Wild adventures on the first day of Tesla ownership

Wild adventures on the first day of Tesla ownership

So my wife, 1 month and 3 year old daughters and I go to get our Tesla MS (85KWh) at the Syosset Service Center on September 13. Everything went smoothly. We go home. It's pouring rain. Then couple of hours later, it's dinner time and we decide we will celebrate by ordering in from our favorite Thai restaurant. Thirty minutes later I head out (in the rain) to get the food. It's pretty dark. There's construction on the road, but it's not too bad. Then it happens---I go over a deep pothole that I couldn't avoid and immediately the two right tires are flat and almost shred. There must have been a sharp metal object in the pothole that did this.
I pull over into a parking lot. Luckily, I had the 24 hr Tesla Service Number and I called them. They towed the car to the Service Center and gave me a ride back home. That's part of the roadside assistance program. So nothing crazy there. The person on the phone tells me that since the Service Center is closed on Sunday, they will not be able to fix the car before Monday. I had no issue with that, as long as it was fixed.
My wife, in the meantime, is understandably upset and wondering whether this is a bad omen and if we should reconsider the purchase. That's a whole different topic.
An hour later, the service manager from Syosset calls me and says that he will personally open the center on Sunday and get a technician to evaluate and fix the car. I ask him how much this will all cost. He says that even though tires are a 'wearable' item and not covered in the service warranty, he cannot, in good conscience, charge me for tires that are literally not even 6 hours old.
The next day, the car gets delivered back to my home with brand new tires and a new wheel (the front wheel was also damaged). And my wife is happy too.
What more can I ask for. ....

Mathew98 | 16 septembre 2014

Good karma?

How's that for going above and beyond just to keep your grin much longer?

Time for you to drop by with $100 worth of milk and cookies. This way they'll pay more attention to you than @JT.

J.T. | 16 septembre 2014

@aniketsaha I tell everyone that Omar and his team are the best.

Congrats on the car!!

lmorelli | 16 septembre 2014

Wow, that is going above and beyond!!

david.baird | 16 septembre 2014


Don't bank on the cookies getting you V7 any quicker though.

J.T. | 16 septembre 2014

This way they'll pay more attention to you than @JT.

They obviously already do. :-)

logicalthinker | 16 septembre 2014

That would have brought tears to my eyes. Wait, it did....


logicalthinker | 16 septembre 2014

Service manager probably just made your wife a loyal customer for life.

mrspaghetti | 16 septembre 2014

What's the service manager's name? I will use it for my next child. I love that guy.

Panoz | 16 septembre 2014

You'll never hear your story from any other car dealership, for sure. Be sure to thank the manager and Tesla corporate for his actions, it cost him overtime to fix your car.

aniketsaha | 16 septembre 2014

Brendan Sullivan. Syosset Service Center.

SamO | 16 septembre 2014

I had the same experience with sidewall damage. When I took the car to service, the tire was replaced for free, even though I had likely caught the tire on a rough spot on a curb.

No charge.

Just good service.

mrspaghetti | 16 septembre 2014

Also kudos to Elon for projecting the right customer service attitude from the very top of the company. This kind of thing doesn't happen if a service manager is unsure the boss will back him up.

hpjtv | 16 septembre 2014

Great story. Now I'm having second thoughts about buying aftermarket rims and tires...(wanted 19" turbines which Tesla doesn't have, and good snow tires).

Bighorn | 16 septembre 2014

19"ers probably would have survived, though I'm assuming the OP was riding on 21s.

aniketsaha | 16 septembre 2014

I had 19" tires. The pothole was just a bitch.

carlk | 16 septembre 2014

Another evidence that shows Tesla service really means "service" while dealer services are only part of the business model to make as much profit as possible.

Brian H | 16 septembre 2014

But did they go get your Thai?

msung330 | 16 septembre 2014

@aniketsaha, congrats on the car! But ugh, with the already darker mornings/evenings now, I'm also dreading the inevitable potholes and swerving we'll all be doing on the LIE, turnpike, GSP, etc. for the next few months (shaking my head).

P.S. I snickered at the "bad omen" part of your story. My wife does that sometimes too, so I totally hear and feel for you...

Bighorn | 16 septembre 2014

Wow! I drove through Syosset this summer and was super conscious of potholes driving on 21s because I had ditched my spare to make room for my daughter's college "stuff." I met Brendan because he had to free up a supercharger for me--very nice guy. Glad he made such generous decisions on your behalf.

aniketsaha | 16 septembre 2014

@Brian H
Yes of course they took me to get the Thai too!!!

wamochi | 16 septembre 2014

Great story! Congrats on the new car!

centralvalley | 16 septembre 2014

Wow! Wonderful service!

I have wondered about Service Center availability myself because we live about 4 hours from a Service Center. What would have happened had this episode occurred to us?

