Would it in the future be possible to configure a Tesla EV with 4 on-board chargers? Would that result in faster charging times?

Would it in the future be possible to configure a Tesla EV with 4 on-board chargers? Would that result in faster charging times?

A standard Tesla Model S has a single on-board charger (40 A capable). The Tesla Model S can also be configured with Twin Chargers (80 A capable), as an option. But would it in the future be possible to configure a Tesla EV with 4 on-board chargers? And would that result in: "160 A capable"? Would that result in faster charging times? I am actuall not that technically educated, therefore I am just guessing if this might make a difference in charging times.

Vawlkus | 14 février 2013

Quick question, where would you plug in? 100 to 200 A is a house feed.

Benz | 15 février 2013

I forgot to mention: "Would that result in faster charging times AT SUPERCHARGER LOCATIONS?"

Because a Supercherger can charge at 400V x 250A. Correct?

Question is will it make a differce when a Tesla Model S in the future is configured with 4 on-board chargers (4 x 40 = 160 A). This is just a theoretical question. I am just curious about it. Anybody who knows more about electricity than me, could help me answer this question.

negarholger | 15 février 2013

Super charger doesn't use the onboard chargers, it goes directly to the battery. The current SC have nine 10kW chargers = 90 kW external of the car. ( TM plans to expand it to 12 chargers at a later date ).
To increase the number of onboard chargers requires a higher AC feed... Most homes have at least 100A, above that the number of homes drops fast. In my home 125A is the max what the utility can give me, above that the infrastructure would have to be upgraded.

Benz | 15 février 2013

@ Kleist

So, the Superchargers actually charge the battery directly, without using the on-board chargers. I did not know that.

Well, then it does not really make any sense at all to have 4 on-board chargers in a Tesla Model S.

Thanks for the info, Kleist.

cloroxbb | 15 février 2013


Have you even read anything on the main site? Under the "supercharging" category:

"Supercharging is a game-changing solution to a common question – how to enable long road trips in an electric vehicle without long stops. The answer is simple: more power, and a faster path to your battery.

At 90 kW, a Tesla Supercharger delivers 4.5x more electricity to your battery than Twin Chargers. All this power is safely routed using special cables that connect directly to your battery, bypassing onboard charging equipment. This allows Model S to efficiently charge at highway speeds when you’re out on the open road. And, at many locations, solar cells mounted on the weather canopy charge your Model S with solar energy.

It’s time to take the next step. Model S is a game-changing car. Now you can travel the country in a game-changing way."

The 90kw Supercharger goes right to the battery, kind of deductive reasoning as well because the twin chargers are only 20kw. It would kind of be obvious that it wasnt using the onboard chargers since its not 90.

Its okay to read the site instead of starting threads that ask questions that are answered on it :)

Brian H | 15 février 2013

"Okay"? It should be required. It would certainly be polite and far less time-wasting.

ian | 15 février 2013

+ 1 Brian

Benz it's high time you read every thread here and at then came back with questions. OK? Thanks.

negarholger | 15 février 2013

Benz - some of us really enjoy your sometimes wild ideas and questions. Why? Because it challenges us: do I really understand the EV or TM concepts? This forum is to learn from each other. I learned so much here that I feel ready for my MS - in 3-4 weeks and it should be my turn to put the learning into practice.

Benz | 16 février 2013

@ Kleist

"This forum is to learn from each other."

Well said.

Brian H | 16 février 2013

To graduate from grade school, go through the official Tesla site pages FIRST. It should not be necessary to explain what is already made clear there. It's fine to be curious; it's not fine to have others do ALL your homework.

GoTeslaChicago | 16 février 2013

I must say that I agree with Brian.

I was wondering when someone would comment on the most prolific thread starter of all time. We only have so much time in life. Many of the questions posed on those threads are either unanswerable at the present time, or with a little thought not even necessary or else duplicating threads that were already there.

A little restraint, and a little research is a good thing before starting a new thread.

ghillair | 16 février 2013



ian | 16 février 2013

You get an A for enthusiasm.

+6 GTC

Benz | 17 février 2013

It's the technology that Tesla Motors has developed, and has been used to create the Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X, that has really got me this enthusiastic.

I think we should be happy with these three EV's. And just wait and see what else will be revealed in the coming years.

This idea of 4 on-board chargers is not a good idea, as Kleist has already explained to us. But you know, I have not enjoyed a technical education. Although, seeing the present technology, I feel like I would like to learn again. Very exiting stuff, you know.

ian | 17 février 2013

I can totally understand where you're coming from with your enthusiasm. I feel it too. I don't have a technical education either. I studied biology at university. I don't understand electricity or battery chemistry very well at all. This is all very exciting indeed.

What we're trying to tell you though is that there are hundreds of threads here and in the other Tesla forums where many of your questions have likely been asked and answered. Learn to use the search functions and search for key words and then read those threads first before starting a new one. The search function for this forum is at It was created by a member here because the software that Tesla is using for these forums doesn't seem to allow us to search.

There is a very popular success coach here in the US by the name of Stephen Covey who wrote and taught about "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". The fifth habit is: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood.

I have often heard it put another way, we have two eyes and two ears but only one mouth, they should be used in this proportion.

Read, listen and observe.

Don't let that enthusiasm die, put it use by reading and studying.


Benz | 18 février 2013

@ goneskiian

OK. What can I say, I am sorry if I have done it the wrong way. And thank you for telling me about that

ian | 18 février 2013

Then again, it's also been said that "There is no such thing as a dumb question." ;-)

It's been very interesting following your threads Benz. And I mean that in every possible way.

Maybe BrianH will bust us both for starting sentences with "And" now too! :-P


Brian H | 18 février 2013

Nah. I use sentence fragments all the time. Like this. >:p