Why Did I get a -No Charge- for Supercharging

Why Did I get a -No Charge- for Supercharging

I was planning a 300+ mile same-day San Diego trip. Normal work charging was occupied so I decided to Supercharge in at the oft-crowded San Diego, CA Supercharger. Here is the entry from my Tesla Account "Payment History":

4/20/2018 7:45 AM
No Charge $0.00
Energy 38 kWh @ $0.00/kWh

I think this was because I waited 5 minutes to plug in. Obviously, not an issue with "Free For Life" Supercharging vehicles but, if true, then a gracious courtesy by Tesla. Maybe there are some inconsiderate jerks that are subsidizing my Supercharging and are paying me a portion of any idle-fee if some of the owners are overstaying a charge.

If so, Tesla has again, provided their customers an outstanding experience.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

Mike83 | 23 mai 2018

Your just a very lucky guy but yes Tesla does do some goodwill for us. Perhaps?

Kathy Applebaum | 23 mai 2018

I still haven't been charged for my charging last Saturday. No idea why -- my credit card is still on file and still good, and all my previous charges are in my account history. Who knows.

SamO | 23 mai 2018

I have lots of other Supercharger "charges" but nothing like this.

burdogg | 23 mai 2018

Very nice - actually SamO - I paid it for you - you are welcome - it broke my bank, but it was worth it for you :)))

Interesting - I have heard of others not being charged, but seems pretty random...

Haggy | 23 mai 2018

It would be nice if Tesla gave me free supercharging and it would save them money. Since they won't give me free supercharging, I will use my less efficient Model S, and they will end up giving me more energy for free. I'd expect a 0% chance that I'd ever be on the road with both of them at the same time and an equally slim chance that my wife and I would take separate simultaneous long road trips.

Tesla, if you are listening, here's my proposal. If I take a long trip with the Model 3, and my Model S stays in my garage the entire time, don't charge me. If you agree, signify by not replying. Otherwise say no.

I don't think this will ever be an issue for me until after FSD is in full production, if even then. In the mean time I can't think of a reason to leave the Model S home.

Mathew98 | 23 mai 2018

They are empowering loco charging. Yike! Did you bring your lawn chair and cigar for the charge?


Mike83 | 23 mai 2018

I got a pamphlet in the mail today to buy cigars. No kidding. Already have a great camping chair. But don't want cigars.

Rocky_H | 23 mai 2018

I saw someone mention that on TMC a week or two ago, that the San Diego one is set for $0 rate right now, probably because they know lack of capacity is so bad in that area right now while they are building the other few there, so they are being nice.

rxlawdude | 23 mai 2018

I'd rather pay than wait in line in the Qualcomm parking lot.

Bluesday Afternoon | 23 mai 2018

I could be wrong but I thought it was in recognition of a very low VIN! We’ll see how long it lasts. Thank you Tesla!!

MarylandS85 | 23 mai 2018

I’ve never Supercharged my Model 3, but if I do, and if it turns out to be free, I’d assuming it’s because of my good looks.

SamO | 23 mai 2018

Except I looked on my account and found lots of other charges for Supercharging.

So there is a reason for the free juice.

Anyone want to drive down to SD and Check. My navigation shows that there are zero spots there and zero spots available in San Juan so any 3 owner?

Uncle Paul | 23 mai 2018

I have charged at both San Juan Capistrano and also at Qualcomm. Both of them were full but the wait was only about 5 minutes. Teslas charging next to me must have been almost full as well as I got full charging rate as soon as I plugged in.

SamO | 24 mai 2018

Did out check your account to see if the charge was free?

Nexxus | 24 mai 2018
MarylandS85 | 24 mai 2018

Lol @Nexxus. I guess I’ll be paying double for my Supercharging then.

Nexxus | 24 mai 2018

I hope not! You're a right beautiful woman there, Miss Maryland.

SamO | 24 mai 2018

I am very angry Tesla will not explain why they are so awesome. Stop ignoring this thread!


SamO | 24 mai 2018

Going public.

Bluesday Afternoon | 24 mai 2018


Start another thread. Don't change a Private thread to public. I would not have commented otherwise!


