will model x prices go down?

will model x prices go down?

THis obviously is a very slim chance but maybe Tesla can make a slightly cheaper x. Not the Y we all know about that. But can Tesla make a 65D? maybe model S starting price?

Redmiata98 | 5 juillet 2018

I would think that given the mass of the X, that they would not want to go below the 100. The range limits might be a problem. They eliminated the 90 option already and probably won’t bring it back.

dvanlier | 5 juillet 2018

That’s a high profit model so I doubt they’ll go down on price as long as people keep buying, They use model S and X profits to pay for the cheaper model development. I don’t blame them.

lilbean | 5 juillet 2018


MelaniaFromBrentwood | 5 juillet 2018

They already SUBSTANTIALLY reduced the Model X price on at least a couple occasions. Moreover, amidst the price cuts, they added many former options as standard features, including the tow package. Additionally, it’ll never be same price as S or even close because it’s a MUCH more complex car, not just a “bigger S”. Having both new S and new X, I can attest to that complexity. The X has self opening and closing front AND rear doors, falcon wing doors, complex rear seat mechanisms, AC ducting, the gigantic windshield, much more metal (much heavier car) and so much more. They rely on the higher price and higher margin of this vehicle to drive profitability.

Finally, since business owners can get a 100% federal tax write off immediately upon purchase of the but NOT the S (X qualifies per IRS rules by vehicle class and weight), many X buyers buy the X at effectively half off, thus for them (myself included) making the X way CHEAPER than an S (or even a model 3!!!). If you want details, email me hdhemmati at gmail or search for my post on TMC or Forums about this deduction.

jjgunn | 5 juillet 2018

God I hope not. I like getting some value out of a vehicle for a change.

Wilber | 5 juillet 2018

My notes indicate that they lowered the base price of the MX at the beginning of August 2017. This helped me to decide to go ahead and order one. So, wouldnt be surprised if a similar reduction happens again - perhaps in 2019. But who knows! They might just increase it instead and add more goodies to the base model....

jjgunn | 5 juillet 2018

Don't forget. FSD is coming. More value throughout the fleet

Wilber | 5 juillet 2018

ps - forgot to mention that the base price was lowered $3k.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 6 juillet 2018

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Triggerplz | 6 juillet 2018

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bp | 6 juillet 2018

Tesla needs profitability and the S/X models are likely to generate proportionally more profit than 3/Y models, so we shouldn't expect the X to get a lot cheaper. if Tesla is able to produce battery packs at a lower price, while they might pass some of that savings onto customers - it's also likely they'll try to maintain their price point and use that to help generate profit.

However, there are several factors that could force Tesla to bring S/X prices down more than they would prefer.

Once competitors bring out viable long range EVs in the class of the S & X, Tesla will start facing price & feature competition, something they haven't had to deal with so far. And that could force Tesla to add features and/or adjust pricing to keep the S/X competitive. Though Tesla may still have several years in the US before this will happen, because there isn't any alternative to the Supercharger/destination charger network.

The other factor is the loss of the US $7500 tax credit - which will effectively make competing long range EVs $7500 less expensive.

Tesla has been pretty good at maintaining their price points for the S/X, adding new features, extending range, and keeping the model prices at about the same price (with the exception of adding EAP & FSD, which added $8K to the price of both models, if activated at purchase). Seems more likely they'll continue doing that, than making significant price reductions, as long as they are able to continue selling S/X at about the same volume.

jimglas | 6 juillet 2018

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Triggerplz | 6 juillet 2018

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lilbean | 6 juillet 2018
jimglas | 6 juillet 2018

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Triggerplz | 6 juillet 2018

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pjalan | 6 juillet 2018

After full federal credit expires the prices MIGHT come down SLIGHTLY.

Silver2K | 6 juillet 2018
lilbean | 6 juillet 2018
Triggerplz | 6 juillet 2018

@Silver wth

Triggerplz | 6 juillet 2018


Triggerplz | 6 juillet 2018
raffidesigns | 6 juillet 2018

If anything, The price will increase. I estimate around 6 months from now, Tesla will introduce a Model S/X with a battery pack above 100 kWh. Once that hits the design studios, the 75D will be replaced by the 100D, followed by the over 100, then performance model. My estimate. 100D, 150D and P150D

Vawlkus | 6 juillet 2018

With the Y coming next year, there is zero reason to alter the price of the X.

jimglas | 6 juillet 2018

do you have any info on a larger battery?
I suspect there is not enough demand for a larger battery to justify the cost of development and manufacture as well as the added cost to purchase. 300 miles is more than enough for most people.

bob | 6 juillet 2018

@jimglas - evidence is the roadster @ 600 mile range (estimated to be a 200kwh battery) and the Semi. There are hints that Tesla has had break throughs in battery technology based on the above announcements, the statements about reduced cobalt ( from a few month ago and hints that the costs of the batteries has been coming down.

