Yay we're back!

Yay we're back!

Got my VIN this morning, 60255, Conf 8/19, S85

george210 | 13 octobre 2014

i really missed this Tesla Model S forum very much.

dleidy | 13 octobre 2014

I think they took it down on purpose until the owner frustration with autopilot without possibility of retrofit subsided a bit.

renwo S alset | 13 octobre 2014

I thought it was just me, I'll watch what I say a little closer.

johncrab | 13 octobre 2014

Congrats, gorgonaut! Getting a VIN is a big day in the process. You are 10,811 beyond mine so they have certainly been busy in Fremont. Trust me, you'll love it. You'll find yourself making up silly reasons to go somewhere.

DTW_Tom | 13 octobre 2014

@delidy +1-- You're right. They took it down so that any negative comments, if any at all, could not hurt share price. They put it back up after the market close today. Pretty obvious to me....IJS!

petero | 13 octobre 2014

My family wants to thank TM for shutting down the forum, they actually had my attention for the entire weekend. | 13 octobre 2014

They should have instead had faith in the echo-chamber that is this forum! All the complaints would have eventually been shouted-down...

ICUFly | 13 octobre 2014

Withdraw is a dangerous thing! Also got my VIN this morning and confirmed on 8/19. Lovely 60254!

Rheumboy | 13 octobre 2014

I tried to kill myself but I'm a bad shot

Bighorn | 13 octobre 2014

We were able to figure out some things out about the moon landing and Kennedy assassination in the meantime.

Bighorn | 13 octobre 2014

Sorry, "moon landing."

jmcm2110 | 13 octobre 2014

Now about that world peace thing.....

plusplusjames | 13 octobre 2014

In the meantime, I bought some credit cards and bank logins from that friendly hacker. Will be ordering that P85DD real soon.

akikiki | 13 octobre 2014

Rheumboy, that was really good. Got a good laugh

Oh so glad its back. I missed the forum. It forced me to go outside and cut the grass in the Back Forty.

PhillyGal | 13 octobre 2014

Has anyone else been enjoying "The D" jokes since the announcement? Several times a day for me.

johncrab | 13 octobre 2014

I didn't have a place to announce that I headed for Hermosillo on Friday using the new supercharger at Casa Grande and my own charging network south of the border. I'm feeding the car's data hunger with my iPhone personal hotspot but even figuring what I would have paid for the supercharger energy, I made the trip for $13.09 vs about $100 that it usually costs in the Pathfinder. A police officer told me that the car is "Sexy como el culo de una niña". I agree.

jomorale | 13 octobre 2014

johncrab, How far south in Mexico did your drive?
Do you mean Casa Grade in Hermosillo has a HPWC installed for guest or public use?
I would like to drive to Guadalajara as soon as charging options are available.

johncrab | 13 octobre 2014

@jomorale - The best route to Guadalajara is the eastern one. Roads south of Ciudad Obregón slow down a lot if you take the western side of the mountains but it is a very nice drive and the Copper Canyon trip is beautiful out of Los Mochis. I also love Los Mochis and the ice cream there is spectacular. Since all Mexican ice cream is wonderful, that's saying something.

Casa Grande, AZ now has a supercharger which opened the day before my trip, so that was seriously cool. I installed my own charging network along the way at friends' places south of the border where we normally stop anyway and put in an HPWC in my garage in Hermosillo. The roads are pretty good but the drive to the beach at Bahia de Kino and back on the new road was great.

sbeggs | 13 octobre 2014

crack me up with your double DD's!

J.T. | 13 octobre 2014

The theory that the forum was purposely disabled to limit negative comments falls on its face when you realize that there was no shortage of negative comments on the actual blog post.

Captain_Zap | 13 octobre 2014

I feel bad about the blog post taking that tack.

It wasn't just the forums. The accessories page isn't up to date.

Look for new swag soon! Some nice stuff, too.

Congrats on the new VINs! I wonder how many cars were booked Friday night.

This time those at home had an ordering advantage. There was quite a line at the terminals at the "D" event.