Third Row Space

Third Row Space

I have reserved a Model X in hopes that two adults will be comfortable in the third row. My understanding is that the wheelbase is the same as the S and the body is only a bit longer. Even with the lower floor I can't see how it will be comfortable. I hope I'm wrong. Am I missing something? | 15 octobre 2014

The MS is perhaps deceptively large. It is 196" long with a 116.5" wheelbase in addition to being quite wide. Both of those numbers are larger than something like a Honda Pilot at 191.4" and 109.2", respectively. I've been in a Pilot and it can fit three rows of all adults. Assuming the back isn't too sloped, the X should be very spacious.

If you need a lot of storage and the three rows in use at the same time then you might be moving up into Escalade territory, which is really huge.

gfb107 | 15 octobre 2014

Have you seen the Model X unveiling? When all 7 people got out (at 16:32), Elon pointed out "these are not small people". And then at 20:50 they pulled out quite a large amount of luggage from the trunk. They didn't really show off the frunk, but you get a good view of the frunk and its contents at 26:23.

Rumor has it the rear roof has been raised, to provide more headroom and better access to the third row. | 15 octobre 2014

Define "comfortable". Looks like two big people can get in and out. Comfort while inside may be another story.
2012 Honda Oddysey is about 202 inches long and does not slope materially toward the rear. It seats three adults in reasonable comfort in the third row. By contrast the MX has a pronounced slope. My plan is for smaller people to go back there.:-)) | 15 octobre 2014

That's "by contrast" of course...

Jonathangarner | 15 octobre 2014

Thanks all. I have seen the unveiling a few times and understand that prototype's second row did not slide fore and aft. Adding that feature which will certainly improve ingress and egress. I would be very happy if they adjusted the rear slope, trading drag coefficient for better headroom. Perhaps that would allow for a slightly larger rear window too. Hopefully with the low, flat floor it will be comfortable for six footers. Thanks again.

tcrcnsx | 15 octobre 2014

where it looks tight is the middle seat, the person in front can't have the seat all the way back or the 2nd row won't have any leg room

Jonathangarner | 17 octobre 2014

I expect the legroom in the second row to be comparable to the MS, unless the bench is slid forward to make the third row more comfortable. I REALLY hope that gfb107 is correct about the raised roof rumor. That would really help and improve the looks of the MX. Maybe a bit closer to the new Pathfinder? It would make the MX so much better looking and functional. I have no idea what the trade off would be in terms of aerodynamics but hope that it would worth sacrificing.

jjs | 17 octobre 2014

I doubt we will see a raised roof. The aerodynamics will most likely not allow for it. Range would suffer.

Here are the things that are going against the X's range as compared to a standard (Non-D) S:
Frontal cross sectional area

Here are the things that are unknown:
Coefficient of drag

Here is the one thing that is a known advantage:
Dual motors

Given that this vehicle is aimed more at mothers with children, I don't think the engineers are going to be tasked with comfortably fitting 3 burly 6'4' men in the third row. 5'10-6'0 yes. Mostly I believe it will be reserved for children.

Given the vehicles primary target audience I believe range is going to trump 3 row seat headroom.

Remnant | 1 novembre 2014

Ease of entry/exit in the first two rows is by far more significant in my case.

aljjr2 | 1 novembre 2014

It seems we all have our thoughts, wishes and preferences for the Model X. When I ordered mine, it was considered to be a SUV. Based on Elon's statement he considered the Audi Q7 as the best SUV on the road, I considered the X as a replacement for my ICE Audi Q7.

My interest in the Model X is for a SUV. To the extent, it becomes a "mini-van", I would cancel -- not that the MX wouldn't be a great vehicle that others may like -- it would not fit my thoughts, wishes and preferences.

Thomas Edvardsen | 8 juillet 2015

Question: Has the 3rd row got independent seats or is it a sofa? I'd like to be able to lower only one of the seats at a time so that I can put long items inside the car while still carrying 5 persons. This would be my best solution to avoid the roof ski-box. | 9 juillet 2015

Nobody knows for sure but Tesla would be profoundly stupid to not have the 3rd row seats fold independently and they are not stupid.