Wheel/Tire Insurance

Wheel/Tire Insurance

Anybody getting it? If so, what are the best alternatives? I have had it with other vehicles, but usually directly through the dealer. I have not heard that it is an option through TM.

sergiyz | 8 octobre 2012

In the last update from George he said they are considering adding an option to cover wheel/tire damage.
It's not finalized yet.
Tire warranty should cover damage for the first year though.

archibaldcrane | 8 octobre 2012

I think tire warranties generally only apply if there is demonstrable faulty worksmanship. Most tire blowouts are simply nails or screws or hitting potholes super hard.

mrspaghetti | 8 octobre 2012

"sergiyz | OCTOBER 8, 2012 NEW
Tire warranty should cover damage for the first year though."

I wouldn't count on that. Warranties are only for defects in manufacture, not damage after purchase through no fault of the manufacturer. If you go over a big pothole or some police spikes in a high speed pursuit or something, I don't think you can legally demand that Tesla replace or fix your tires under warranty, for example.

Teoatawki | 8 octobre 2012

Some tires come with "road hazard" insurance included with their warranty.

sergiyz | 9 octobre 2012

The warranty is provided by the tire manufacturer, not by the car manufacturer, and covers basic damage like screws/nails as well.
I've replaced tires on a Lexus twice (different tires).
I had same kind of coverage on BMW and Jaguar from two different tire manufacturers.
Not sure what Continental is doing, never had them on my cars before.

mbcaffe | 9 octobre 2012

INMHO tire warranties only make sense on run flat tires unless you bundle the tire warranty with ding protection and windshield protection. Got it on my BMW and already replaced two tires. they would have cost $500 ea.

Brian H | 9 octobre 2012

So, when the tread wears down too much, drive over a handful of screws!

BYT | 9 octobre 2012

@Brian H, they can repair tire damage on the part of the tires that touch the road. Sidewall damage on the other hand = new tire!!

dborn | 9 octobre 2012

In Australia, the independent tyre fitters will provide "road hazard" warranty. This does NOT cover the rims, and also the amount of cover decreases with tyre wear - they actually use a depth gauge for the purpose!!

djp | 24 mars 2013

Read the full wheel/tire insurance document. Only remaining question is if you replace worn out tires at the two year point are the new tires covered for the remaining two years of insurance, or just the wheels.