When will someone put on drag radials on a P85D?

When will someone put on drag radials on a P85D?

I see all the post of drag strip runs with the P85D with stock wheels. When can we see one with drag radials?

TytanX | 6 avril 2015

I'd love to put drag radials on my P85D but my pockets are empty after buying a P85D. If you are willing to sponsor me I'll be happy to give it a shot. ;)

Iowa92x | 6 avril 2015

Will it help much? Drags more effective for RWD, not sure will gain much with AWD getting it done.

NomoDinos | 6 avril 2015

Yeah, it may help some, but from my understanding, the benefits will be proportionately less for the D due to it's optimized traction control and more even power distribution (as opposed to the less-sophisticated Hellcats, for example)

Lola or one of the engineers care to comment?

lolachampcar | 6 avril 2015

My P+ used to leave barcode type black marks from the rears as they searched for grip and the TC worked on picking just the right amount of power.

I've got Pilot Super Sports on my PD which may help a bit but I can not find any hint of slip front or rear from a launch which would leave me to believe drag slicks would not help. Now watch someone go out and prove me wrong (again) :)