Where are the mc red touch up pens?

Where are the mc red touch up pens?

I've been dying to get one for my car. I want to get the car opticoated and there is a small mark that the detailer says may or may not come off before coating the car. So he wants me to bring him some touch up paint.

I checked a month and a half ago and they weren't available. I even called in and they said they were working on getting them out in a few weeks. Today I visited my service center (for another reason) and was told they still don't have any.

Mathew98 | 23 septembre 2014

Did you check online? Accessories page?

paulk2510 | 23 septembre 2014

yep. They've been "sold out" for a few months now as far as I know.

bevguy | 23 septembre 2014

No doubt "coming soon" Tesla speak for "when we get around to it"
You would think a paint pen would be easy enough for Tesla to order.
I know it is minor compared to car selling but Tesla walks away from money by frequently being out of accessory items

Mathew98 | 23 septembre 2014

I recently went on a 9 days trip using at least 10 superchargers twice along I95. Along the way I met more than a dozen other MS owners.

Guess what the predominant color was? I saw 6 other MC red MS'es while only seeing one or two of the rest of the colors offered.

These touch up pens for the multi color red are hard to keep in stock. I picked up two of them a year ago and they came in very handy for those darn rock chips on the road.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 23 septembre 2014

@Mathew98, here is a picture graph and of Tesla sales by color. As often the case our non scientific observations can be misleading. I to am looking for MC red touch up and wondered what the issue was, so the shortage must be for some other unknown reason!

Larry@SoCal | 23 septembre 2014

Edward, where did you get your data? It certainly seems off to me. Could it be a regional bias or such? White Teslas are very common; I may have seen a blue.

HenryT2 | 23 septembre 2014

I'm sorry but I'm fairly certain that graph is way off. My experience in Washington and Southern California says that blues are far less common and mc red far more than indicated on that graph.

BTW, I managed to get a hold of a red touch up pen and when I tried to use it for the first time about six months after I bought it, it was dried up. I don't know if there's an expiration date on these?

I keep thinking I should ask Tesla to replace it for free, but hardly seems worth the bother since they don't ever have them in stock anyway.

Mathew98 | 24 septembre 2014

All the other red owners I met had their cars less than a year. I've had mine since last May. Perhaps newer sales are leaning towards red more than the past?

FYI - the touch up pen will not match the multi coat red 100%. There will be a contrast in color in you look closely.

Mathew98 | 24 septembre 2014

@ Henry - You need to shake the pen for about a minute and push the tip against a hard surface 10 or 15 times for the paint to ooze out.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 24 septembre 2014

I got the chart here, it was posted April 2014. Don't know for sure but I would expect it to be correct.
Also includes by country sales and USA deliveries by State as well as by popular options. Given the scope of the data it's hard to believe it is not from Tesla stats.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 24 septembre 2014

After posting I reviewed the by Country sales and noticed that no China sales are reported so that chart is out of date somewhat. In addition the color chart may be based on total sales not USA sales. However since USA is by far the highest sales (80%+) the color chart may reasonably reflect the USA distribution of color anyway as long ad the trend hasn't changed significantly.

paulk2510 | 24 septembre 2014

Hmm interesting. So even if the red touch up pens come back in stock the color won't be the same? What's the point of making them then? That's odd.

Mathew98 | 24 septembre 2014

It'll cover up minor nicks quite nicely. But if you're neurotic like me you can tell the difference within a foot of the touch up spots.

bevguy | 25 septembre 2014

If it is indeed a Muti coat then a one coat paint pen will not match exactly. I have been using a Sharpie type pen . Unfortunately the Sharpie brand red does not match, the pen is a generic brand. This is for tiny chips only and as a temporary fix.

PhillyGal | 25 septembre 2014

I had never seen red in person except for a meet-up of 5+ owners. In that group, 1 red. But of the recent orders people have talked about on here - seems like red is the winner. (non-scientific observations of course.)

dbower | 25 septembre 2014

I have a MC red pen and would be happy to lend it to you if you're in a rush.