Abbreviations used on this forum.

Abbreviations used on this forum.

Elon Musk sent out an e-mail to the entire SpaceX company in May 2010 with the subject line: “Acronyms Seriously Suck:”
Abbreviations on this Tesla forum may confuse people, especially if those people are new and just excited about getting their new car. Therefore, I am going to attempt to alphabetically list some of the commonly used abbreviations to assist in communication with others This list will not be comprehensive. I have included links to other more comprehensive lists.

After taking my own advice and searching for abbreviation lists I found this one by Carl Thompson that is excellent.
Here is another good list of abbreviations

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ACC Automatic cruise control
AP Autopilot
AWD = All Wheel Drive, 2 electric motors
BLT = Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato just checking to see if you’re paying attention
CPO = Certified Preowned
EAP= Enhanced AutoPilot, lots of features but NOT Full Self Driving
FSD = Full Self Driving, will be available when software and local laws permit.
HPWC=High Power Wall Connector, feeds electricity into car
HW Hardware
ICE = Internal Combustion Engine, gasoline fueled cars
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
ISA = Interior Sales Agent?, Tesla representative to assist in paperwork
LOL = Laughing out loud
LR = Long Range battery, rated at 310 miles on the Model 3
NEMA 14-50= 50 amp AC power connection (for charging at 240 VAC, 40 amps)
OMG = oh my God (gosh)
OP Original Poster

PUP= Premium Upgrade Package, more features for the interior, sound system, etc
RWD = Rear Wheel Drive, 1 electric motor on the rear axle
SC = Supercharger or Service Center
SMH = shaking my head
SR = Standard Range battery, rated at 220 miles on the Model 3
TACC Traffic Aware Cruise Control

greg | 7 juillet 2018

AC = Alternating Current, an electricity delivery method used to transmit electricity on most electrical grids. AC is the type of electricity coming from your mains wall sockets/outlets. Depending which part of the world you live in, the AC voltage and its frequency will be different.

DC = Direct Current, a different electricity delivery method to AC. and is how the energy stored in your Tesla batteries is charged or discharged. During charging the incoming AC is converted to DC either on board the vehicle or by the wall or Super charger, Conversion of the DC from the batteries back into AC is required to drive the motor(s).

FUD = Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, the tools of the trade for those with a negative view of, or more usually, a vested interest in, trying to make Model 3 in particular and Tesla in general fail. By attempting to spread FUD with negative posts, fake news and comments. Often suspected that they do this because someone else is paying them to do so.

SC = Super Charger, Tesla proprietary chargers for Tesla owners only, that are really fast , mostly free to use for Model S and X owners, but generally not free to use by Model 3 owners.

VIN = Vehicle Identification Number, unique number with a structured format that identifies your vehicle. Every (modern) vehicle has a VIN. Its usually stamped/recorded on a couple of places on the car chassis [engine bay/frunk firewall is one location]. Once your Tesla vehicle order has a VIN allocated to it, delivery is usually not too far away. Think of the VIN like your cars Social Security Number (SSN). So don't publicise the whole VIN on the forums.

kW = kilo Watt, a measure of electrical power

kWh kiloWatt Hour, a measure of electrical energy flow/consumption/storage capacity. 1 kWh is equivalent to 1,000 Watts (or 1 kiloWatt) flowing continuously for 1 hour. Also what your power usage at home is measured in. A Model 3 Long Range battery is believed to be able to store about 74 kiloWatt Hours of energy.

Ross1 | 7 juillet 2018

Vicious annoying people over reacting with absolutely retarded expectations

Ross1 | 7 juillet 2018

HP= horsepower, in british countries BHP . That is Brake Horse Power. British and colonies use HP as a measurement for registration purposes. A 10 HP car say, developed 40 BHP. If you 'hotted it up" it might develop 50 BHP, but it was still 10 HP as that as a calculation derived from the displacement (bore x stroke).

Ross1 | 7 juillet 2018

There is a memo from Elon saying that no acronyms are to be used throughout his businesses without his express permission.
Because they are just showing off and detrimental to good commumication.

