Where are the replacement 14-50 plugs?

Where are the replacement 14-50 plugs?

I have not got one yet in the mail....similar thread on TMC shows none mailed out as well???? Please post if you get one.

DallasTxModelS | 7 février 2014

I asked that today and told they are being designed.

J.T. | 7 février 2014

Talked to my contact at Tesla and he was able to confirm a definite ship date: soon.

DallasTxModelS | 7 février 2014

I love a definite soon. I'm going to get the software update definitely soon also.

jbunn | 7 février 2014

I talked to a rep last week. Soon. But they do have to design, test cycle, and manufacture 20 K of these. And it needs to be done right, so it's got to go through a lot of destructive testing for simulated aging, heat, cold, fit and finish, and functionality.

Soon is OK. We all didn't miss out on the shipments.

J.T. | 7 février 2014

@jbunn I like "soon." It keeps them out of the kind of trouble we saw on threads like Five Days To Go and Supercharger Maps.

firerock | 7 février 2014

Talked Los Angeles SC, they told me end Feb early March. They will make an announcement about it when it's ready.

Pungoteague_Dave | 7 février 2014

Right after suspension lowering comes back. This is only safety. Gotta have what we paid for. Elon proooooomised! First things first. ;-)

Captain_Zap | 7 février 2014

This makes me think about all the "Dude! Where's my car?!?" threads from a tad more than a year ago.
I think Europe just went through that initiation.

Roamer@AZ USA | 7 février 2014

Drove over a 4 inch wide truck cargo tie down strap ratchet at 84 MPH on interstate 8 near Yuma Arizona today.

Kinda glad I wasn't lowered. Must have been close. Was boxed in with no where to go but over it.

I don't plan to lower if it's selectable when it comes back. I will give up a mile of range to not trash a 50 k battery.

Roamer@AZ USA | 7 février 2014

My plugs work fine. I am not worried about it at all. My bet is that every melt down was from outlet connections overheating. The thermal fuse will protect the adapter from customer outlet overheats.

Lots of posts of people trying to out smart the amp god with creative adapters and manual over rides of the adapter ratings. The car may save you in a crash but it may not save you from a self induced house fire.

EV Quorum | 8 février 2014

My adapter melted but it wasn't because of the outlet connection. The connection from the wall adapter to the EVSE is just too light gauge, and there's not enough surface are on the connection. Compare that connection to the wide, heavy blades of a NEMA 14-50 for example. It's pretty easy to see why it overheats at the side opposite to the wall plug. It will be fixed and we'll all move on. It's a cautionary tale though, about how robust connectors need to be for reliable connect/disconnect operations. I would apply that same caution to my battery connectors in the context of swap operations.

Pungoteague_Dave | 8 février 2014

@roamer - why worry about debris trashing the battery? Insurance will replace it as a road hazard accident - and then you'll have the latest, greatest battery.

I'm not advocating on-purpose events, but one of the best days of our investment life was when a tornado tore down a failing Stroud, Oklahoma factory outlet center in which we had an interest. The "official" word was that it would be rebuilt, but in reality, it returned our equity that was otherwise going to be lost, no harm, no fail. Cell phone failures under insurance have similarly been helpful...

Conroy | 15 mars 2014

Has anyone received their replacement adapter with the thermal fuse yet?

Over two months ago Elon Musk said the adapters would be mailed out within two weeks. The last I heard from Tesla, the adapters would be out in late February or early March.

Worrisome using a recalled adapter that is a known fire hazard.

J.T. | 15 mars 2014

Elon uses a Martian calendar.

notice | 15 mars 2014

SC in Watertown told me that only "older" adapters were a problem (when I asked when to expect my replacements as well), and that I probably didn't have a problem (delivery in early September).

Conroy | 15 mars 2014

Don't know if the story is true. Could be a short, telling a yarn.

Allegedly a Canadian claims that his at UMC overheated near or at the adapter, then Tesla charged nearly $700 for a replacement.

I realize NHTSA doesn't necessarily have jurisdiction in Canada but wouldn't it be good customer relations to replace the UMC at no charge if the fault might be related to the recall?

Though it does sound by his description that he might have a bad outlet.

Conroy | 15 mars 2014

@ notice

I think they're trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

If the newer adapters were sufficient, then how come they aren't shipping them to fill the recall?

