When Chicken Little cries foul with his friends...

When Chicken Little cries foul with his friends...

What are the end goals when the shorts are in collusion mode to spread FUD along with certain hedge fund managers? There are less then two weeks to go till the next quarterly earnings call. There are several actions that made no sense but they found every excuses to attack the company and its share prices.

- What did Elon's Twitter war have to do with stock prices? It didn't stop the shorts from piling on and go on the offensive.

- Why was every bit of positive news countered by some superfluous "bad news" the very next day?
o Building the GigaFactory 3 in China was a big deal to avoid the newly imposed 40% tariff on foreign imports to China. Of course all the naysayers would come out in drove to criticize about losing American jobs. Say what? Ever heard of local consumption? Go back to keeping your heads in the sand please.

o Munro backtracked his previous foul, negative opinion and acknowledged M3 have been hitting 30% profit for each car so far based on the complete tear downs of several cars. The very next day, a slew of articles quoted a two bit analyst for doubling M3 cancellation rate. Did the anal-yst pull the number out of his crack? Tesla stated his estimates to be completely off his rockers.

- Why was there a need for a sell side analyst to downgrade the stock with less than two weeks till the earnings call? Most reputable analysts would gather the information from the Q2 release and earnings call to make their informed recommendations. Yup, you guessed it, all the shorts came out of the woodwork and pile on the attack once again.
o Elon just tweeted 7K new orders last week. 2K MS/MX and 5K M3 NET order.

- Now that JP Morgan reiterated the price target to $180 again. Guess they were a bit vindicated from $360. Still, it is a bit of odd timing to repeat their awful prediction when it has been wrong so long. Other EV's will be introduced at lower price points in the next few years.
o Next few years? Seriously? What about now?
o So they have more crippled EV's, so what? Where are their fast charging stations? Still none to be found.
o Consumers will have more choices with more EV's but how exactly do they automatically become Tesla competition? Just the EV chasis? Just because they have four wheels? What about styling, power, range, storage, price, prestige, and service?
o Do Yugo still compete with Bugatti?

- Let's not mention all the spam in the fora over the last couple of weeks. Once can only imagine the purpose of the repeated attacks.

There's a saying about all the Chicken Littles running wild and calling for doomsday... I know where to place my dry powder, what about you?

Kathy Applebaum | 20 juillet 2018

My favorite is a bunch of $horter$ on Twitter are posting photos of cars at Fremont and claiming all the screens will crack sitting for a day in the hot Fremont sun. As someone who lives in Sacramento, I find the thought of Fremont being considered hot to be hilarious.

vishious911 | 20 juillet 2018


I know right?! And also that Tesla now built all the cars that they can't sell. So, they're just sitting in the parking lots. Wait, is Tesla a company that can't keep up with the existing 400K demand; or is it a company that can't sell cars already on hand? Ah, the mental gymnastics lol.

When these shorts are squeezed out of their money, it'd be the sweet sound of karma/justice. I bet it sounds like popping bubble wrap, and smells like a nice rainy day.

rxlawdude | 20 juillet 2018

It is amusing, but not as amusing as watching shorts lose a lot of money. That's karma. (Carma?)

gballant4570 | 20 juillet 2018

Well, first they can't make them fast enough..... then they aren't worth buying because the line is too long..... then they aren't worth buying because the line is too production rates are used as proof the line is disappearing....

There is no end to the lies. Lying in the new American Way, apparently.

Mike83 | 20 juillet 2018

I enjoy taking the shorts money and more to come.

ravisundaramam | 20 juillet 2018

@Kathy Applebaum: Whats so funny is, they have a couple of pictures of almost 2000 cars in one lot, and may be 4000 in another.

Even bloomberg is saying it is churning out 4500 cars a week. So wouldn't there be 4500 cars in transit at any given time?

And all their theories have a running theme about fraud and Elon going to jail, or Mars does not have extradition treaty ... Sometimes it seems if would be irrational and crazy if Elon DID NOT respond this level of personal vitriol being hurled his way.

Classic school yard tactic of long running lower level provocations, and when the target reacts, claim the reaction is excessive and out of proportion.

reed_lewis | 20 juillet 2018

I seriously doubt that the SPAMming of the boards is in any way related to shorts or the like. That is most likely some idiot who thinks that advertising his crap via SPAM is a great idea.

But I completely concur with everything else.

ravisundaramam | 20 juillet 2018

Well, Tesla has shipped performance versions, to 90 locations. There will be test drives and reactions from people.

Hoping they have some really stunning statistic like, "80% or 90% of people who had bought new Porsches, Audis, BMWs, MBs, Lexuses, Acuras, Jaguars ordered M3P after the test drive" in the conference call.

Wormtown Kris | 20 juillet 2018

LOL. I read an article yesterday from a "financial news" site that said if Tesla turns a profit, their stock is in trouble. Because, you see, if they show profits, then they will be valued like a boring old money making auto maker, and the multiples on those are much lower than on money losing start-ups. Tesla gets high multiples now because they're treated like a money-losing tech start-up. But if they show their business is profitable, then that means their rapid growth curve is over. HUH???

mos6507 | 20 juillet 2018

The only thing missing in this screed is the grassy knoll and building 7.


welockett | 20 juillet 2018

The folks who play the market need it to be volatile. Buy low sell high. If Telsa stock just goes up, then they can't make the kind of profit they want or need to justify their existence. So, how do they make it volatile....state positive things one day, then negative things the next.

Tesla-David | 20 juillet 2018

As a long term TSLA holder (2010) and Tesla owner, I love watching the shorts lose, time after time, and am betting on Tesla/EM to continue down the road to profitability. This article today further confirms what losers these scumbag FUDsters, Short sellers are.

Hagerty's picks for 'Greatest Car' of each decade
1890 - 1910: Ford Model T
1910s: Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
1920s: Duesenberg Model J
1930s: '32 Ford
1940s: Jeep CJ
1950s: Mercedes-Benz 300SL
1960s: Ford Mustang
1970s: Lamborghini Countach
1980s: Dodge Caravan
1990s: Mazda Miata
2000s: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
2010s: Tesla Model S

SO | 20 juillet 2018

@mos6507 | July 20, 2018
“The only thing missing in this screed is the grassy knoll and building 7.“

And that’s coming from the king of screed!

bernard.holbrook | 20 juillet 2018

I've read on a financial site that a bunch of short option expire this week so the shorts might be putting in an extra push to reduce their loss or increase their gains depending on the stock price they originally shorted at.

PatientFool | 20 juillet 2018

How do you know the shorts are losing? Seems to me they're:

1. generate negative press to drive down the price
2. buy TSLA when it's down at an appropriate price probably just before the next quarterly results are announced where TSLA defends itself with real numbers
3. watch stock go up after results
4. sell stock
5. repeat