What's the proper way to take the charger out

What's the proper way to take the charger out

Learned in hard way that charger won't come out with the car locked. So I follow the following path., it seems to work fine in home.. but no always in super station.

1. Make sure the car is unlocked
2. Keep holding the the button on charger pressed till there is a color change
3. Pull the charger out..

But the 3rd step did not seems to work in Super charger station.. had to do nearly 10 tries before it finally came out. Can anyone tell what's the proper way.. | 3 août 2014

You're doing the right thing. Step 2 can also be done by waiting until you hear the "Click" of the lock release. No need to look at it.

Sounds like the Supercharger button is on it's last legs. If you report it to Ownership, they will take care of the Supercharger.

DTsea | 3 août 2014

Also I believe you can unlock charge port from main screen

FCHEN | 3 août 2014

I have the same problem at Supercharger. Nonmatter how long i press on the button, It won't release for me to pull it out. Have to try many times until I get the luck. Any suggestion?

DTsea | 3 août 2014

FChen did you call tesla and ask?

FCHEN | 3 août 2014

Nope. I will call Tesla next time when I am at Supercharger.

DTsea | 3 août 2014

You might call them ahead so they can check whether it's an issue with your car.

NKYTA | 3 août 2014

Point it further up, towards the back window where the antenna is. My home charging move is Dr. J. Grab end of UMC and do a skyhook, clicking and holding the button at the top of the hook, then a gentle insertion and off to what's next.

At SC's I tend to do similar, though with the weight of the SC cables, I wouldn't call the hook "sky".

But call Tesla if you have issues, number is right there.

Half Dollar Bill | 3 août 2014

I would ask if it's got other plans during a non-peak charging time then find a mutually interesting spot like the electrical supply aisle at the hardware store or a solar panel installer's showroom. I wouldn't recommend ending the evening with a kiss due to the charged nature of the relationship but I think it would be appropriate to dial down your amps for the next charge :)

jeffsstuff | 3 août 2014

My charger was replaced and I discovered that it'd been broken all along. You have to keep holding the button while pulling it out (after the light turns white). My previous one you would push it release it and then pull it out.