Rear Quarter Glass Breakage

Rear Quarter Glass Breakage

Last night out to dinner with friends on Telegraph Ave. Got back to car and noticed a lot more noise driving through the Caldecott Tunnel. Looked over my shoulder and saw the rear seat (passenger side) folded down. I first thought my teens folded it down until I saw the rear quarter window broken. The vandal didn't steal anything. However, in the SF Bay Area this is becoming common practice. Vandal shatters rear quarter glass, reaches in folds down seat to check for valuables in the trunk. I think from now on I might leave the cargo cover up so they can see there is nothing in the trunk without breaking my window. It was a disappointing end to a great evening. However, in the grand scheme of things it was just a broken window that will be replaced.

lilbean | 24 juin 2018

How about we stop advertising this on here. Thanks. Bye.

Kj11856 | 24 juin 2018

I think if your reading these forums on a regular basis your not out committing petty theft. But what do I know.

Bighorn | 24 juin 2018


Bighorn | 24 juin 2018


redacted | 25 juin 2018

Hmm. @Bighorn doesn't have a lot to say for him/her/itself, but at least can say it twice.

ATCRomes | 25 juin 2018

Sorry about your car. It's weird noticing "normal" things happening to our fleet now. When I first got my car, it seemed like nothing happened to Teslas. No reports of theft, no breaking into, etc. There were so few on the road, it was a matter of numbers. However, it's just a matter of time before they fall victim to society's issues.

@OP I don't think leaving your parcel shelf up will do anything. If anyone is motivated enough, they will see past that. Maybe they see nothing in the trunk but figure it's in the glove box and smash your passenger window. Bad things happen. Hope it gets fixed soon.

kerryglittle | 25 juin 2018

Think Bighorn is in China. :-/

yi.chg2 | 13 septembre 2018

It happened to me too and Tesla is not replacing them in the service center anymore. The authorized 3rd party rep told me there are more than 20ish Tesla came in for replacing qtr glass in their shop in past 4wks. Yes. I am in bay area...

tigerkc | 13 septembre 2018

@yi.chg2 My quarter window was broken in tonight. Where did you bring your car to have it fix? I am in south bay area.

lilbean | 13 septembre 2018

Tesla approved body shop.

tigerkc | 14 septembre 2018

Went to SC this morning, was told the same thing, they no long work on window glass replacement. They gave me a 3rd part glass repair shop to call, and was quoted $1,184 for the driver side rear fixed quarter window / glass !!

Called my insurance (AAA), and then SafeLite which quoted me $335 AAA rate to replace the same glass. How could the pricing be so much different? Now wondering how much experience Satellite installers have with Tesla.

Can people share their pricing experience with replacing their window glass, particularly for those in the bay area ?

SFEVER | 14 septembre 2018

Interesting this also happened to me (drivers side read quarter glass) on Tuesday night in Montclair nothing in the trunk to begin with and nothing taken from the car. Tesla where just amazing one call and it was all set took it to San Rafeal service yesterday and picked it up today good as new and only $1,300 which is covered by insurance.

tigerkc | 15 septembre 2018

@SFEVER. I tried to schedule with Tesla at Palo Altos and get a called back from Tesla telling me they no longer do window replacement since 1.5 months ago. They gave me another 3rd party installer.

NKYTA | 15 septembre 2018

@tigerkc, I’ve heard bad stories about SF and SJ. Lucky so far in the middle (Peninsula)...cross fingers...

p.c.mcavoy | 16 septembre 2018

@tigerkc - I wonder if SafeLite realizes that to replace the rear glass you have to replace the chrome trim strip that runs continuously from front to back across the top of all the windows. That’s the part of this repair that I’ve heard others reference as actually the most difficult element of the repair, particularly to get right.

tigerkc | 18 septembre 2018

I am quite sure SafeLite's quote does not have that chrome trim in mind, and I am skeptical if their technicians have ever work on a Tesla before. So I am going with a 3rd party company that Tesla recommend. For the south bayarea, Tesla has 2 recommended companies.

The chrome trim piece is $600, that is why the total cost is $1184.

Yodrak. | 18 septembre 2018

Wondering if that rear quarter glass could be replaced by a [custom made] metal plate to deter a second break-in.

p.c.mcavoy | 18 septembre 2018

@Yodrak. - I'm sure one could come up with a way to put in a metal plate or some other shatter resistant item, but I think all that would do it just motivate them to break one of the other windows. I saw a video posted today on another site where one of the SF bay area TV stations did a piece about bash and grabs and the thieves they filmed in action didn't seem to be too particular about what window they broke, just whatever was easiest to get in.

Yodrak. | 18 septembre 2018

"one of the SF bay area TV stations did a piece about bash and grabs and the thieves they filmed in action didn't seem to be too particular about what window they broke, just whatever was easiest to get in."