Alex_SD | 24 mai 2018

The San Diego supercharger is the worst... huge lines every single time... I hope it doesn't reflect the future of Tesla's charging network with thousands more M3 on the road every day...

MarylandS85 | 24 mai 2018

San Diego is an outlier. I have no idea why Tesla has waited so long to expand the network there, but they are:

Under construction:
1. Carlsbad (La Costa) 26 stalls
2. San Diego downtown (6th Ave) 16 stalls

In permit process:
1. Black Mountain Ranch 12 stalls
2. Carlsbad (El Camino Real) 16 stalls

Alex_SD | 24 mai 2018

hey... if all the new superchargers scheduled to open in San Diego are 2nd generation, I'm more than happy to wait...

SamO | 24 mai 2018

@Bluesday Afternoon,

Get a grip.

OsideTesla | 24 mai 2018

I've been waiting for someone to post this topic regarding the San Diego Supercharger at Qualcomm.
I too, have not been charged at this location with the same results as OP.
I work at Qualcomm and suspected maybe somehow they had free charging for employees, but there is no way Qualcomm would know I own a Tesla.
I've had several charging sessions over the past 1.5 months with NO CHARGE.
I'm going to enjoy it while it's free.

SamO | 24 mai 2018

I am not a Qualcomm employee.


Have you needed to wait for a space to free up each time you've charged? Have the other spots filled up behind you? How many times have you charged there and gotten "free" charging?

OsideTesla | 24 mai 2018

@SamO I usually charge late evening and never have to wait for a spot.
I've charged about 7 times over the past 1.5 months with no fees.

ebmcs03 | 25 mai 2018

@AlexDoro. What’s a second gen supercharger? Can the M3 support it?

ebmcs03 | 25 mai 2018

@AlexDoro. What’s a second gen supercharger? Can the M3 support it?

wiboater4 | 25 mai 2018

It's a reward for not whining on the forum :-)

WardT | 25 mai 2018

It is pretty clear the Supercharger is always full because they don’t charge M3’s for charging (If you know what I mean). On my next trip to SD I’m going to find this SC and just see how much they charge to charge….

WardT | 25 mai 2018

For the first time, yesterday I went to the Supercharger in Ventura to charge my M3. The charge was $9.88 for 38 kWh. Everything worked fine. There was no charge showing on my credit card. When I check my Tesla account under history it shows the charge at $0.26/kWh. There is a balance due, and a button to “Pay by Credit Card”. I expected the charge to show up on my credit card automagically. Do I need to click the "pay by credit card” button or will Tesla hit my CC at the end of the month?

$0.26/kWh is pretty steep, but when I did the math it is roughly equivalent to 55 MPG. Gas in sunny CA is up to $3.6/gal. I have charged at home in the past with excess solar power.

SamO | 25 mai 2018

No WardT I don’t know what you mean. Since I’ve been using San Diego Supercharger with Model S before there was a Model 3 AND it is always full, what does Model 3 have to so with it?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 25 mai 2018

I have no issue with a declaration of, "No price -- IT'S FREE!" at the register in the checkout line.

Kathy Applebaum | 25 mai 2018

@WardT The credit card I set up on my Tesla account was automagically charged for each charging stop in April, even when a few minutes apart. (I unplugged, immediately got blocked by a delivery truck, so shrugged and plugged back in) In other words, separate transaction for each charge.

My card hasn't been charged yet for my one charge in May, nor is it showing in my account.

Rocky_H | 25 mai 2018

@AlexDoro, Quote: “I hope it doesn't reflect the future of Tesla's charging network with thousands more M3 on the road every day...”

You are doing that ridiculous extrapolation from just one single example. You should get out more. I just did a 5,000 mile trip across the country, using 28 different Supercharger sites. None of them were full. Only one of them was even half full. At the one in my city, I look over at it every time I drive by on the highway, and I get excited whenever I see _A_ car there. San Diego has problems, but most of the country is fine.

billlake2000 | 25 mai 2018

WardT, when you figured $0.26/kWh is roughly equivalent to 55 MPG, what did you use for Wh/mile?

stevenmaifert | 25 mai 2018

I live in San Diego and stopped by the Supercharger in March just to verify supercharging was working properly in advance of the first road trip with our M3. The Supercharger was busy, as always, but I didn't have to wait. I wasn't charged either:

I have no idea why I wasn't charged but thanks Tesla.

