What will be the locations for the Superchargers in Europe?

What will be the locations for the Superchargers in Europe?

Has anyone got a clue about this?

Vawlkus | 23 janvier 2013

Nope, no word as of yet.

If you want to help, stat looking around at spots they could use. Gotta be zoned right (non-residential, easy grid access, etc), and in the right locations to serve the most people (not just a few).

Oh, helps if you can find a group of reservation holders nearby, Tesla deploys it's initial SC's near groups of customers.

Benz | 23 janvier 2013

How can I find out how many Reservation holders there are in The Netherlands? And where in The Netherlands they are located?

Vawlkus | 23 janvier 2013

Ask in the regional forums here, on TMC, or just see if your DS has more customers in your area (probably can't say, but it doesn't hurt to ask).

KnutNorway | 26 janvier 2013

Benz: there is a map where reservation holders register where they live. It does not show all reservation holders but I think it gives an indication. There are a lot of markers in The Netherlands...
To register your reservation: press "additions" and "add marker"

Maiky Nisute | 26 janvier 2013

I am sure one of them will be located in Tilburg the Netherlands

Benz | 29 janvier 2013

Yes, there are a lot of people with a reservation for a Tesla Model S in The Netherlands. But, there are no people with a reservation for a Tesla Model X in The Netherlands. I can see only in in Antwerp, Belgium.

Brian H | 29 janvier 2013

That map covers about 10% of registrations. Otherwise there would be 20,000 pins! Voluntary info submitted only.

Benz | 29 janvier 2013

@Brian H
Can anyone tell me how many reservations for the Tesla Model S have been made only in The Netherlands (up to now)?

Brian H | 30 janvier 2013

No, there doesn't seem to be any way to know, other than by hacking TM's order files, which I'm not up to achieving. Sorry. >:D

Benz | 30 janvier 2013

Well, in February Tesla Motors will have some news about the earnings of Q4 in 2012. Maybe they will specify some information on this question as well. Or mayby per continent, who knows. Let's wait and see.

Benz | 4 février 2013

Tesla Motors have announced that there will be a service center in Amsterdam. It would be nice if one Supercharger can be placed along the A9 highway (somewhere between Alkmaar and Amsterdam).

Benz | 6 février 2013

What happens in the procedure/proces to choose a location for a Supercharger? Who will have the final say in this?

Vawlkus | 6 février 2013

Whoever owns the land has final say in what goes on it.

Benz | 9 février 2013

@ Vawlkus

Yes, but suppose that Tesla Motors would come to you, and they would ask you if it's OK to put a Supercharger on your piece of land? Who could say "NO"?

Vawlkus | 10 février 2013

Anyone who has other plans for their land.

There will always be people who will say "No" just to be difficult.

Benz | 12 février 2013

I think it is worth considering to having them place a Supercharger on your land. After all you will get some kind of a compensation for it. And it's for the good of the planet, that counts as well.

RhoonNL | 22 février 2013

As a newbie at this forum I am wundering if it is reasonable to expect Tesla to place superchargers 'all over the world' and let us charge for free. How they are going to finance that?

Brian H | 22 février 2013

Telsa partners with sister company Solar City. Across the network(s), it installs enough associated solar arrays to more than make up for the power Solar City (not Tesla) buys from the utilities (on an annual average/total basis) -- and sells it back to the utilities for a profit.

XS40 | 23 février 2013

If/when Tesla are going to place some Superchargers here in Norway, they should obviously not use solar energy but waterfall energy who is non pollutive, green minded and common.

XS40 | 23 février 2013

Traveling from North Cape all the way south in europe would be "electric":)

Brian H | 23 février 2013

Solar City don't know from watermills. They'll probably "average" the n/w across all of Europe. Of course, in the summer Norway gets lots of hours of (weak) sun!

el-marty | 30 juin 2013

People in Norway have taken a bit initiative, and public records are being scoured to find locations for these much needed juice boxes needed for long distance travel with a Tesla.

I've included these locations in a map, maybe other Europeans are doing the same? If so, please included future locations here!

These locations are not communicated by tesla, but found in public accessible documents. (e.g. Permit for setting up an EV charging station around location XX for Tesla automobiles). Some of these are in a building phase, and people sometimes pop by with a camera and snaps some pictures. So it's very much real.

The map is here:

Remember - this is not WANTED locations, this map should only include locations actually being built or planned built.

Benz | 1 juillet 2013

The Norwegian government is in favour of EV's, and that's just great. More governments in other European countries should do the same. Norway really deserves to get the first Superchargers in Europe.

etigro | 10 septembre 2013

Shortly before today's announcement on Supercharger deployment at the IAA2013, the supercharger map for Europe on Tesla web site was replaced by a map showing major electrified travel routes (no red dots for chargers but blue lines for route).
While this map showed impressive network for Germany and the Benelux, France only showed Paris-Strasbourg, Paris-Bordeaux and Paris-Marseille, Switzerland Geneva-Zurich and Spain going south to Madrid (nothing south of it). Italy covered Milan to Rome. Sweden showed a network similar to Norway, radiating out of Stockholm...

negarholger | 10 septembre 2013

Seems like Tesla learned something... instead of dots they show travel routes to be SC. That is more clear for people to understand then dots on a blurry map.

Timo | 10 septembre 2013

Looks like very long time before they reach Finland. Disappointing. I hope I can get GenIII with 500 mile range.

Brian H | 10 septembre 2013

You may be able to make do with the CHAdeMO adapter.

Benz | 10 septembre 2013

There will be Superchargers in Finland before 2017, I think.

chrisdl | 11 septembre 2013

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Disappointed Finland is not covered at all.

My wife is Finnish, so we travel there regularly and it would have been great to do a car trip to Finland with our MS and just supercharge it on the way.

el-marty | 5 octobre 2013

Is there a verification for this SC:?
Flughafen Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt am Main Süd, Germany 60549