That makes sense to me, and II would think that it would be easier and quicker to get in via a window that's closest to the inside door handle, yet the thieves seem to go for the little window that's furthest away from the handle? Clearly I'm missing something and wouldn't make a successful car burglar.

TranzNDance | 18 septembre 2018

They don't want to open the door since that would set off the alarm. They want to pull down the seat back to access the trunk.

tigerkc | 19 septembre 2018

These people pulled down the seat back (thru the rear quarter glass) to look into the trunk. If they see something they want, then they will break the other window. Since I have nothing in the trunk, they left without any further damage. Two other cars were broken in the same way that evening at the parking lot. According to the police I spoke to, this is an on-going problem along the south bay cities.

The glass was replaced today. The installer did not save the chrome trim piece because the end of it is "glued" to the frame, so there is no way to remove it without breaking it.

Bluhulk | 6 octobre 2018

The same thing happened to me in Mountain View downtown yesterday, a block away from Castro street. Lucky I didn't have any valuables in the trunk. I think its a poor design by Tesla. Of all the places they have the seat pulldown button right next to the quarter window. I'm thinking of installing the Doberman alarm and install a kids seat in the back. Unfortunately, the quarter window is on back order. We need a high voltage feature for the whole car, enabled from the app. I'm ok with oops, warning, and take that b**** options.

Garyy | 10 octobre 2018

Welp, just happened to me last night, at the Century Cinema 16 in Mountain View. I just googled "tesla model s back quarter glass" and this was the first thread. Funny thing is, while I was talking and reporting it to the managers of the movie theater (there was nothing they could do), another Tesla pulled up and had the same thing just happen to them! Makes me wonder how many others were affected that night. Then I spoke to the security guard who roams the parking lot and he says that 90% of the night break-ins are Teslas! Just FYI, my break-in was also the back quarter window with the backseat knocked down. It seems like the criminals are specifically targeting Teslas. I was also quoted something like ~$1,100 for the repair by a third party in San Mateo. I'm seriously considering getting a glass alarm system.

TranzNDance | 10 octobre 2018

It seems businesses (and citizens) could do something like leaning on politicians to change the laws to make the crime worth fighting.

akikiki | 10 octobre 2018

And in the meantime, fold the back seat back down or remove your parcel shelf so they can see in to the back of the car. Might not help, but also just might make a difference.

I've been waiting for a report on Google or Yahoo news with video that shows an owner crawling out of the back with a baseball bat and pouring a big bucket of whup-ass on someone that just broke the window and opened the car.

Of course that would be stupid to video. But I would volunteer to help them hide the body.

Yodrak. | 10 octobre 2018

Perverse thought - given a repair cost of ~$1,100, could it be that it's the repair shops that are behind the break-ins?

dannevada | 1 décembre 2018

Just happened to me in San Jose - QPOT parking lot on Capitol Expressway... frustrating....
I wish the cameras were recording...

rlohia | 5 janvier 2019

My Model S was broken in last night at Mercado AMC in Santa Clara on College Blvd. Lots of people talked about Tesla recommended service center but no one has put out a name for some reason. Anyone has any recommendation for rear quarter glass repair? $1100 sounds lot for a such a small glass window. | 5 janvier 2019

@rlohia - Yikes, I've been at that AMC a number of times (no break-in yet). Cost includes the very long $600 chrome strip that has to be removed and can't be reused (it's glued in place and is destroyed on removal). Likely more expensive than the window. I noticed the Model 3 uses two parts for a similar chrome strip, and while cheaper to do, is not quite as nice aesthetically as how it's done on the S.

TripleTrucker | 6 janvier 2019

I'm curious whether the "Enhanced Anti-theft" option would set alarm off. The window damage would already be done, but might stop any theft from that point. | 6 janvier 2019

@Triple - Yes, it is supposed to trip with any intrusion. I'm about 80% sure it uses ultrasonics to bounce around the cabin to sense changes. I've got one on order myself.

The downside, is often these thieves just don't care if the alarm goes off. This is especially true if there is something they can grab and run. I've seen it happen to a BMW where we were about 40 feet away in broad daylight. Smash/grab/run took all of 15 seconds. Police responded in about 5 minutes, but thieves were long gone.

Syrinxz | 7 janvier 2019

Hi Folks,

I just had both side rear quarter glass windows broken on my car mid last week in the Bay Area near Richmond. I thought I'd share my experience and save others some time.

