Where are the Software Release Notes?

Where are the Software Release Notes?

Where are the Software Release Notes? I should be able to find them under My Tesla, manual downloads.

bp | 11 juin 2013

They are in the car - press the "T" on the touchscreen.

DavidG | 11 juin 2013

That shows up only after the download. Call me crazy, but I'd like to know about it before the download. The forums aren't encouraging. On the plus side, my download was fine. It even fixed a problem w/ my Nav route plotting.

stevenmaifert | 11 juin 2013

The Owner's Guide hasn't been updated since 4.0. Apparently not a priority. Before you enable the update to proceed, your best bet is to troll TMC and this forum for a brave soul who has installed the latest update and posted the release notes. I've never seen them posted on the Tesla Website.

Captain_Zap | 11 juin 2013

I wish they would archive the updates for us here.

bp | 11 juin 2013

While Tesla doesn't post the release notes - one of owners getting the update early usually post the notes online.

Would be better for Tesla to do it themselves - and provide the release notes in the car prior to committing to the update - but at least the information is available (usually) before you see the update in your car.

nickjhowe | 11 juin 2013

A the first instance of a reported software update we try and update the release notes wiki over at TMC: