Where are all the P90D Ludicrous Cars?

Where are all the P90D Ludicrous Cars?

I was just notified that mine, ordered July 18, was going to arrive Saturday Sept 12 from Freemont. It was delayed twice. I sure don't see much on youtube. I want to see some match races, etc. I will get mine to the track as fast as I can work it in. It seems like they are slow in coming out because of the ramp up for the X.

Ankit Mishra | 11 septembre 2015

Please do it. Almost none ludicrous video yet on youtube. Thanks.

laykutsu1 | 11 septembre 2015

Yes.. please do it along with the quarter mile time and trap speed.... still on the list for upgrade.. but would like to see real world data...!!

Qwertzy009 | 11 septembre 2015

Can you also test if it can corner at 1.00 g.

FLPete | 11 septembre 2015

Mine is scheduled to arrive 9/19, can't wait.

TaoJones | 11 septembre 2015

I laid eyes upon one yesterday - beautiful titanium color. The owner had just picked it up from the factory days prior and driven back to the South Bay (Los Angeles County). It's his 2nd Model S in about 5 months if that. He wanted the 2.8s. No pano, no leather. Ya gotta appreciate singularity of purpose :).

By the way - the indication that it's a Ludicrous car? A raised silver (chrome) underline beneath the red and black P90D badge. Yep.

I have a picture but haven't jumped through the hoops/brain damage to load it to this site. Maybe to TMC if someone hasn't already done so.

Davidb0229 | 12 septembre 2015

Stopped by the Dedham, MA store today and noticed a brand spanking new Model S in multi-coat red in the parking lot. No plates yet, so I assumed it was a new car awaiting pick-up. Went over to look at it. It is a P90D with the Ludicrous upgrade, per the window sticker lying on the dash and readable through the windshield. Car has every option, I think, except for child seats. Gorgeous!

If that is your car, I hope you know it is there and that you have an appointment to pick it up soon!

cephellow | 12 septembre 2015

Saw a red P90D L (dark 21's) which the charge port door popped open at the Fremont (not Freemont) SC last night. Maybe it's yours?...

Grinnin'.VA | 12 septembre 2015

OP: The Ludicrous cars are probably scattered about the country doing informal demos of their ludicrous capabilities for their owners' friends.

What would you expect?

cephellow | 12 septembre 2015

+1 Grinnin'

inconel | 12 septembre 2015

I guess the OP simply expects to see more owners reviews and videos against other cars similar to what we saw when the P85D started to arrive in their owners hands.

A 0-60 between a P90DL and P85D with similar tires would be very cool for those of us waiting for the ludicrous upgrade.

UnshodBob | 12 septembre 2015

I first saw a ludicrous P90D at 1pm on Saturday, Sept. 5th as I took delivery at the San Diego Service Center! It is Midnight Silver Metallic, has the underline below the P90D emblem and moves very quickly. I have gone on several launches with friends and everyone is impressed. I used the iPhone Accelemon app to check horizontal acceleration and it reported max G of 1.05 in a straight-line launch in Diamond Bar today at the drive electric event at south coast air quality management district offices. I also used the iPhone SensorLog app to record another launch. I'll check the 0-60 elapsed time after some analysis of the spreadsheet file it created. It should show G forces, too. The car is a blast. Highly recommended.

@Grinnin'.VA - you called it. Informal ludicrous demos for friends (and one guy I just met today at the drive electric event.)

1PT1 GEE | 12 septembre 2015

cephellow | SEPTEMBER 12, 2015

+1 Grinnin'


Hey, it's a shidach. Chag sameach and Happy Rosh Hashanah everyone!

laykutsu1 | 12 septembre 2015

Even better would be a drag race between p85d vs p90dl on drag strip to see how many car length we will get with the upgrade....
As we are waiting for the ludicrous upgrade...

cephellow | 12 septembre 2015

1PT1 GEE- very funny.
Not gonna to marry him, just rewarding more positive behavior. (I know he actually was being snarky)