Historically, Tesla has increased the size of the battery and only nominally or with no increase in the retail cost of the vehicle. So one can speculate that if they can fit 200 kWh battery into the roadster they should clearly be able to fit 150 kWh into the MX.

my 2 cents.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 6 juillet 2018

@bob correct they would be able to but would they NEED or want to fit 150 kWh into the X? Why not keep costs low?

In the Roadster, the big battery is a key differentiator, plus it’s likely required to pump out the insane amperage to result in the unprecedented 0-60 times. In the X, that’s unnecessary. We’ll see. It’ll happy at some point but not necessarily now.

pjalan | 6 juillet 2018

60 80 -> 75 100 -> 100 125 is more likely with battery pack cost reduction.

davidahn | 7 juillet 2018

I think there's value in the MX even at this price, though admittedly it's not cheap. My wife wants the Porsche Cayenne but can't justify it right now since our M-B GL350 is nearly paid off, but I priced out the Cayenne Ecohybrid (clearly aimed at the MX (plug-in hybrid, 0-60 4.7 s), compared to a MX 100D you get a lot less for about the same money:

metallic paint
21" alloy wheels
leather interior
olive wood
premium package plus
Burmester sound
soft close doors
panoramic roof
tow package
air suspension
adaptive cruise
alcantara roof liner
7.2 kW charger

You do get slightly faster 0-60 (Porsche is usually conservative w/ 0-60 specs) and seat ventilation over the MX, but lose:

• panoramic windshield
• falcon wing doors
• auto-presenting and closing front doors
• power open and close rear doors
• 3rd row seating
• 100 kWh battery vs 14.1 kWh
• 295 mile battery range vs. 27 mi
• EAP 2.5 features: autosteer, summon, self-parking
• FSD in future
• monster display
• ridiculous app enabled features
• safer than any other SUV
• more cargo space (88 vs 60 cu ft)
• subjective, but MX looks WAY sleeker IMHO
• the feeling that you're driving a spaceship, like you're driving THE FUTURE
• free lifetime supercharging w/ referral code (lilbean's is the best -

Let me know if I've missed any Tesla benefits.

I am frankly surprised the MX is only $5K over the MS considering how much more vehicle you get for the money. Again, MX is not cheap, but a lot of intangible benefits it's hard to put a dollar amount on. How many dollars is the feeling you're driving THE FUTURE worth?

dmm1240 | 7 juillet 2018

I've been pondering this and have come to this conclusion: It's more likely that both the MS and MX are going to get substantial upgrades than for the price to come down.

The truth is this: The M3 is so good that it threatens the MS's top-line status in the Tesla universe. People who have them seem thrilled with the handling and quickness. Given that it's a Tesla, the darned things are so quick that the performance difference — if much exists at all — is not enough to justify the price difference for a lot of people.

What I think Tesla will do, sooner rather than later, is to upgrade the cabin substantially in both the MX and MS. But the real change will be in range and performance. Tesla has learned a lot about batteries since the MS and MX were introduced. IMO, we'll see versions offered with larger battery packs increasing range substantially. There may be some cosmetic changes to the exterior of both vehicles, but the big differences will come in luxury and enhanced performance/range.

inconel | 7 juillet 2018

As has been said Model 3 already at 310 range, in the future Roadster 600+ range, pickup truck 500+. It seems logical the S and X will be at 500+ by the time the Roadster is released. Maybe an announcement in Oct 2018 but that might be too early so maybe in 2019, maybe Oct 2019?

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 7 juillet 2018

@davidahn Great summary. Other benefits of X over Cayenne:

-eligible for federal $7500 tax credit and state and local incentives
-much cheaper “gas”
-wake up every day to a full tank
-no brake maintenance which is $$$ on a Porsche!
-minimal other non-warranty maintenance (its optional)

Both cars, however, do qualify for the 100% immediate federal tax deduction for business owners who can justify them as business vehicles, given that their GVWR weight is >6000 pounds.

davidahn | 9 juillet 2018

Thanks, FLOTUS. :)

Also, no need to lower the price when the price already gets you a bargain for the level of performance, luxury, space, and eco-friendliness. I seriously considered an Audi S7 before I bought my MS 85D, but realized the MS was actually a bargain for the performance. The new Roadster is an INCREDIBLE bargain for the level of performance; even the range is WAY above other supercars, and seats 4 (e.g., Lamborghini Aventador 0-60 2.3 s, 428 mi range, $399K; Bugatti Chiron 0-60 2.5 s, 369 miles, $3.26M).

carlk | 9 juillet 2018

@davidahn Even though the two have pretty close 0-60 the X will always go faster the first second or two after you hit the pedal. That is what matters the most.

Uncle Paul | 10 juillet 2018

Believe that Tesla will take the S and X more upmarket.

The Model 3 will develop a big price range between ths standard model and the premium optioned versions.

The Model Y will split the difference, adding interior volume, larger hauling and towing capacities.

As the competition rolls out more models, Tesla will continue to increase it's offerings.

Biggest goal for Tesla right now is to make enough profit to remain viable.