Trying to narrow down delivery date. What's your order-to-delivery-time?

Trying to narrow down delivery date. What's your order-to-delivery-time?

I'm ordering my Model X, it says 'July Delivery', but wanted to have an idea of which part of July, because we've already scheduled our vacation in July.

The ideal delivery date for me would be 7/22 - 7/25.
If my Model X is ready earlier than that date, can I schedule the picker/delivery to a later date?

For those who received or is receiving the Model X, what's your order-to-delivery-time?

Thanks in advance!

HadoukenZR | 22 mai 2018

Ordered 1/31. Picked up March 28th. Had to reschedule delivery a few times due to the 100D MX was not ready by the time they said.

shaneqi | 24 mai 2018

@HadoukenZR thanks for the info. 1/31 - 3/28 wasn't a very long wait.

I saw in another thread that orders that were placed in March, are going to be delivered in June. That's 3 months. I hope my delivery won't take that long. My design has July delivery, I will see what my DS is going to say.

liftsrock | 24 mai 2018

I ordered on March 17, got the VIN on April 23, have tentative appointment for delivery on June 12.

jlmuinonen | 24 mai 2018

We just ordered and confirmed last week for a 100D. We literally ordered the date (May 13) after the "estimated delivery date" switched from June to July. So I am hoping for early July but realistically know it may be later given that is seems that people (in the best case scenario) get a VIN 1month after ordering, and then production date 4 weeks after that and then shipping. But I wouldn't be sad AT ALL for an earlier date. :)

shaneqi | 24 mai 2018

@jlmuinonen 100D currently shows late June delivery in the design page. They accelerate production after you placed order?

shaneqi | 24 mai 2018

@liftsrock Seems like 3-month is the average order-to-delivery time. But the design page currently shows July Delivery. Did they put more resources on pruducing MX, or the estimated delivery date on design page isn’t trustable?

justin.wurzburg | 24 mai 2018

I ordered mine 2/11, it's currently in production (they said it should finish this week) and then a 3-4 week delivery time from CA to FL.

avesraggiana | 24 mai 2018

There’s a Google Sheets titled “Model X Order and Delivery 2017 and 2018.” If someone knows how to post a link to it, that’s a pretty useful resource.

I listed the first Model X I ordered last October 2017 on Google Sheets. I just looked at it again to referesh my memory. From order to delivery took 51 days. That was late last year.

This year’s orders present a decidedly different picture, with orders taking up to 60 days and beyond.

It’s that confounded Model 3 production ramp up that has stuffed everything.

avesraggiana | 24 mai 2018

@jjgunn. That’s the one! Thanks!

Sam | 25 mai 2018

ordered 3/21/2018 - my delivery date is 6/26/2018 right at 3 months

shaneqi | 25 mai 2018

@jjgunn the spreadsheet is such great resource, thank you so much!

Tesra5115 | 25 mai 2018

Ordered 4/30. DS told me early-mid June but no specific date given.

I was considering placing an order late Feb, early March and at that time delivery would be end of March.

jerryk | 2 juin 2018

I order late Feb. Picked up car May 29.

Sam | 2 juin 2018

Ordered 100d March 23- vehicle is manufactured and on the way eta June 19 so almost exactly 90 days

avesraggiana | 2 juin 2018

I just looked myself up for the first X100D I ordered. 53 days from Initial Order to Delivery. Relative to now, I'd say my mum's car arrived in a flash, and I should mention that it would have taken only 40 to 45 days had the original X100D not failed final quality control inspection (apparently there were too many quality control lapses), and had Tesla not chosen to start all over again and build us a new one.

Rather than being thrown to the back of the production line, we experienced a little over a week's production delay, followed by a few more days of delay because of conflicts with my work schedule.

I ordered my mother's replacement X100D on May 17th, and confirmed on May 20th. The way things are looking, we're not going to see that car until almost Autumn.

I'd say Tesla have really stretched themselves thin, with the addition of the Model 3 production line. Quite thin indeed.

info | 2 juin 2018

Just confirmed my order june 1st so will let you know when recrived to give an update on the dalays for x model 75D

jessica | 3 juin 2018

Also depends on quarter end... some ordered in March for June Delivery while I ordered May 13th and get June delivery (5 weeks). You can ask your advisor if they have an estimated production date and they will probably give it to you. I asked mine and she told me it would be off production line June 18th so I could plan my vacations too.

jjgunn | 3 juin 2018

Back to the OP - they'll work with you. Just have them place a note on your account which days you're unavailable. I did the same thing.

Rlhoyt67 | 4 juin 2018

Ordered 3/28 picked up 6/2. Told my delivery specialist had a vacation planned after I got vin # she put note in system. She was also awesome with follow up.

dtradingcs | 4 juin 2018

Model X, NL. VIN995xx. Ordered on 28th March, tracking status has been changed to "Uw Tesla is klaar en wordt van de fabriek in Fremont vervoerd naar de haven in de Verenigde Staten." since 15 May, till now (4th June) no updated anymore. I read somewhere that the logistic by train in US will normally take 2 weeks approx., but mine is not really moving at all:( I'm wondering if mine will be delivery on time by estimated end June/begin July. Can't wait...

