Where are the best chargers in Las Vegas? Wynn supercharger?

Where are the best chargers in Las Vegas? Wynn supercharger?

Just got some time off and am taking the hubby and mom to Las Vegas tomorrow:D Where are the best places to charge?

We're staying at the Treasure Island. I heard rumors that the Wynn had installed a super charger? Can anyone confirm this?

I also see on my Plugshare app that Palazzo and Venetian both have chargers. Has anyone used either of these?

My priorities for chargers are:
1) Close to the strip
2) Easily accesible (either publicly accessible or can be accessed by valet)
3) Free is preferable

DJung | 15 janvier 2014

The Wynn has not installed a supercharger. I do know that the Palazzo/Venetian has J1772 chargers. So does the Aria/CityCenter and the Shoppes at at Mandalay.

There are also hotels such as the Bellagio and Cosmopolitan with Tesla HPWCs but (I think they may only allow guests, you should call ahead and confirm) The Aria has a dryer plug to use your UMC (Also a good idea to call ahead).

You can use or to find chargers.

SamO | 16 janvier 2014

Aria has 40 amp at the north valet. They just ask you to have your UMC and adapter. Free to park and free to charge.

info | 16 janvier 2014

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info | 16 janvier 2014


hillcountryfun | 16 janvier 2014

It's also possible the new Vegas SuperCharger may open before the end of the week...

Kimscar | 16 janvier 2014

I'm still waiting for the Supercharger built to show up for the California Nevada border. Probably Primm.

Roamer@AZ USA | 16 janvier 2014

In a pinch the Las Vegas SC has a HPWC available 24/7. Nothing close by to do while you charge.

Keep an eye on the Super Charger map, the Las Vegas downtown charger is close to opening.

DJung | 16 janvier 2014

@Kimscar the Supercharger in Primm has been taken off Tesla's future supercharger map. A supercharger in Primm would have been perfect. There is a lot of close call stories on that route, especially on windy days..

And is the Vegas supercharger being installed at the Tesla Service Center?

diegoPasadena | 16 janvier 2014

Primm would be critical for MS60 owners. I was hoping for/counting on that one. I know it's gone form the map. Are we sure it's gone for good?

Darmok | 16 janvier 2014

This is the best site for Las Vegas chargers:

The Supercharger is going at 701 East Bridger downtown. It like will not be open this week. Word from the service center is a couple more weeks. It looks essentially done, but there are still active crews working on it.

jonathand76 | 18 janvier 2014

The downtown Superchargers should open in less than a month. I stayed at the Mandarin Oriental in City Centre, which beside being the best hotel in town only had one 240V outlet. My car was charged over night which worked out perfectly and valet took care of it. Drove from LA which was a complete bore and I will never do it again. Careful on the range, the road is steep and I had 230 or so when I left Barstow and got to Vegas with just over 20 left. Used cruise control downhill which worked great at regenerating.

neil | 14 février 2015

I'm going to the Mandarin Oriental Monday. Any new recommendations on charging? the valet? the SC's in LV?