Yet Another Company that realizes that future is electric

Yet Another Company that realizes that future is electric

Just read about Volvo CX60. A plug-in diesel hybrid with a bit different way of combining ICE and BEV. Apparently they have two separate drivetrains in the car, electric at the rear, and diesel at the front. As result they get a 4WD when needed and impressive ~6.0s to 60mph acceleration (6.2s to 100kph). Pure electric range is 50km (31miles). Looks like normal family Volvo.

Nice one. These hybrids pop out everywhere now, next thing are pure BEV:s, but everybody seems to be behind Tesla making the pure BEV:s. Tesla GenIII cars cannot hit any better spot to conquer the world.

(seems to be a bit old news, searching the net for Volvo CX60 hybrid reveals that it was news at beginning of this year. There is also V40 version of the car that is actually better looking than CX60)

Brian H | 30 avril 2012

Honestly, hybrids bore me. 1 half-assed electric + 1 half-assed ICE makes 1 half-assed car, IMO.

Vawlkus | 1 mai 2012

Double the drive trains, double the chances for something to break down IMHO.

DHrivnak | 1 mai 2012

But a double drivetrain means I can drive more than 150 miles from home without waiting for LONG charges. At least 4 times a year we drive more than 500 miles in a day and it is not there yet for EVs.

And to be fair most ICE drivetrains are quite reliable. I have spent more on my "required" servicing under warranty than I have for my last 3 ICE vehicles all of which have gone over 100,000 miles.

BYT | 3 mai 2012

I love the replies from Brian H and Vawlkus. Look, if making Hybrids are a stepping stone to get more electric cars out there, then fine, I don't mind the stepping stone. I hate everything else about Hybrids, from the idea's behind them to the waist of resources all the way around and to the fact that they don't save much gasoline at all. I think I had a Honda Civic back in the 80's the had better gas mileage then today's Prius Hybrids.

I say go pure electric or go home, but that's my personal choice. Again, if we absolutely have to have the Hybrid to show electric can be a viable solution to the masses that lack the foresight, then fine. Be it as it may until the day we all say hooray and blow the ICE away... for good!

jerry3 | 3 mai 2012

- I think I had a Honda Civic back in the 80's the had better gas mileage then today's Prius Hybrids.

As long as you didn't care about the emissions and don't mind comparing a econobox sub-compact to a fairly well appointed mid-sized car. I'm actually thinking it would be hard to beat what the Prius actually gets in real-life with that old Honda (not just on a vacation trip, which is how most people calculate the mpg their car gets).

Remember that not all hybrids are created equal--some just replace the flywheel with a motor so you have double the parts and some don't even do that much. I don't like those kinds either. To me they're like the flex-fuel sticker that some cars have. Sure, all electric is better--it's why I'm ordering a Model S, but good hybrids such as the Prius aren't evil. They are low maintenance, fuel efficient, and very reliable. I've purchased 2,392.7 gallons of gas to go 133,647 trouble-free miles.

2004 Prius MPG from the logbook. (Complete years only):
2003-2004 -- 50.8 mpg 17,628 miles
2005 -- 52.6 mpg 14,688 miles
2006 -- 56.3 mpg 16,174 miles
2007 -- 57.3 mpg 18,384 miles
2008 -- 59.9 mpg 21,755 miles
2009 -- 61.4 mpg 16,177 miles
2010 -- 65.2 mpg 12,134 miles
2011 -- 66.9 mpg 11,272 miles

2012's numbers so far:
--- Trip to NE starts here
01/07/12____128603____481____56.6 (4.2)
-- 13 F here
01/12/12____129042____438____52.7 (4.5)
01/15/12____129420____378____50.3 (4.7)
01/20/12____129094____481____56.2 (4.2)
--- Trip to NE ends here
01/31/12____130503____600____69.8 (3.4)
02/23/12____131050____546____69.4 (3.4)
03/07/12____131679____629____72.2 (3.3)
03/23/12____132319____638____71.3 (3.3)
04/12/12____132987____668____74.0 (3.2)
05/02/12____133647____659____74.3 (3.2)

There is a lot of FUD out there about the Prius--maybe more than there is about electric cars.

Vawlkus | 4 mai 2012

IMHO BYT, the hybrid is a way to keep people hooked on oil, which to me is a retarded concept since its a fact that oil WILL run out eventually. Maybe it has great mileage and is a little better for the planet, but when the wells run dry it's still gonna be as useless as the V8 next to it.

Maybe hybrids are the stepping stone for pure EVs. Personally I doubt that: there's no practical way I can see for the two technologies to overlap without falling victim to the worst flaws of both ICE and current EV drawbacks coupled with bad performance. Think of it as the saying "jack of all trades, but master of none".

Brian H | 4 mai 2012

There're only 40 years of reserves left, and there always will be (that's the time required by regs and prudent forward planning). Questions about price and source can't be answered confidently, as previous answers by 'sperts have uniformly turned out wrong, except for the varying few who happen to get it right each time.

But pure EVs are just better for the great bulk of applications, with a growing the "applications" list all the time. In the end, "efficiency" means more for less.

Sudre_ | 8 mai 2012

At more than 500 miles a day (1000 round trip) you can possibly buy a plane ticket.... altho those prices are going up too. I typically price it. Last December it was cheaper for my wife and I to drive to Florida (1000+ miles) and back including a hotel stop along the way and back.... however in January it was cheaper for the two of us to fly and rent a car than it would have been to drive. We take the train (300+ miles) to Chicago, cheaper than gas and the L takes us everywhere we want to go.

Besides this whole "the BEV can't make the distance". Don't sell your gas car. Keep it for the long road trips.... many families have two cars anyway. One can be a BEV. Use the saved gas money to rent a car.

I feel really sorry for all the plug in hybrid owners. I've started to notice a lot of Volts plugged in everywhere now. The poor little cars just can't make it anywhere without plugging in.... but that does prove the point that the people driving those Volts are learning that they can live with a BEV... it is a stepping stone because now they will look seriously at a BEV with 300 miles to the charge.

jerry3 | 8 mai 2012

- At more than 500 miles a day (1000 round trip) you can possibly buy a plane ticket

You might be able to buy one but there's the hour driving to the airport and then the two hour wait at the airport and the 45 minute wait for the rental car and luggage at the other end... Well, unless you are traveling over a significant body of water or fly your own plane, air travel is for the birds.

Sudre_ | 9 mai 2012

LOL you forgot the 2 to 3 hours wait for your connecting plane and the $20 cost for a small bag of chips which doesn't include a drink. and last but not least the strip search and possible cavity search.

BYT | 10 mai 2012

For some people the strip search is the highlight of the trip... ;)

Brian H | 10 mai 2012

You exhibitionists shouldn't be allowed on the road or into the air!

BYT | 14 mai 2012

I didn't say it was me, just "some people" ... :P

Herringrobert | 15 mai 2012

Just to let everyone know Wealthtv will have a half hour show on Tesla . We will have video of the assembly line in action and a complete demonstration of the Model S and the Model X .
The show will air on May 27th.
Can't wait to get my S.