Will Tesla make a flatbed option for the Model X?

Will Tesla make a flatbed option for the Model X?

Flatbed option, no third row. How about that?

Tâm | 10 novembre 2015

@Son of a Gunn

Less seats, same price, more profits.

It's a win-win!

Except, is Tesla into art or profits?

David Trushin | 10 novembre 2015

Yes definitely flat bed. I love watching those melons roll out the back and smash on the garage floor.

Ankit Mishra | 10 novembre 2015

Not good for brand image in my opinion. But don't listen to me, I am a random person on internet.

carlk | 10 novembre 2015

Or you can have the third row but not 2nd row seats so that supposedly seat belt issue wouldn't matter. It's pretty much a delete 2nd row option and should be easy to provide. Not sure how many people would want it though.

Tâm | 10 novembre 2015


Safe, perfect, and ROOMY 4 seater car!

I'll buy that any time.

adamgreen | 11 novembre 2015

For my daily driving, the car will be 50% 1-up (driver only) and 50% 2-up. The other 10% of the time there will be 4-up "plus one" (our Aussie Shepherd) plus gear, plus bikes or a solar boat on the tow hitch.

Most of the time, removing the 2nd and 3rd will save weight and improve performance.

I'd like to have a plastic "liner" to fit the rear or the whole of the "flatbed" area so that I can transport building materials, furniture, tools, etc. A sliding tray cargo bay would be ideal ... something in aerospace titanium alloy would be ideal ... you know ... weight saving and all ...

DonS | 13 novembre 2015

The first production is already queued up for passenger haulers. When that backlog is being changed to deliveries, I am sure an option for more versatile cargo carrying will be announced to attract a new group of potential buyers.

Red Sage ca us | 14 novembre 2015

Uhm... What's the difference between this, and the request for a Model X Cargo Van in another thread?