When and How does Dashboard (not 17") GPS Nav Map get Updated?

When and How does Dashboard (not 17") GPS Nav Map get Updated?

The Nav map on the 17" touchscreen seems to get drawn directly from Google, with little or no
map (other than the currently displayed portion of the map) actually stored in the Tesla.
If one loses connectivity to the Internet, you have to make do with whatever map portion
was last showing. So, one "trick", if you know that you are going to be entering an area
with no Internet coverage: Manually zoom out to cover the entire area, and the "car" icon
(the Wedge) will move around, indicating your car's position on the large-scale "fixed" map.

Also, set up your route, if any, before manually zooming the map and losing thr Internet.

Meanwhile, the separate GPS Nav system, usually displayed on the left end of the "dashboard"
display, shows a different map, apparently one that is older, and entirely contained in the car.
It appears to me that the details of the route, from the "Current Location" to the "Next Stop",
is normally calculated by this little Nav unit, using its map, even when its older map does not
agree with the newer Google-sourced map. The route that is drawn over the Google map
sometimes uses roads that are no longer there, and ignores new roads. The list of turns
seems to follow the old-map route. Very confusing at times.

So, is there any way to update the in-car "old" map?
Presumably there must be provisions for updating this map, right?

Thanks, Gary

JPPTM | 28 août 2015

Yes--TM does automatic updates/downloads to the inbuilt database for those with the full navigation system. Not frequent, but they do happen....soon.

Bradtc | 28 août 2015

An allert pops up on your screen saying that there is a map update. You choose to install it now or schedule it for a later time. It is quite simple. I have had the map update only once in 2.5 years.
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garygid | 28 août 2015

So, approximately when did that last map update occur.
Thanks, Gary

mathwhiz | 28 août 2015

The last time I recall a nav maps update was when 6.0 was released, around Dec 2014. It was mentioned on page 2 of the release notes:

dborn | 28 août 2015

Used the Nav in Sydney just this morning. Wanted me to go into streets that were blocked off or one way the wrong way! Clearly those same streets had been two way at some point in the distant past. Not good!! So, the Nav does require some serious updating, especially for Australia

Linus | 29 août 2015

I read somewhere that the nav update is only done, when the car is connected via WiFi. This is bad news for me, since I have not been able to connect to my home WiFi yet. The car "sees" the WiFi but after I type in the password it tells me "not able to connect". Must have to do with some other WiFi setting (WPA or whatever).

Lessmog | 29 août 2015

I find that often the problem you meet is that the password is actually case sensitive - my router only accepts UPPER case letters. Which is a pain when your device defaults to lower case. But it only needs to be done once per device.


proven | 29 août 2015

@Chess2: another option is to connect to your phone's hotspot and the car thinks you are on wifi.

Made in CA | 29 août 2015

@chess2 - the wi-fi password cannot contain any special characters. I had to change mine to connect the car.

Linus | 29 août 2015

My password contains only lower case letters, upper case letters and numbers, no special characters.

mathwhiz | 29 août 2015

@Chess2 ... "I read somewhere that the nav update is only done, when the car is connected via WiFi."

No kidding? If you read just two posts before you posed this question, you'll remember where you read it... ;-)

If you have a very old wifi network, it may still use WEP encryption which has been obsoleted. That would probably cause the symptom you describe. I know you mentioned WPA, but it's worth asking anyway... You want WPA-2 for the Model S.

Linus | 29 août 2015

@ mathwhiz

I don' remember having asked this before. Maybe I am getting old. I will try to find out if my WiFi is WPA or WPA-2. It is not that old. All my other devices (iPad, iPhone) have no problems connecting to it. | 29 août 2015

I can confirm the Tesla has no problem with mixed case passwords. As to your router, you'll have to check, especially if it is an old one.

NoMorePetrol | 29 août 2015

Tesla is also fine with special characters in the password. There seem to be no restrictions on the password based on my use.

jordanrichard | 29 août 2015

Chess2, this is the first I have heard that one needs to be connected to Wi-Fi to get the maps updated. It certainly would be faster via Wi-Fi, but since you can schedule an updates to be done at night, it would make a difference how long it took.

garygid | 29 août 2015

The download for a software update happens when the car is G3 or WiFi
connected, and Tesla schedules it. This download could be from around 100 MB
to around 250 MB, I suspect. After the download is complete, you are notified
that the update is ready to install, and you select the time for the install, but
all the data required for the install is already in the car. No data connection is
needed for or during the installation.

The update of the GPS Nav units map might be 1000 MB or more. So, apparently
Tesla requires your car to be WiFi connected to download this relatively massive
amount of data?

How does one determine what map version is currently installed in the car?

garygid | 29 août 2015

Or, what is the latest GPS Nav Map version available for the car?

garygid | 29 août 2015

The Installation Notes in a previous post indicates that Map updates
would become available. Have any Map updates actually happened?

jordanrichard | 29 août 2015

At the bottom of the nav screen it says 2015. I have had my car since Mar 2014, so obviously the map has been update. I just don't remember when.

garygid | 29 août 2015

Not the Google map on the 17" touchscreen, but the small Nav map
on the dash, used to show us the "3D" view of the roads ahead.

Pungoteague_Dave | 31 août 2015

My Garmin internal maps were updated in June on my 12/14 P85D. They are actually from the Navigon division of Garmin. I know of no way to tell which version you have onboard the car. The google big-screen map date is irrelevant, will always read current year because it is real-time updated. I had bitched about a lot of new DC-area roads not being in the old dash screen database, including the ICC in Montgomery County, MD. I doubt that had an influence but it was pretty embarrasing that a major route to the Rockville Service Center did not "exist" as far as the routing was concerned.

garygid | 2 septembre 2015

P-D, was your Garmin map update done over the air, or at a Service Center?
Thanks, Gary

Pungoteague_Dave | 5 septembre 2015

my maps were updated OTA, and a notification that it was completed came up. It was iferent than other OTA updates, as it did not schedule or request approval - it just happenned.