Wind Buffeting

Wind Buffeting

I am noticing sporadic wind buffeting noise in my S85. Sometimes this occurs on local state roads and other times on the open highway. Sound is similar to the noise you get while driving with the front windows down. You won't think a car with such great aerodynamics would have this problem.

PhilipC | 30 mars 2015

Same with my P85D car also. It is 3 days old. From day one I get the wind buffeting, during the initial mile, then it dissipates.

GHammer | 30 mars 2015
Bighorn | 30 mars 2015

I've found that a strong off-axis wind can cause quite a bit of pano noise.

sbeggs | 30 mars 2015

What VIN range, is yours a recent delivery or is this an older car and the wind behavior itself is new?

LostInPA | 30 mars 2015

Vin range is 603xx. Received delivery December 2014.

sbeggs | 30 mars 2015

So the behavior is pretty new then?

AmpedRealtor | 30 mars 2015

If what you are hearing is the sound of wind rushing over and around your vehicle, that is totally normal. If you are feeling pressure changes in your ear drum, that's a different issue that will require adjustment of the rubber stoppers in your rear hatch area.

LostInPA | 30 mars 2015

The vibration thumping sound is not new. I'm pretty used to it. It's the wife who notices.

David Trushin | 30 mars 2015

Lostinpa, you can get rid of the vibration thumping noise with a simple adjustment to the rear hatch pads.

JPPTM | 30 mars 2015

Do this test. Get a piece of printer paper (not thin newsprint or the like). Open the rear hatch and look for a couple of round black rubber bumpers towards the bottom on each side. Place the paper over the bumper so it partially hangs over the side of the hatch, then close the hatch. Try to pull out the piece of paper. If it pulls out easily, there might be some slop in the adjustment. Check both sides. Older builds allowed for you to rotate the bumper to make it a bit taller/shorter as needed. Newer builds might not have this adjustment. If in doubt, ask your local Service Center. Note that if you have removed the parcel shelf, you might hear more noise from the back.