Slacker Radio Tips and Tricks

Slacker Radio Tips and Tricks

I love my Model 3, but I think most of us can agree Slacker Radio leaves a lot to be desired, so I thought I would post here to see if what tips and tricks, if any, do you guys and gals have. My biggest issue is Slacker's poor algorithm as compared to Pandora. When I start a station, the first song is good, then it goes on to play tracks that are obscure or songs I have never heard of. My Spanish pop station becomes a mariachi band festival :(

The preset genre stations can be pretty good (like today's hits) but the song list is short and they end up being very repetitive.

Is there a way to train Slacker? Pandora has a "add variety" feature.

Is there any possibility/benefit to access your Slacker account on a desktop computer?

Any tips or tricks that I am unaware about?

And please, keep the "Why can't we have Spotify like they do in Europe" comments to yourself. The purpose of this thread is to be informative and hopefully enhance our collective experience with what is available to us.

hokiegir1 | 8 juin 2018

I used Soundiiz to transfer my pandora station to my own Slacker account, which I pay the 9.99/month for (cancelled my pandora account in favor of slacker because of the car) rather than the Tesla-provided account. That lets me create playlists (specific songs on demand as many times as I want), stations, etc, plus I can customize stations and "add variety" on a desktop. It's set up pretty well for me at this point. Hubby hasn't taken the time to go online and update his stations yet, but is finding a few that he likes.

Ygor81 | 8 juin 2018

Interesting. Did you upgrade the account that Tesla gave you to the 9.99 a month? I thought we get an account for the premium version which normally costs 3.99 a month. I don't pay for Pandora, because I pay for apple music, but I do like Pandora because I don't want to go through the trouble to pick songs. Maybe I should cancel Apple music and switch to Slacker instead.

hokiegir1 | 8 juin 2018

The tesla-provided one is the 3.99 version, but I wanted the ability to do off-line listening on my phone, so I did the 9.99 one. And I didn't upgrade the tesla account -- I created my own.

cornellio | 8 juin 2018

Nice tip on Soundiiz, hokiegir1.

Also might be time for me to cancel Apple music and switch to Slacker.

Does anyone know how good Slacker audio quality is? There's bit rate, 128/256/320 Kbps, MP3 or AAC. Then there's bit depth, like 16 bits / 44.1 kHz sample rate (CD quality) up tp 24 bit / 48 KHz. I would guess we get 16/44 at best.

I've taken to storing a collection of lossless FLAC files on a usb stick to get the best audio quality, after all, my car has a better sound system than my living room.

wick | 24 mai 2019

I guess this thread is very old, but when I open Slacker in my M3, I see only a few categories. No acoustic, folk, classical, oldies, classic jazz. Are they hiding somewhere or just not available?

dsk435 | 24 mai 2019

I have 2 points. First of all, You can add any channel your want. Go to "Any music" and a enter the name of any group you like. I will immediately set up a channel focusing on that group and playing other, related music. I have found that wonderful, as I can reject anything I do not like, but I have now heard music the I have not heard from in years