In the Bay Area and possibly other areas where this happens a lot, DON"T bother with the Tesla service center; they no longer do this repair. Instead they gave me two contacts which are the repair places they used prior and recommend now. - (925) 548 0394

Precision Auto Glass - (650) 344-8442

This information is right from the Tesla support person I spoke with today. Very nice guy BTW and super helpful.
DON'T bother with Safelite either. They will give you a quote online and let you make an appointment, but will cancel it because they can't get the parts from Tesla. They called me after I made the appoint to confirm they could NOT do the job. Hope this helps others

Elroy Jetson | 9 janvier 2019

It happened to me last year in Santa Clara while at a concert at Levi. To me, it's not worth spending much time in the Bay Area anymore. I own 120 acres in gold country and stay as far away from the SF bay area as I can. Crime is epidemic there and frankly supported by corrupt and ignorant politicians.

jordanrichard | 9 janvier 2019

So I just watched a video buy that "Vehicle Virgin" guy and what a "f-ing" idiot. He cites it as being a problem and then goes on to explain exactly how to do it. He mentions ways to hide stuff like putting in the frunk but fails to mention that one can simply put stuff in the well, in the trunk and it will be out of site. He also failed to say that this can happen and does happen with any other car.

HKNinja | 31 janvier 2019

Same situation just happened to me in Rowland Heights, CA. Now I understand why my backseat was flipped down. Precision expect a long wait for the glass. I do hope they can replace the glass without destroying the chrome strip...

TranzNDance | 31 janvier 2019

I would guess that as people avoid going to businesses to avoid break-ins, business owners would have financial incentives to combat the issue.

EVChris | 7 février 2019

I got off easy I suppose. I was only getting Chinese to go and parked in the lot behind the restaurant. I put my laptop in the frunk. 10 minutes tops. They broke the quarter glass and rifled through the trunk missing the $1400 folding bike.

I'm generally very careful but I let my guard down. It's probably going to cost $1200 for the repair.

nirvana201700 | 7 février 2019

Its amazing why we are talking about law enforcement here. What are cops doing here in SF Bay Area? We pay taxes and is it not reasonable to expect that we can feel safe leaving our cars in public parking lots?

lilbean | 8 février 2019

Hello prop 47

SO | 8 février 2019

Maybe with some luck these breakins will happen to the lawmakers.

barrykmd | 8 février 2019

I've had my skis in the car for a few days. Took them out before parking in a public place, afraid of this happening. HOpe I don't forget to put them back in before my next trip to the mountains...

russelljew | 22 février 2019

Just had my windows broken in the same fashion - rear seats folded down. I was parked on The in Embarcadero in front of Cupid's Arrow. The only other car that had its car broken was another Model 3 parked a few cars in front of me. What are the chances of that? Seems like the thieves are targeting Model 3s and taking advantage of the unsecured rear seats. This would never have been an issue if Tesla had locks built into their rear seats - this thread would not exist. San Francisco has an average of 90 car break-ins per day. Be careful when parking in SF. Take a look at how Quick and easy it is to steal items out of a Model 3.

gfjones44 | 22 février 2019

After the breaking of my quarter lights in Livermore CA I have been told there is a firmware update en route
Within Sentry mode if you put a USB drive into the socket the cameras will capture the event and set off an alarm

pramod.rj07 | 25 mars 2019

Cops just have donuts in SF Bay area. I think we should ask Elon Musk to deploy a freaking taser for lowlife thieves who break into our beautiful cars.

octomeow | 29 mars 2019

Happened to us just last night. Cops do nothing, just file a report for insurance. This is our second quarter window to have been broken into. Nothing stolen of course, because we know better than leave anything worth stealing in the trunk. Still, repair/replacement of the glass is not cheap.

markahaden | 29 mars 2019

I'm sorry to hear this keeps happening to people. While you "never say never", my MS stays mostly locked inside our garage and I feel it's fairly sheltered. So, pardon the question -- is this happening more to Teslas than other vehicles, or am I just more aware of it because I'm browsing this forum? Also, is this happening because thieves see the partition in the rear and assume there may be valuables underneath? If so, are folks starting to leave that partition out, so thieves see there's nothing of value to break a window for? | 29 mars 2019

@markahaden - in the bay area, it appears all higher-end cars are being targeted, not just Teslas. Any car where a thief thinks there could be a laptop or other valuable is a target. If there is something in sight (i.e. laptop in the back seat) the car (again any car brand) moves to the top of the thieves hit list.

I have thought about turning on dog mode (without a dog) to reduce the chances of breakin, but that disables the security alarm, so not such a good idea. Alas, I have HW2.0, so now sentry mode for me.

I did buy the optional Tesla intrusion detector - but that only works when they break the glass :(

SoCal Buzz | 29 mars 2019

Anyone know how the Sentry mode differentiates between level 1 warning / cameras only vs. level 2 alarm sound and app alert? I've seen video of level 2 occurring when you bang on the glass, but not clear which sensors are being used (for cars that do not have the new intrusion detection add-on.

carlk | 29 mars 2019

@markahaden Not just high end car, or even cars with valuable items inside. In some places like San Francisco thieves will just randomly break windows to take a look. Wroth 15 seconds of work even there is nothing worth taking. Indeed I've seen paper quoting an insurance guy that he'd just leave windows down when parked is certain areas.

carlk | 29 mars 2019

Well on a second thought that runs the risk of someone gets in the car and hide in the back seat. I'd rather to have broken windows than to be robbed or carjacked.