As this is a Tesla owned website it applies here also.
Anyone using a non Elon approved acronym is sending him a message: ...... ... Elon

gballant4570 | 7 juillet 2018

Acronyms are always a conundrum. I have always hated them, until I got involved in the processes or efforts that produced them - environments in which both verbal and written communication gets so steeped in the phrases the ancronyms represent, that you begin to see value in the acronyms. And then there are tge petty anniyances - the use of an acronym and then repeating the full word the last letter in the acronym stands for. "Number" is the most abused.....
Then of course what follows entrenched acronyms if the use begins to supersede the actual words - and users know what the acronym means, but can no longer recall the actual words.

And then there are acronym lists, which invariably fail to include them all. I have seen written, checked, and issued procedures created to convey the "accepted" acronym list for the organization with an acronym in the title that was not listed as accepted.....

I for one am willing to live without them.

jjgunn | 7 juillet 2018

SC = Supercharger or Service Center
SC = Service Center

I've been trying to pimp this acronym.....

SuCh = SuperCharger

Let's see if it catches on | 7 juillet 2018

TANSTAAFL(pronounced tan-staafl) - There ain't no such thing as a free launch. I think that's right.

JAD | 7 juillet 2018

What about the car?
3, M3?
LR, long range
SR, short range
AWD, all wheel drive
RWD, rear wheel drive
P, performance
P+, performance with performance option?

So what do we call the basic car and performed upgrade option???

dalesmith1962 | 7 juillet 2018

Technically, there is no short range (SR) vehicle. It’s actually called a standard battery (SB) vehicle.

dalesmith1962 | 7 juillet 2018

Can you imagine the negative connotation associated with “short range”?

David N | 7 juillet 2018

SR .....short range should be corrected to “standard range “ or....
SB ......standard battery

Red Sage ca us | 7 juillet 2018

Meh = I don't give a [FLAMING FIG]
kW = Kilowatt
kWh = Kilowatt Hour
ANALyst = A dumb@$sed financial analyst
NaySayer = Those who say, "Nay", without a logical reason and for rhetorical motives
NEVERSayer = Those who say, "NEVER", but never admit that it has already happened
$#0r+ = Someone who lies about Tesla's status to support their irrational Short Thesis
Troll = Someone who lies about anything Tesla related due to simply being EViL

Mr_J | 7 juillet 2018

BEV = Battery Electric Vehicle aka EV

Wiki: A battery electric vehicle (BEV), or all-electric vehicle is a type of electric vehicle (EV) that uses chemical energy stored in rechargeable battery packs. BEVs use electric motors and motor controllers instead of internal combustion engines (ICEs) for propulsion. They derive all power from battery packs and thus have no internal combustion engine, fuel cell, or fuel tank.

CharleyBC | 7 juillet 2018

But if Elon himself banned acronyms, how do we explain ELON Time: Early, Late Or Now?

doelcm | 7 juillet 2018

PHEV = Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Like the Chevy Volt. M3 = Tesla Model 3, unless the context makes it clear that it means something else, like a BMW M3 or a Mazda 3.

billlake2000 | 7 juillet 2018

A horse is a neigh-sayer. Ho-o-o-o-o-o-orse, ylvis

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 juillet 2018

PZEV = Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle, a term developed for cars that have so-called 'Start-Stop Technology' so that traditional automobile manufacturers could put a 'PZEV' logo with a leaf design on the back of their gas guzzlers sold in California and other CARB States. Typically, these were not hybrids or electric vehicles at all, but traditional automobile manufacturers negotiated a percentage of a ZEV Credit to be awarded for each one put into service. Idea was that while stopped in traffic on a gridlocked freeway or at signal lights the engine would automatically turn itself off, then back on again when you needed to proceed -- so it wasn't polluting the air while stopped. Of course, most such vehicles, due to the inherent nature of ICE powerplants, actually polluted more when starting up than they would have while idling.

