What charging station to install

What charging station to install

There is little available in my area for car charging. We open our house up to guests on Airbnb and couchsurfers and would like to be able to offer electric car charging beyond 110V outlet. What would be a good option to install in or near our garage to satisfy a future tesla and other electric cars?

cloroxbb | 18 février 2013

For ease of use, I would install the NEMA 14-50.

ian | 18 février 2013

I don't like people that much! HPWC or a supercharger! Ha!

Those would be great for Tesla's. I guess a 14-50 for everybody else. ;-)

Earl and Nagin ... | 19 février 2013

I'll recommend a J-1772. Any new EV can use it. If you want to make Tesla owners very happy, put in a 70 amp one (Clipper Creek CS-100 is the only manufacturer that makes them that I know of).
J-1772 are more expensive than a NEMA 14-50 plug but are safer and all new EVs can easily use them without adapters.

Joshua Burstyn | 19 février 2013

I'm with Earl and N'... J-1772 @ 70A gets you v. close to a HPWC-level charge (I believe) and supports most EVs out there today.

ghillair | 19 février 2013

++ for the J 1772

In addition to Cripple Creek, Sun Country is making them. They are a Candian Company I don't know if they sell in the US. They have both a 60 or 90.

cloroxbb | 19 février 2013

Whoops, I thought he meant for personal use...

RNB | 20 février 2013

I am actually considering many things. I expect to end up with a tesla in a few years, but until then might go one of two routes. Put a high power outlet in garage to let those that plan in advance charge here or else put in some kind of RFID tag paid outlet so passerby can use it outside even if we are not home.

Brian H | 20 février 2013

Too bad "Arby's" is already taken. "RB's Juice Bar" kinda has a ring to it. (9}