Alex_SD | 25 mai 2018
Alex_SD | 25 mai 2018

Hi All,
I just charged today at the San Diego supercharger just to check the fees: ZERO! NOTHING! NADA!
I asked the attendant about it and she mentioned something about Tesla waiving the supercharging fees at this location for per-reveal M3 orders placed before Feb-March 2018 time-frame (paid the 2,500).

I don't know if they're going to waive the fee for ever or just until more Superchargers open in San Diego...
But, for now, it's FREE for early M3 owners!
Did anyone else check the fees with more recent M3s deliveries?? April orders?

I did, however, have to wait ~30-45 minutes for a spot (6th in line at around 11:30AM).

So, there you have it!

SamO | 25 mai 2018

Interesting data point. Was not expecting a vendor for preorders as the dividing line.


Need more data. Tesla employees are often unreliable or under informed.

Alex_SD | 25 mai 2018

Agreed, it wasn't even a Tesla employee, just a contractor.

WardT | 25 mai 2018

SamO, Sorry my intended humor is confusing. When I said:

"It is pretty clear the Supercharger is always full because they don’t charge M3’s for charging (If you know what I mean)."

I was trying to be facetious. If all the M3 owners knew they could get a free charge and the SC was convenient, the SC would always be full of M3s getting a free charge. When I said they don't charge for charging, I thought it was funny the first "charge" is charging your credit card and the "charging" is for charging your car. OK, fine, none of it is very funny.

WardT | 25 mai 2018

billlake2000, When I said I figured the $0.26/kWh is roughly equivalent to 55 MPG I was thinking the following:

We spent $9.88 to charge our M3 and got 154 miles added to the battery. $9.88 of gas at $3.53/gallon is 2.8 gallons. 154 miles divided by 2.8 gallons is 56 MPG.

Rutrow | 25 mai 2018

"Nobody goes there any more 'cause it's too crowded."

- Yogi Berra

MySin_AZ | 25 mai 2018

I thought for M3 buyers, the first 1000 miles of charger use was free??? Or did that change?

Alex_SD | 25 mai 2018

No. That's for Model S and X: 400 khW free supercharging annually which is roughly 1000 miles...

SamO | 25 mai 2018

Thanks for the explanation @WardT. Comedy isn't always clear on the interwebs. :-)

billlake2000 | 25 mai 2018

WardT, yes, thanks for the explanation of how you calculated 55 MPG. What was missing was how many miles you added, which along with amount spent for $0.26 per kWh electrons would give you wH/mile.

Here's a general formula to "convert" kWh to MPG or vice versa. I use this when I want to compare to my old prius, which gets on average 50 MPG to the M3. Not that I want the price of gas to go up, but when it does, obviously the M3 can be said to get higher MPG.

You can use the formula if you know:
1. the price of gas per gallon (let's call it $G)
2. the price of electricity per kWh (let's call it $E)
3. either your wH/mi or your MPG

MPG = $G * 1000 / $E / (wH/mi)
wH/mi = $G * 1000 / $E / MPG

for example,
MPG = $3.53 * 1000 / $0.26 / 247 = 55 MPG
I got the 247 wH/mi because you said you added 154 mi, and you "got" $9.88/$0.26 = 38 kWh
38000/154 = 247

numbers are approx.

Now, if your gas was $3.60 instead of $3.53, that would make you M3 appear to get a better MPG.
MPG = $3.60 * 1000 / $0.26 / 247 = 56 MPG.

billlake2000 | 25 mai 2018

Now you folks know that fuel comparisons aren't everything. It's just something that some of us like to know about.
If I told you my ferrari got 12 MPG, who cares, right?
If my Sherman tank gets .05 MPG (have no idea, does it even use gas???) who cares, right? Just interesting.