What's the latest on the Liquid-Filled Supercharger hoses?

What's the latest on the Liquid-Filled Supercharger hoses?

I used one on day one at the Mountain View Supercharger - at the Shareholder meeting this past June '15. Even had a chance to talk with one of the Tesla Supercharger people. He/they wanted to know what we thought about the liquid-filled.

Are they still at Mountain View?

I've been to new Superchargers, opened since then, e.g. Manteca - haven't seen them since.

Has anyone seen them anywhere else? Are they only going to be used at Superchargers that have extreme temps, hot/cold?

ir | 8 novembre 2015

> Are they still at Mountain View?

Yes, as of last week.

evaandmarty | 8 novembre 2015

A supercharger opened this week in Burlington VT , kinda cold there, still old style cables.

laykutsu1 | 8 novembre 2015

Uhh... so is the charging faster???

ronjolley | 8 novembre 2015

from the above article:

The possibility of a big deal is implied by Musk’s next remark: “It also has the potential for increased power of the Supercharger long-term.”
Tesla’s Superchargers are already some of the highest-power chargers out there. Most operate at 120 kW, and some can go as high as 135 kW... Tesla being Tesla, it’s widely assumed that there are plans to push this level even higher.

LimawanS85 | 9 novembre 2015

It seems to be limited to the Mountain View SC only as newer SC are still with the older cable. Not sure if its faster as most SC are pretty fast already IMO (depending on the status of your battery)