - Generally not to the forums. They do respond to the Contact Us link. Not sure why this 2012 thread was revived.

SO | 9 juillet 2018

@Bonnalynb54 - how did you choose to have your refund returned? Mail, bank account or debit card?

Mail is really slow (at least 30 to 60 days). The other two options are much faster.

keller | 10 juillet 2018

Tesla S is a wonderful car, but the logistics are a catastrophe. On has to wait more than one month for any spare parts for repair (in Switzerland) Technology is one thing, but the logistic of replace parts is another, also very important part. Please bring it up to an acceptable level!

skydiver76 | 10 juillet 2018

I agree with @keller. Tesla S is a pleasure to drive; but hulk no like it when parts break. Literally this waiting for things such as trunk latches for over a month really bring out the worst in my opinion of this car. It will not TACC, Autopilot but more importantly, won't LOCK so is useless to take anywhere. When I asked about renting a car early in the process they tried to assure it wouldn't be long and it wouldn't be necessary so my Uber has gone through the roof! Elon, now that the kids are rescued, can we get some of that engineering genius you have available to develop better parts logistics?

borngolfer | 10 juillet 2018

On June 22, my son took the car and I happened to open the app and saw the trunk was opened. I used my app to close but few minutes later I found it opened again. After I closed the second time it stayed open. I wonder if Tesla knows about this issue. | 10 juillet 2018

@borngolfer - Have you checked to see if something is impeding the ability of the trunk to close? Hard to tell when you're remotely closing it. It may also need a latch adjustment, although this seems less likely. Not sure why Tesla would know about it unless you tell them directly (i.e. not through the forum). Hard for them to read your mind remotely - but perhaps it will be a feature of V10 software!