Sam | 4 juin 2018

90 days - confirmed 3/22 taking delivery 6/20

avesraggiana | 11 juin 2018

Got assigned a VIN early this morning, June 11th, 31 days after my order was confirmed and 34 days after my initial order.

With my last Model X100D purchase, by the thirty day mark our car had already entered production.

As I've remarked previously, everything regarding the acquisition of our latest Model X100D is going much, much slower than before.

Anzir | 12 juin 2018

I think they are placing revenue at a priority right now. My VIN was assigned yesterday, which is 4 days after I placed my order for a P100D.

RichEV | 12 juin 2018

Ordered 18 April, VIN 3-4 weeks later and projected delivery sometime next week (18-22 June).

sabersport | 12 juin 2018

Order on May 11, got VIN on May 15. Just update in production today

RichEV | 13 juin 2018

In production...

davhud62 | 16 juin 2018

Ordered 14 April 2018, in production 4 June 2018, delivery on 23 June 2018

RichEV | 16 juin 2018

"Your Tesla has been built and is in transit from the factory." Best news.

Delivery set for next week....

jruiz408 | 7 juillet 2018

Can someone update that spreadsheet apparently it has my info on there.


jimglas | 7 juillet 2018

I placed my order june 2nd and I am not on the spreadsheet. Is it acurate ?

jruiz408 | 12 juillet 2018

I placed an order in June, when is your expected delivery date on your June 2nd order?

jimglas | 12 juillet 2018

Still nothing more than a VIN. Havent even been notified of a date that build is to start.

jjgunn | 12 juillet 2018

In the U.S. - In the Bay Area - it has been about 8 weeks from order to delivery.

You will definitely get your car in Q3 unless something happens to the manufacturing line.

Remember, Tesla also has a TON (500,000) orders for the Model 3 too. The demand is high but production is finally ramping up. Please be patient!

davidahn | 12 juillet 2018

Ordered 6/25, confirmed 6/30, VIN 115386, “scheduled for production,” no firm dates yet. Was promised an August delivery date

@jjgunn, if you're correct, 8 weeks from 6/30 is end of 8/25. Let's test your predictive chops!

davidahn | 12 juillet 2018

I'm in San Diego, BTW.

jimglas | 12 juillet 2018

8 weeks from 6/2 (6/4 accepts) is 7/30
I would love it if that works out
but will be happy for an august delivery here in colorado
I suspect some delays with transport.
your patient grasshopper ....

pjalan | 12 juillet 2018

Just ask your DS or OA

jimglas | 12 juillet 2018

he said production mid july and delivery early august
just nothing since then
and I canceled an early M3 order because it seemed that was unlikely to be soon at that time
in retrospect, that wasnt the best decision
and I am the compulsive type

ek993 | 12 juillet 2018

X75D order placed 6/7
Confirmed 6/10
VIN 6/19
In production 7/11

pjalan | 12 juillet 2018

@jimglass sorry to hear your m3 cancel. Their estimates are usually very close.

I was told July and never got a better estimate. I got delivery on 7/11

davidahn | 12 juillet 2018

@jjgunn, ooh, we can test your timeline 4 wks sooner thanks to @jimglas! I hope you're right... and that it's not been thrown off too badly by borrowing MX workers for the M3 production line.

@jimglas, please keep us updated when your MX goes into production and when you get your delivery date!

abraham.p | 3 août 2018

Placed the order on 6/30, got the VIN after a week, I should be getting it not later than 3rd week of august 2018

MyMXRed | 7 août 2018

@ek993, Have you received your MX?

Mickye | 7 août 2018

I placed my MX order 7/19 and was told mid-late August. Got a VIN after a week. Called/emailed 5 times for an update but not even a return call. Finally today I called and was told to anticipate del 8/26-30. I just wish there had been more communication. I was told I had a delivery specialist over a week ago. I know they are in production hell and now delivery hell. Still, to be told I'd get a call 4 times but never did? Oh, well.

On a related note, will they have time at delivery to get my phone and a few settings done with me? How rushed have people been in the past few weeks?

Anzir | 7 août 2018

P100D. Placed 6/7, VIN 6/10, Production 6/27, Delivery 8/1.

If you go to Tesla Motors Club under Model X:Ordering you can see the Google sheet with info that people have given with the same info.

Good things come to those who wait.

davidahn | 10 août 2018

Anzir reports a day shy of 8 wks from order to delivery.

Jimglas ordered on 6/2, reported his MX stolen on 7/28, 8 weeks later. (Spoiler alert: it was stolen by his wife.)

Mickye reporting a promised delivery date of 6 wk out or less (8/30 is 6 wks): 2-2.5 wks faster than others also reporting 8 wks.

I finalized my order on 6/30 also and 8 wks places my delivery date at 8/25. Fingers crossed!

davidahn | 15 août 2018

Update: order finalized 6/30, changed from "scheduled for production" to "in production" 8/14. If I'm to receive delivery 8/25, that only leaves 11 days. Seems kinda tight.

bdambrosio | 15 août 2018

@daviddahn - not sure where you are, but my MX went into production 8/10, completed and in transit last night, 8/14. So if you aren't far from Fremont, s/b ok.

lyleaustin | 15 août 2018

Model X 100D Premium pkg & FSD
Ordered 7/14
Confirmed 7/18
VIN assigned 7/23
I was told late August or early September. My status still says "Scheduled for production"