"Triac" gets Triaged

"Triac" gets Triaged

Snarky commentary on the bankruptcy of "Triac", a 3-wheel EV company in CA.

Brian H | 22 juillet 2011

Oops; s/b "Triac", not "Triage".
My bad.

VolkerP | 5 août 2011

Brian, you can edit the OP.

What is that ranting about lost tax payer money? California is the holy land of venture capitalism - I thought. Are there some smart mayors trying to outperform Vinod Khosla? So then don't re-elect them but stop whining.

the other head lines all read like green-bashing and anti-democrats. Huh.

David70 | 11 août 2011

Well Brian,

now airjordanshoes is spamming this place.

Someone needs to find out his IP and we need to start group spamming him. Can the webmaster for Tesla find that out?

Timo | 11 août 2011

It seems that Tesla webmaster is clueless, and moderator is too busy doing something else most of the time. Moderator has done quite a good job lately to get rid of those 20-30 daily spams, but the main problem still exist.

I wonder what Elon would think if he would ever read these forums. Would it be worth to fire the webmaster and hire someone that knows what he/she is doing? Maybe buy this service from someone that already knows what he is doing?