Thoughts on using PARK button to eject door handles?

Thoughts on using PARK button to eject door handles?

Love my car but can be tedious to unlock or extend the door handles. Since putting it in PARK does this initially. Suggest to implement a function that, when handles automatically retract, pushing PARK again would extend them. Would be less cumbersome for when someone is trying to get into the car and is having trouble figuring out the handle sensor leaving me to fumble into the Controls screen to unlock.

Other ideas to make the unlock/handle extend process easier or more intuitive?

Sudre_ | 23 mai 2014

Good suggestion. I've gotten really quick at the two hits to the screen to unlock... but hitting the park button again would be even faster.

danej | 23 mai 2014

I just toggle it into drive and back to park when I need the handles to re-extend.


David Trushin | 23 mai 2014

Good idea. I like it.

negarholger | 23 mai 2014

I do as @danej suggests from the beginning... I thought that was how it was designed.

David Trushin | 23 mai 2014

I do that too. But i still like the feature suggestion. It's cleaner.

LEvans | 23 mai 2014

I think ejecting the door handles when you engage park is a great idea but as long as it DOES NOT unlock the car. The doors should only be unlocked if you decide to unlock them.

The story on the WashingtonPost article below is quite dramatic and somber but it illustrates the point of why the doors should never unlock automatically unless you manually decide to unlock the doors. Someone may put the car in Park in a bad situation by habit but they could be in a situation where it is absolutely dangerous for the doors to unlock just because the vehicle is in Park.

I realize the Model S is not armored like the vehicle in the story below and they are not used by US agents in Mexico but you could easily find yourself in a situation where you don't want to necessarily invite someone into the car just because you put the car in Park.

Roamer@AZ USA | 24 mai 2014

I would prefer that one push of the button places the car in park, then, if the car is in park any additional push of the park button would extend the handles.

jordanrichard | 24 mai 2014

Ok. If you are pulling up to let someone into the car, presumably you know that in advance and can simply hit the unlock button. If you have been parked and the handles have gone in, then your passenger just needs to touch the door handle.

I agree that I wish only the driver's door would unlock/present first and if you want the other doors to open, you hit a button for that.

NKYTA | 24 mai 2014

Roamer, I like that process. Sensible.

amitb00 | 24 mai 2014

I do what danej proposed.

GGinSD | 25 mai 2014

Thanks for all the comments. The situation occurs for me when I'm waiting for someone. I've been waiting long enough in Park that the handles retract. They don't know enough about the car to know to touch the handle. They approach, look perplexed, don't do anything and then I go thru the Controls/Unlock process or roll down the window and tell them to just touch the handle --- or ---- I try to predict if they are unlikely to understand the touch sensor and then eject the handles as they approach. Ejecting for them seems the polite thing to do anyway. Seems like a one-button unlock like all other cars have would be helpful. I just figured use the button that seems most intuitive, which for me is the Park button.

Burt Court | 25 mai 2014

According the all the Tesla manuals, books and articles I've read, my handles don't "eject", "extend" or "re-extend", they "present themselves". Well, at least mine do it every time...8-)

DLebryk | 25 mai 2014

It does seem odd there isn't a button to unlock the doors. There is a button to fold the mirrors. Why not put an unlock right next to it?

Hitting the Park button took a bit of getting used to, and it does work.

David Trushin | 25 mai 2014

I would like to have a button to eject the passenger. Might come in handy on long trips.

info | 25 mai 2014

@David: If you go to you can get an app called the Peacemaker. It's a James Bond screen that has an eject button. It also has a variety of James Bondian necessities like machine guns and nuclear weapons. Be careful

david.baird | 25 mai 2014

Strikes me that Tesla could implement something a lot smarter and context sensitive. Specifically, when the the car is stationary then have an "unlock" button appear on the screen, when you're moving then remove it.

chrisdl | 26 mai 2014

The only reason that there's a button to fold the mirrors is because the window/mirror controls are sourced by Mercedes. If those buttons would've been custom designed by Tesla, you can rest assured that there wouldn't have been a folding mirror button either.

On the other hand: pressing Controls > Unlock feels like second nature to me. I, for one, am happy that Tesla didn't flood the console with buttons. Not even an unlock button :-)

olanmills | 27 mai 2014

I use the Park button all the time for this purpose.

GGinSD | 27 mai 2014

Speaking of Mercedes-sourced pieces, early on I had difficulty with the location of the drive select stalk like others posts have mentioned. Previous cars (BMW and Lexus) and my wife's current car, Cayenne, all had windshield wipers on the right vs the Mercedes-like left wiper stalk. I did shift into neutral on the fly once trying to clear some mist from the windshield -- that's all it took to make me pay attention. Still, the drive select stalk doesn't seem in keeping with the rest of the smart ergonomics. Feels a bit 1960s. IMHO.

Rocky_H | 27 mai 2014

Apparently I am the only person who finds it quicker/easier to just open my door slightly and shut it, which automatically unlocks and presents handles.

olanmills | 28 mai 2014

That doesn't seem quicker or easier...

KWTESLA | 28 mai 2014

I too use the Park button or if in Park just open my door that extends all door handles for passengers also. Actually if you time it right the person you are picking up thinks you did it just for them and they love it! In stead of nuisance it becomes a cool feature . It is all how you look at it!

Rocky_H | 29 mai 2014

@olanmills, heh, yeah. I should have mentioned what I was comparing to. I didn't know an extra push of Park would unlock and present the handles, which is pretty nice. Normal situation is one of two basically the same situations. I'm picking my wife up, so I pull up to the curb and stop, (still in Drive), and she's expecting to just open the door and get in. Or I'm backing out of the garage or somewhere that was a little tight to get into and then stop so she can open the door and get in.

In both of those cases, I was thinking:
(1) Touch the controls button on the screen (slight pause while it opens)
(2) Touch the unlock
(3) Close the controls

So compared to that, just pulling my door handle is faster while my wife is standing there waiting. However, now knowing I can just press Park twice is a good handy alternative.

NKYTA | 29 mai 2014

If we presume that TM is going to implement some software fix for not extending all handles on auto-present: not extending all handles when putting in Park I imagine we can't be sure how best to address this, at least right now. They probably need to incorporate those added software tweaks and come up with the best solution they can.