CARB -- California Air Resources Board, a regulatory committee for the Great State of California with the mandate to as best as possible eliminate the gasperations of vehicles spewing smog causing gases into the atmosphere there. Since the members of the board tend to be past or future employees of the traditional automobile manufacturers, they don't actually believe in the mandate or the laws they are supposed to defend. They are really just there to rubber stamp minimal proposals made by the automotive industry who do as little as possible to be 'in compliance' with the law. They approved the PZEV designation, higher ZEV Credits for Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles, and the fifty-fifty range ratio that led to the BMW i3 REV having a two gallon fuel capacity. They only exist as a means to 'make it look good' when politicians are accosted by the long haired barefoot unwashed masses of commie pinko hippie tree huggers that abound in California, demanding action to 'clean up the environment' -- a task they couldn't care less about.

ZEV Credits -- A concession negotiated primarily by traditional automobile manufacturers of what was once The Detroit Big Three back in 1990. They noted that the various low emission and zero emissions vehicles that they made available in California cost too much for them to build and no one wanted to buy them, but since they were forced to make them anyway in order to sell there they should at least get something out of it. Those 'Compliance Cars' typically at least had really good fuel economy, so they asked to apply their fuel economy statistics to their CAFE rating at an accelerated, multiplied rate in order to artificially improve the fuel economy rating for the company as a whole. They asked that the resulting ZEV Credits be negotiable, so that companies that already had extra credit due to already offering fuel efficient cars could sell them to companies that made gas guzzlers.

CAFE = Corporate Average Fuel Economy, the average fuel economy for passenger cars sold by a company that sells in the U.S. Originally light trucks and pickups enjoyed an exemption from being included among the EPA ratings that were counted toward CAFE. That exemption finally ended after decades of extensions and deferments. In the meantime, as SUVs became much more popular among gas guzzlers, CAFE ratings rose steadily, after multiple extensions and deferments and rollbacks of regulations from lobbyists that delayed their full application. Yet, the instant that President Trump was elected, before he even took office, traditional automobile manufacturers descended upon Washington DC to point out how 'unfair' the regulations regarding CAFE would be, come 2022 or so and complained it was 'too hard' to do, and would 'cost too much' and that it would 'cost jobs' and stuff too. Y'know, the same [BORSHT] they've been claiming for over forty years now, fighting CAFE tooth and nail all the way. Never mind that every single thing they have claimed was 'impossible' to do had, eventually, been done thus far.

[Unfortunately, President Trump is thus far entirely unaware that CAFE is controlled by the NHTSA (using EPA data), and he thinks it is instead managed by the EPA. Oops. Don't nobody tell him, mmm'kay? Shhhh!]

By the way, the two U.S. automobile manufacturers that protest CAFE most loudly happen to be the very same ones that went bankrupt about a decade ago and had to be bailed out by taxpayer dollars -- Chrysler and GM --which coincidentally have the worst CAFE ratings, which are well below the limit. How surprising.

Rocky_H | 9 juillet 2018

It was irritating me a few times when people were talking here about FWD cars, and then I had to go back and reread the comments when I realized they weren't talking about front wheel drive, but about falcon wing doors. Come on, people.

And no one has mentioned EVSE yet? Electric vehicle supply equipment.
NEC = National electric code

maintreqd | 9 juillet 2018

YMMV is one i see a lot in EV discussion as well: your mileage may vary

Zeus140 | 17 avril 2019

APE - Awful Polluting Engine instead of ICE

M3phan | 17 avril 2019


M3phan | 18 avril 2019

HIANYOTPBU = How is a nearly year old thread popping back up

wiscy67 | 18 avril 2019


Sparky | 18 avril 2019

It's a good point though. These days you need a BOA just to get by in this world. (book of acronyms) And because so many have at least two possible meanings you need BOA1 and BOA2.

Elon is right. Just say what you mean. IMHO

mac.cpe | 18 avril 2019

MSM = midnight silver metallic

jimglas | 18 avril 2019

Mainstream Media

josia75 | 18 avril 2019

This thread is a little more complete