(And I am sure that people like Bighorn live DAYS from a Service Center!)

frankviaje | 16 septembre 2014

@ aniketsaha: Here in GA, the auto dealers association has filed a complaint with the state gov't Tesla because Tesla does not have dealerships which "protect" customers from auto manufacturers. Something about Tesla sells more cars direct than the law allows in Ga without dealerships. Your story is illustrative of the protection we all need from predatory manufacturers like Tesla! Enjoy your new car, even if you don't have dealership protection!

drax7 | 16 septembre 2014

Tesla did great, I would feel guilty of getting something for free and pay for my fair share.

Brian H | 16 septembre 2014

Trooly above and beyond.

nick-r | 16 septembre 2014

Wow! Super service! I agree with Mathew98. But get them a subscription to the cookie of the month club.

Now you have no choice but to buy a Model X too.

mrspaghetti | 16 septembre 2014

Or at least a Model 3

aniketsaha | 16 septembre 2014

I would love to get the Model X. And then many many many years from now, Model 3's for my two daughters (they are 3 yrs and 1 month old).

mrspaghetti | 16 septembre 2014

Wow, congrats on the newborn brother! Nice to know you're ferrying her & her sister around in the safest car ever built :)

NKYTA | 16 septembre 2014

Wow. That is awesome.

rufusperry | 16 septembre 2014

Congratulations on making the decision to become a Tesla Owner! You won't regret it, ever!!

johncrab | 16 septembre 2014

What a tale of sadness to happiness. Tesla is a great company and their cars are worth every penny of the price. I got mine also on Saturday 13 September, took it home and gave it a good wax job. It's raining today so it is in out of the elements. It's fun to go out and pet it several times a day (or an hour).

Velo1 | 16 septembre 2014

Wow a company with a conscience. Feels good

jjs | 16 septembre 2014

Congrats on the car. Congrats on your young uns. Congrats to Tesla service on awesome service.

PhillyGal | 16 septembre 2014

Another "wow" from me.
Congrats on the new car and sorry for your experience but man am I impressed!

aarnold | 16 septembre 2014

I can only imagine how you felt when your car hit that darn pot hole. Bang, front end sounding like your rack and pinion got ripped off. I bet your were like, "You have to be kidding me...I have an old car that I have owned for years and never once have a blown out tires while hitting a pothole, much less on the first road trip." Glad things worked out for you though. I am in the same boat with my wife about my purchase. She is on the fence as well. We have had no car payments for a while now and here we go with a big one out of the gate. I guess our wives are here to keep us in check. Good luck.

karmamule | 16 septembre 2014

@aarnold That's exactly how I would react in that situation.

@aniketsaha That's a great story, Tesla should feature it somewhere on their site!

J.T. | 16 septembre 2014

@karmamule Tesla should feature it somewhere on their site!



JPPTM | 16 septembre 2014 trashed 19's???!!! Must have been a sinkhole, not a pothole.

EESROCK | 16 septembre 2014

@Brian H

"Trooly", reely?

Ohms.Law | 16 septembre 2014

For those of you of a certain age you'll remember Brendan Sullivan as the "What am I, a potted plant?" lawyer defending Oliver North. Running a Tesla Service Center is a much better idea.

Red Sage ca us | 16 septembre 2014

aniketsaha: That was absolutely the correct call. I'm glad everything worked out for you and your Family. Tesla Service is truly top notch.

Pungoteague_Dave | 16 septembre 2014

Brendan Sullivan was Ollie North's lawyer during the Iran-Contra congressional hearings. He famously uttered the words, "I am not a potted plant." Any relation?

Pungoteague_Dave | 16 septembre 2014

Ohms, posted as I posted. Lmao. He also successfully defended Senator Ted Stevens on bribery charges and led the multi-state suit against Microsoft alleging Internet Explorer monopoly. A lawyer's lawyer.

sagebrushnw | 16 septembre 2014

@ hpjtv | September 16, 2014 new

Great story. Now I'm having second thoughts about buying aftermarket rims and tires...(wanted 19" turbines which Tesla doesn't have, and good snow tires).

Check this site out for 19" turbines:

They look just like the Tesla 21" turbines, but are 19".

nickjhowe | 17 septembre 2014


Pungoteague_Dave | 17 septembre 2014

@sagebrushnw, Tesla does sell 19" turbines now. They are called cyclones, and are identical to the 21" turbine wheels. See the design studio.

MassModel3 | 17 septembre 2014

That's an incredible, and somewhat inspiring, story. I pick up my Model S tomorrow and I hope for service this awesome from my local service center. Just not quite like that...!

MassModel3 | 17 septembre 2014

That's an incredible, and somewhat inspiring, story. I pick up my Model S tomorrow and I hope for service this awesome from my local service center. Just not quite like that...!

hpjtv | 17 septembre 2014

@sagebrushnw Thanks for the link, I'm thinking of ordering these as they ship complete with TPMS senors and tires to Canada.

@Pungoteague_Dave The cyclones are about $1000+ more than aftermarket wheels. Also, I do not see it in the Tesla shop. You have to order them with the vehicle. I wanted a second set of tires as I need winter tires where I live.