Underground Parking Garages - Connectivity

Underground Parking Garages - Connectivity

I searched but did not find anything specific to lack of connectivity in parking garages. I live in a condo with indoor underground parking. My cell phone does not work in the garage and the same goes for my in-car GPS. When I get a Tesla this will be a problem... App will not work. Has anyone found a solution to get connectivity in such a location?

ZaphodBeeb.CA.ON.TO | 4 novembre 2014

I will have a similar issue. I just ordered a Model S. The office building where I work has chargers but they are way down on P5. You still get a cell signal on P3, but not on P5. So I won't be able to use the app while at work.

kltrask | 4 novembre 2014

Model S uses 3G wifi to connect. So lack of cell service may not be an issue. I live in a condo with no cell service in the garage. I can connect with my cell phone through the 3G wifi connection in the car. Also, not too expensive to get wifi repeaters to get good connection on lower floors if necessary.

Rocky_H | 5 novembre 2014

Also, it's just connectivity--it's a loss of convenience, not a problem with the car functioning. Remember the days when they didn't have apps on your phone that could remotely make the car do things? It will be like that, but it will still work fine when you walk up to it and drive it away.