According customers the newer adapters are also melting.

I think the recall is taking longer than they thought because replacing an adapter with one with a thermal fuse isn't going to be enough to solve the problem. I think they may have to recall the whole UMC.

notice | 15 mars 2014

Or... Maybe more confidence that the rate limiting software update is a sufficient remedy? Who knows?
I only use the mobile connector on trips and so far have not plugged in to a 50a circuit so I am okay waiting things out.

Out4aDuck | 15 mars 2014

I wouldn't worry too much. Tesla has been known to offer to repair fire damage, even if they are not at fault.

JPPTM | 15 mars 2014

Conroy--AFAIK there are NO new redesigned NEMA 14-50 adapters (with the thermal fuse) in general circulation. Not sure what 'newer adapters' you are referring to...

MS-P519-OH | 15 mars 2014

I have not gotten one either. I am not all that worried about it. I wired my circuit with 4 gauge copper because I had it left over from wiring my barns and did not want any voltage drop for my 55 ft run (not that you would get that much). I am a DIYer but also have an electrical engineering background. Actually a jack of all trades. If you are worried just dial down you charging rate from 40 amps to maybe 30 or less. Your at home sleeping, do you care if it takes 2, 4 or 6 hours to charge. It is not going to cost you any more. Your get up in the morning and your are off again, no big deal. When the replacement adapter comes you can crank up the amps and do it faster and your now happy again.

tezco | 15 mars 2014

I don't think my 2012 adapter has been replaced yet.

Brian H | 15 mars 2014

As a enginere you get a pass, I guess. But it's "you're at home" and "you're happy". And "You get up".

Rheumboy | 16 mars 2014


Your right!

Brian H | 16 mars 2014

In days of yore ...

Nuts4MS | 16 mars 2014

I just took delivery a few days ago and mine came with a new UMC like all do, I wonder when the redesign comes out if we will be allowed to keep the old one or turn it in to get the replacement... It would be nice to have both especially since the only time I will need it is on the road since I have an HPWC at home...

Conroy | 16 mars 2014

@ notice
"Maybe more confidence that the rate limiting software update is a sufficient remedy?"

I would consider that a snow job also.

The problems have continued even after a software update.

In many cases it is not rational or honest to expect a software update to solve a hardware problem.

J.T. | 16 mars 2014

@Nuts4MS They are not replacing the UMC they are replacing the little round black thing that allows you to plug the UMC into a 14-50 220v socket.

Conroy | 16 mars 2014

@ Out4aDuck

"I wouldn't worry too much. Tesla has been known to offer to repair fire damage, even if they are not at fault."

That sounds like the same attitude and approach that Ford had with the Pinto. Tesla and you are okay with that? There is a Tesla fault.

Do you own a Tesla model S? Are you married and have kids? Do you have an attached garage? If so, do you think your wife and family would be happy with you if they knew you thought it would be okay if they burned up, as long as you think Tesla will pay money for damages? What value do you put on life?

nvjx | 16 mars 2014

Don't worry be happy! They are being redesigned by the same people who are redesigning the sun -visors.

Conroy | 16 mars 2014

"Not sure what 'newer adapters' you are referring to..."

Not sure how many newer versions of adapters are out there. Tesla hasn't been forthcoming. They seem to be somewhat secretive. Some of what Tesla representatives say seems to be misinformation and/or confusion.

From the part numbers we can tell there are at least two different versions. There's also slight differences in appearances. Some appear to be tagged with a green mark, that suggests that there might be more than two versions in circulation.

Part # 1005617-00-A

Part # 1005617-00-B

akikiki | 16 mars 2014

TM is dependable. If they tell us all they will do something, they will. And they do it right. So if its taking a while, we should be patient and give them the time they need. We won't be shortchanged or disappointed by TM. Just my two cents.

@Roamner +1

Conroy | 16 mars 2014

When and if someone gets the next version of the adapter for the recall. Please let us know.

When and if Tesla makes good on the recall, please post the part number and any unique markings.


William9 | 17 mars 2014

Last December I noticed a slight discoloration on my 14-50 adapter. Let know and within an hour I got a call from the local TM SC (about 50 miles away). They said they would be bringing a replacement 14-50 adapter to me...that afternoon! The TM guy said that the "new" adapter is identified by a green dot on the adapter but otherwise looked the same. Understand that my original adapter came with my car in November, 2012, so it was early on. Have had no problem since.

