wheel rim protection

wheel rim protection

I hate to be seen crying after nudging a curb with my MS.

Is anyone using the 'AlloyGator' rim protectors? I'm impressed with the product but curious about a 45 psi tire possibly compromised by the steel clips which are required to mount them.


GeekEV | 4 décembre 2013

Yes, many of us here and on TMC use them. They work great with my Michelin PS2 tires... I even had them on during a day of racing at REFUEL 2013 (hard cornering and braking) with no issues.

GeekEV | 4 décembre 2013

Just make sure you follow the directions CAREFULLY. The bit about where to put the clips is split across two steps. You may have issues if you miss some clips...

Rheumboy | 4 décembre 2013
SarahsDad | 4 décembre 2013

Bought and installed mine after my first rim rash incident; they've worked great.

Qwiksilver | 4 décembre 2013

Put them on my Tesla. They're great. Inconspicuous, and no effect on handling or noise.
Watch the YouTube video if you plan on installing them yourself.

NKYTA | 4 décembre 2013

Use to find multiple threads on alloy gators. Mostly positive responses from what I've read.

bgood1301 | 5 décembre 2013

Great information? Thank you all!

I'm comfortable trying them now.


tommy-tesla | 5 décembre 2013

I like this option (Wheel Bands) and I need this as all my wheels
are scraped. However I'm not sure I can install it myself. What's
involved? Alternatively, is there anywhere in SF Bay Area that offer
installation? Thanks.

melfont | 5 décembre 2013

Alloy Gators are great. Easy to install. Used the jack from my Highlander Hybrid. Follow the instructions and easy as could be. I bought the silver to match the rims. When you do bruch a corn, a little sand paper will remove the evidence. So glad I found out about them on this forum.

Drdon220 | 5 décembre 2013

I purchased the alloy gators for my 21"wheels on my S, but have yet to install. Will now after I've swapped too my winter wheels. Also found another product. they have an easier install which sticks to the outside edge of the wheel and they have different pinstripe inserts available to change out the look. Have not heard of feedback on these.

christurbeville | 5 décembre 2013

I was going to ask the SC to install my gators both to protect and hide my sins;)

Rheumboy | 5 décembre 2013


I used wheel bands which were very easy to install. The kit comes with an alignment tool and you just peel off the tape and stick on. They will send you a free sample to try. Also comes in silver or black base and about 10 colors for choice. I picked red on silver and looks great on my blue MS. :-)

RBats | 5 décembre 2013

@Rheumboy - How do you like the Wheel Bands? I like the fact that no clips are needed.

Rheumboy | 5 décembre 2013

I highly recommend! I've put them on 3 other cars now. Cost of about $100 includes shipping. Go to their website .wheelbands/wheel-bands/ to see some examples.

stewart.horner | 5 décembre 2013

I just received mine in the post . have not installed yet.

2050project | 5 décembre 2013
Rheumboy | 5 décembre 2013

Sorry, the last link was not correct

capo | 5 décembre 2013

@Drdon220 - Wheel Bands (made in USA) is a trade name used by RimPro-Tec in North America.

Here's info on using for the Model S:

Captain_Zap | 5 décembre 2013

We have Alloy Gators and they work great. You don't even notice that they are there.

Pics and info here:

Captain_Zap | 5 décembre 2013
j0graves | 6 décembre 2013

I've had Wheelbands on my car since early June. For Christmas I spruced things up with the winter tires and put on green stripes.

Here's the black on charcoal look on my summer rims. Don't worry if you can't spot the wheelband, the black+black are pretty much invisible in pics.

As far as protection goes. I've hit the granite curbs at work several times. So far zero rim damage. I did strike one curb hard (or possibly awkwardly enough) that the wheel band was removed from my rim. Even with that bad of a hit, the rim has no damage. The adhesive residue is still on the rim in this pic. I've not cleaned it up yet. But I do have a replacement wheelband track ready to go.

Mounting these things is incredibly easy. It's basically the same effort as putting on adhesive weatherstripping for your home's windows or doors.

leon.gelernter | 20 février 2014

Don't bother with Rimbands...The material so soft that it will not be able to prevent rim rash. Really cheap product.

Best product but hard to install are probably alloy gators.

Next in line and the option I went for are wheel bands. Easy to install and almost invisible to the untrained eye. The system they use is totally different from rimbands and patented.

For 99.-$ it's a good option.

2050project | 22 février 2014

Wheel Bands are now available (good price too) over here:

leon.gelernter | 22 février 2014

I tried ordering my wheel bands at teslaccessories... I live in Europe.

Guess how much they wanted to charge me for shipping??

170.-$ shipping cost.

Ridiculous to say the least!

Want a bargain?

Get them here (a full 10 $ cheaper):

pm | 5 juin 2017

Just had Alloy gators installed on my 21's by Wheel Guardian(US rep) and just by watching the installation these protectors are hands down the best compared to the competition. There is no double face tape on this product and the gator fits between the rim and tire for a great fit.

lilbean | 5 juin 2017

Ok. Got it!

avesraggiana | 5 juin 2017

Timely revival of an old thread. Not three months into his current Tesla ownership, my rheumy eyed, cataract hampered, but still-driving 86 year-old dad scraped his right front wheel rim, probably against a curb. I cried, while Papa remains blissfully unaware. Thankfully, he's going in for cataract surgery tomorrow morning.

What can be done and where, for a wheel scrape that has already happened?

Tldickerson | 5 juin 2017

@avesraggiana, your local service center probably has a wheel shop that does repairs for things like that. I've heard that you cannot even tell when their done fixing it.

avesraggiana | 5 juin 2017

@Tldickerson. Thanks for that tip. I'll contact them tomorrow.

Made in CA | 5 juin 2017

Telsa sells wheel touchup paint from the Gear Shop. We have the gray wheels and it worked very well to hide a 3" scrap.