When did you pay?

When did you pay?

I ordered on 8/3 with a September 19th delivery date. P85 with a bunch of options.

Roughly, I'm putting 50K down and financing 50K. I just received an email from Tesla telling me I can pay my portion now. I checked out the MVNA and it's all there. I'm not going to give them 50K now though, when I won't receive the car for over a month.

My financing company won't cut me a check until I provide the signed MVNA, which I don't get until I put my down payment down. My goal is to just wait until the week of the 17th and just start it all then. What I don't want to do is delay my delivery date because the finances are not in order.

What did you do? What do you recommend?

shawns | 17 août 2013

I'm not sure if it would slow things down. I sent payment via the ACH button the same day they asked for payment. I'll say things seemed to speed up after I submitted payment. I got a few fedex's from them a couple days later. One of which allowed me to get my license plates a couple weeks before I even will get the car (I get it Tuesday).

CC | 17 août 2013

As soon as you get your VIN#, start the process. You never know if there will be a snag with financing, which will definitely delay things. My financing company made a single letter error on the VIN# (F instead of an E), and Tesla wasn't able to get the finance money because the VIN was wrong..

Anyhow, start the process 2-3 weeks before delivery is a safe bet.

AmpedRealtor | 17 août 2013

My updated delivery date is 8/21, credit union is wiring the funds on 8/19. Everything just kind of ended up this way, so I hope it continues to go smoothly! I'll keep you posted.

unclegeek | 17 août 2013

@shawnwalters. Which item(s) are letting you get plates before getting the car? I received my temporary registration slip that goes in the back window. Is that it?

TommyBoy | 17 août 2013

Thanks Amped. I've been following you closely since we both seemed to have come upon the Tesla scene around the same time and are getting our cars around the same time. I'm anxious to read your review once you have your Model S!

shawns | 17 août 2013

unclegeek - I received my temp registration in a fedex overnight. Then the next day I received the certificate of origin, the odometer statement and the bill of sale. Took those three things to my DMV, paid sales taxes and registration fees and they handed me a plate, while the car was still being built :) | 17 août 2013

I would give yourself at least a couple of weeks wiggle room, plus there is always the chance the car is ready early.


jbunn | 17 août 2013

I believe this varies by state. In my case it was Washington, which seems to be easy. Heard horror stories from other states.

In my case the check from PenFed came a bit early, but they don't start the loan until the check is cashed.

The day I picked up the car, I walked in with a check from PenFed and a cashiers check from me for the portion I didn't finance.

Out the door with the car after our training.

J.T. | 18 août 2013

I was set to pick up my car on a Monday. Alliant was Fedexing the funds on the Friday before that. I got a call from my DS on Wednesday afternoon saying my car was ready for pickup and if I'd like to I could come in the next day, Thursday, at 1:00 pm.
I pointed out that the car wasn't yet paid for.
My DS thought for a moment and said, "I guess we missed a step somewhere."
I was out of town anyway, but I wonder what would have happened if I had showed up on that Thursday.

AmpedRealtor | 18 août 2013

@ TommyBoy - There is a beautiful Pearl White P85 charging in my garage right now! No, it's not mine, but a fellow Model S owner needed a charge on his way from California and I offered my HPWC. He let me take the car for a spin - the first time I've driven a Model S! He left the car at my house overnight while visiting friends and is picking it up around lunch time today.

Well let me tell you... this gentleman's car is perfect! Fit and finish is great, and needless to say... it drives like something out of a movie. I remember thinking to myself, now this is how a car is supposed to be! I am more impatient than ever to get my car! :)

By the way, the white Model S that is charging at my house is a P85 built in December 2012.

Brian H | 18 août 2013

Ideal intro, no? Mutual stroking, all round. 'Grats.

TommyBoy | 18 août 2013

I agree with Brian - awesome job of helping out fellow owners even before you have your own car.

I have a Pearl White P85 coming. Black is my first color but apparently I am a lazy person and will never wash it every three days to keep it looking stellar. Pearl White is my second choice and I'm glad to hear you think it looks awesome!

jackhub | 18 août 2013

I wired cash on 12/31 and took delivery on 1/11. No problems, but I did not finance.

tes-s | 18 août 2013

I gave them a personal check when I picked up the car - full price including tax and tags, less the $2500 deposit.

jq5073 | 18 août 2013

+1 tes-s

Pay when you've accepted the car without qualification. Your bank should be able to do the same -- either provide you a cashier's check (or equivalent) that you can hand over upon acceptance or wait for your "all-clear" before completing the ACH.

unclegeek | 18 août 2013

@shawnwalters I'm assuming then you were paid in full prior to getting the bill of sale, etc. in the 2nd FedEx... I'll be paid in full 2 weeks before scheduled delivery so I'll probably get my 2nd docs after that. thanks

shawns | 18 août 2013

Yes, sorry. Payment in full was sent first then the fedex's arrived. Can't wait 1.5 more days :)

JPPTM | 18 août 2013

I paid at the time of my Fremont factory pickup...personal check for 30%, Alliant CU check for 70%.