Paul1839 | 17 mars 2014

@nvjx and the same people who are designing the pano shade.

nvjx | MARCH 16, 2014
Don't worry be happy! They are being redesigned by the same people who are redesigning the sun -visors.

Mathew98 | 17 mars 2014

For those of you who are really concerned about the overheating UMC, why don't you just dial down the Amp to 30A charge? Are you in a rush to go somewhere while the car is charging at 3 AM in the morning?

It's a crying shame that the car will only charge at 20 mph instead of 25 mph. Let the car charge overnight and you'll have a full tank in the morning even if it were charging at a lesser rate.

Thomas N. | 17 mars 2014

You're correct, Matthew. I have always charged at 25A. I get something around 18mph and start my charging at 1am. Even if I put 100 miles on the car the previous day (very rare) I'm fully charged by 6am the next morning.

Sure, there are those that will argue that charging at 40A, or 35A or 32A is more efficient but what is it really costing me, $5 a month to charge at 25A? I have never felt even slight warmth on any piece of the charging chain (connector, UMC, cables) and this piece of mind is well worth it to me.

Mathew98 | 17 mars 2014

It turns out @Conroy is a troll who has been spreading FUD. He is no better than NNT or Smith001. This numb nut is out incite a riot at the owners' expense.

Just flag and ignore this fool.

Brian H | 17 mars 2014

Peace on your piece-meal mind.

Thomas N. | 17 mars 2014

I was hoping you would notice that. ;)

JPPTM | 17 mars 2014

Conroy-- the -A and -B part numbers are both the 'old' adapter that does Not have the thermal disconnect.

Mathew98 | 18 mars 2014

@Conroy - There must be some defective design in your fore head. Why do you make things out of thin air repeatedly?

Do you have a Model S? Have you used one of these UMC?

If you personally don't have one, how the hell are you qualified to speak on behalf of all the actual owners???

If the NEMA 14-50 was properly installed by a licensed electrician that's hooked up to a standard electrical grid, there will not be any overheating issues.

How do you hold TM responsible for improper plug installations or electrical grid fluctuations?

Please go back and hide in the hole which you sprang from!

NKYTA | 18 mars 2014

Good grief.

@Matthew - disengage! ;-)

Rheumboy | 18 mars 2014

This thread is overheating.....just popped the fuse in my ipad

Brian H | 18 mars 2014

A new member of the elite "Scroll-by & Flag" club.

reitmanr | 18 mars 2014

Just got my recall notice with details of the process. It details what TM will do. They modified the charging system to detect any unexpected fluctuations in the input power or higher resistance connections to the vehicle. If found it reduces the charging current by 25%

They also are replacing the NEMA 14-50 adapters with ones of an improved design. They will begin mailing them in the next two weeks. They will be distinguished by the grey connector face versus the original black face.

No action is needed to have new software installed. Version 5.8.4 or later is the new software.

Call the Tesla Ranger Service Center most convenient to arrange for an appt or Tesla Ranger service. Call 877 79 TESLA (83752) to schedule an appointment.
You will be sent a new adapter once they are available. Then mail back the old one in the shipping container.

Well, that summarizes the note I got today in the mail. Hope this helps. I have not had any overly warm connectors or charging issues.

I am guessing many of you have already gotten the same notice. My VIN is 2879, if that means anything. Also 14000 miles with no problems. Thanks Tesla

negarholger | 18 mars 2014

I got the same letter today - good that they us return the old adapter.

My only question is I have 3 UMC... will I get three replacements in the mail? Lets see...

ColonyGolfer | 18 mars 2014

I had my Sig model S in for annual service in December and one of the 21 items they "performed" was a "UMC Adapter Upgrade" to replace my charger adapters. "PLUG, NEMA 14-50 (2005639)
ASY,UA,125V1,015A,ADPTR,TMC001toUSN5-15(1014355-00-B). My VIN number is 002XX, so maybe the real old ones (my car is 20 months old) need replacing.

portia | 18 mars 2014

got the letter today too.

JPPTM | 19 mars 2014

dvclifford--you have the -B revision...old one. You should get a new one (? not sure of part number yet...)